Sunday, July 16, 2017

Investigation Update 7/10/2017

What a fantastic week we had! We got a lot of activity in the building and we'd love to share it with you- so here it is-

Kelley started the week on Monday on an evening that she described as "Willie" like. That's because a lot of the activity that happened was the sort of stuff that happens when Willie is the lead investigator- like when the REM Pod went off during the history portion of the night and kept going off throughout the course of the evening. This happens a lot for Willie and Kelley took notice of that.

One of the ladies investigating that night was a physic who was part of a paranormal group in New Jersey. She told Kelley that the little boy Gabe that we hear from frequently was a slave, which was interesting to hear. Her friend was also part of that paranormal group and the two of them ended up having a lot of activity swirling around them. When they were in the Slave Quarters they reported that they both felt like they were not only touched but that they were being held on to. In fact, one of the ladies felt like her necklace was being tugged at!

Many names were called in response to the question "Who are we speaking with tonight"? They heard David, Gabe, Paul, Matt, Mark, Mike, Jeff, Memorie, Carol, Amy, Logan, Wolfe, Patrick, and Mama. Very cool.

Willie then took over for the second two investigations of the week. On Tuesday night he was with a group of folks, several of whom had been on an investigation in the Gribble House just a few weeks prior with Willie as the lead. On this night, unlike with Kelley the night before, there was almost no REM Pod activity during the history portion, which is odd for when Willie investigates.

One of the things the investigators noticed on this night was the strange noises that were happening in the building. It seemed like there were feet dragging across the floor on the far side of the building throughout the course of the night although there was no one on that side of the warehouse. Whenever they would go to take a look at where the sound was coming from, they were never able to find the source.

Willie was the lead again on Wednesday night. On this evening he investigated with a family of five who were so excited to be in the building, although a little bit nervous. Unlike the night before, as soon as they entered the building the REM Pod started to flash and did throughout the entire night, even through the history portion when we show the Ghost Adventures clip. Wonderful!

Although we often tell guests not to try to communicated with passed loved ones because it can be painful, on this night one of the ladies investigating had just lost her best friend the week before. She asked if her friend was in the building and they heard "Anthony"- her friend called himself "Tony". When she tried to get confirmation that it was her friend she heard "F*ck babe" as the reply, which confirmed it for her. Her friend had been very fond of the "F" word and called her baby all the time.

Kelley then took the lead again on Friday night. This evening was so active that Kelley ended up capturing several EVP sessions on her phone and posted them on YouTube- stayed tuned for them to be posted later this week!


The activity at the Stage Area seemed very frantic, almost everything coming through was erratic and loud as if it was being yelled at them with urgency. They heard "Get out", "Go away", "Hush" "Nurse", "Doctor", and "Give up" all yelled at them while at the Stage Area.

Another strange thing that investigators noticed this night was while they were in the Slave Quarters. At several different moment during the night it was almost as if there was a cool breeze going through that area that was scented with the aroma of mothballs. This is very strange and not something that the investigators ever smell in the building.

Finally, the last investigation of the week was with Kaitlin at the helm. This night had a really strange vibe to it. It was almost as if the spirits were afraid to communicate with the investigators and that they were fleeing away from communication. This is very rare in the building, so much so that it's worthy of note. It wasn't until nearly the end of the night that some strong activity started to happen. Whenever the investigators would ask if the spirits wanted to talk to them the Raggedy Ann doll would start to flash, but at the same time when they would ask if they wanted to be left along, the Ghost Meter Pro would flash. Very strange.

A great week for us! If you have image to share please tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.