Sunday, June 4, 2017

Investigation Update 6.4.2017

It's hard to believe that it's already June in beautiful Savannah. This was SCAD Graduation weekend and town was hopping with activity all week long between Memorial Day and Graduation Day! Here's a little bit of the activity that was collected by our investigators this week...

The first investigation this week was on Tuesday night with Willie as our lead investigator. He had a pretty big group that night including a couple what had been in the Gribble House the very first year our investigations began- this was a very different experience for them this time!

The REM Pod and that strange white orb were active in the building that night, again. The REM Pod actually started to go off in the building before the history portion began and Willie told them about how the REM Pod and the building alarm seemed to be in sync a few weeks back. But the strangest thing in the building that night was definitely the strange white orb that was in the Slave Quarters. That strange little light floated about the table in the Slave Quarters until people started to move into that area and then it disappeared.

Kelley took over as lead investigator the next night, Wednesday, with a family of three. Two of them, the parents, had been in the Gribble House several times before but this time they brought along Hannah, their daughter, for her 15th birthday. Through the Spirit Box the investigators heard her name called, "Hannah". They even heard her first name, "Elizabeth" come through, which is a name she very rarely uses. Very cool!

The investigators had a strange moment at the Stage Area when they caught the very distinct scent of chewing tobacco, despite the fact that none of them were chewing. The Spirit Box was acting strangely in the building despite the fact the investigators heard Hannah's name come through several times. Intermixed with all the dialogue were the sounds of creepy giggles and strange whispers and breaths... Despite the fact that the building was hot and humid, all of the investigators experienced some strange and unexplained cold breezes that whooshed around their legs.

On Friday night, Kaitlyn took over as lead investigator with a group of investigators who were so excited to get started in the building and they had many questions for Kaitlyn as the night went on. They started in the Stage Area but quickly moved to the Gribble House area here there were some really interesting moments. It seemed like one male spirit had been following them around the various hot spots. They also noticed that the name Morgan was bouncing around the building like mad.

The name Morgan continued to come from the Spirit Box even when the investigators moved to the Slave Quarters. One of the investigators had an extreme moment in that Hot Spot when she was asking about the building and then had her hair pulled. When the investigators asked if someone had pulled her hair, all the devices flashed "Yes".

Finally, Kelley took over again as the lead investigator on Saturday night. On this evening, all of the investigators were new to paranormal investigations but knew about the Ghost Shows that are on TV. The voices that were coming through the Spirit Box were so very interesting on this evening, with some wheezy laughter, heavy breathing, a man with a heavy Southern drawl, a little girl, and many female voices.

Many names were coming through the Spirit Box, including Sanders, Troy, Paul, Steven, Pete, Vincent, Dominic, Angie, and Paula. It also seemed like many of the words and phrases coming through the Spirit Box had to do with being ill. They heard "I'm stuck", "We're dead", "I'm sick" and "Now we're sick". They also heard a "Bless you" come through...

Over all a really great week for us. Please send us anything you'd like to share by tagging us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.