Sunday, July 2, 2017

Investigation Update 7.2.2017

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! We had a great week of investigations, so here's just a little taste of what we were up to and the activity we collected!

Willie was the lead investigator on Sunday night on an evening when the REM Pod was especially active. The device started to go off before the history video even began and despite the fact that Willie moved it twice, the device was still going off! Usually it goes off the most when the REM Pod is just almost up against the gate to the Gribble House area, but Willie moved it over a foot and a half away from the gate and it was still going off!

The couple who was investigating got a ton of activity from one spirit in particular who called himself "Nick". Nick spoke with them quite a while through both the SB-7 and the Ovilus. He told them that his Aunt Pat had been killed by a Jim. How interesting!

Ted took over as lead on Monday night with a big group of folks who were all very interested in investigating- one even came for their birthday!

The Stage Area was especially active but the conversation that was going on was rather rude and just a little bit defiant. Each time they would ask the spirits to "Touch the red light" they would get a firm and angry "NO" come through the Spirit Box. In addition, nasty swear words were coming through the device. They heard just about every expletive come through in response to their questions. But the most interesting thing was when the guests felt a distinct temperature drop. Using the Digital Thermometer they captured nearly a 10 degree drop!

Ted's name was called throughout the building during the course of the entire night. The investigators asked while they were in the Residual Area who the Lady in White was and they heard "White" "White" come through in two different voices.

Wednesday night had Kelley as the lead investigator with a great group of people, all of whom saw large and shiny orbs floating throughout the building and in many of their pictures. But the strange thing about it was they weren't in the places that we generally see them! In fact, the orbs were bright and very large, and one was even directly in front of a lady's face. This seemed to coincide with all the female voices they heard.

One other very strange thing that the investigators noticed was that the three younger people got the creepiest voices and whispers through their Spirit Box and not a single other investigator did. So strange.

In the Slave Quarters they noticed that there was a large number of words that came through both the Spirit Box and the Ovilus, such as the word "Light". One of the investigators decided to close the Slave Quarter door with them inside and Kelley was standing outside of the door. She heard "Door" come through the Spirit Box. Really cool.

Ted took over on Thursday night as the lead investigator. On this evening a father and son team investigated together. Although they were both new to investigations they were very excited to get started. On this night there were some really crazy and unexplained noises throughout the building. Before the investigation Ted thought that he heard what sounded like screeching car tires coming from the Residual Area. Then when the investigation began the men thought they heard loud and grinding metallic noises coming from the same spot while they were in the Gribble House area.

There was a strange copper bracelet in the building that night- not that it was strange that a bracelet would be left behind but that Ted did not notice that bracelet when he was putting out the chairs but did as he was showing the duo the hot spots. When they were in the Residual Area they heard "Bracelet" being said. Then they asked, "Is this your bracelet" and they heard the reply of "Yes".

The very strange noises continued throughout the entire night. Some of the noises were very unsettling- sounding like coughing, wheezing, and sneezing as if someone was ill.

Saturday night had two wonderful investigations with Kelley and Kaitlin as the leads. During the first investigation there were so, so many voices of children coming through it was unsettling. In addition to the large number of children there was also a large number of whole phrases that were attempted, underneath which there seemed to be a huge number of whispered phrases.

Names were called promptly through the Spirit Box. The investigators heard Chad, Billy, Ben, Emma, Paul, Jim, Kelley, Rachael, Debbie, Thomas, and Diane.

Not only did the investigators get answers to their question "What is your name", they also got prompt answers to many of their questions. "What is your favorite color" and they heard "Blue". Then they asked "How many are in here" and they heard "Five". They did get a very funny answer to their question "What is your favorite animal". The reply they heard was "Kelley".

Finally, the last investigation of the week as just as good as the first one of the night. During this investigation the REM Pod was incredibly active. The device started flashing during the beginning of the night and straight through the time Kelley and Kaitlin were showing off the hot spots to the investigators. There was a lot of that kind of activity throughout the night. The investigators had a lot of EMF activity with both their Ghost Meter Pros and the Raggedy Ann Doll.

The word the investigators heard the most during that investigation was "Dead". That came through in several different hot spots, each time almost completely unwarranted and unprovoked. While they were in the Residual Area they asked "Is there anything you want to say" and they heard "Dead" as the reply.

While in the Residual Area as well, one of the investigators asked if anyone would like to play with the Raggedy Ann doll. A tiny little voice came through and whispered, "Okay".

Happy Holiday weekend to you all! If you have anything to share, tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.