Sunday, June 25, 2017

Investigation Update 6.25.2017

It's just about the week before the 4th and Savannah is busy, but not nearly as busy as it's going to be in a weeks' time! Here's a little bit of the activity we collected this past week with our investigators...

Willie was our lead investigator during the first two investigators of the week. They made their best contact with a spirit who told them his name was "Phil". When they asked Phil how old he was, it came out in spurts. First they heard "Six" with was followed by "Tee" after a few seconds. It was clear that the voice coming through was not a six year old child so it made sense when the "Tee" came through just after.

Another spirit they spoke to that night was playing a game of Green Light, Red Light with them. One couple investigating was walking around in the open area of the building during their free time and they heard a spirit come through the Ghost Box saying "Stop". Once they stopped they heard "Go on". This happened to them a few times as they wandered around.

On Monday night Willie was the lead again. On this evening, he investigated with a pair of investigators who spent most of their night at the Stage Area because the activity was so high. Before they had come into the building that night they had watched some of the videos on YouTube that were posted by us and by lead investigators Kelley and Ted, so they had a good idea of what they were in for that night!

While they were at the Stage Area they heard from a little boy spirit who said his name was "Tim" and that he was "Ten" years old. They had a lot of luck talking with him. One very odd and unsettling thing that happened was when the woman investigating that night asked if she could have a hug and just a few moments later got an extreme case of the chills...

Ted and Kelley switched on and off for the rest of the week during our investigations- and they were some pretty good ones! Ted was the lead on Tuesday night with a great group of folks who were very excited to investigate. By far the best action they had that night was with the Spirit Box. The investigators got a lot of intelligent responses.

During their time in the Stage Quarters the investigators asked "How many are here with us" and they heard "Twenty" as the answer. "Who are we talking to" they asked, and heard "Jesse, Tom" and then "Paul" and "Jesse" again. They got they same kind of great responses in the Slave Quarters. "Who is here with us" and the investigators heard "Dave". Then they asked "Are there any children in here" and they heard the reply "Just one".

It was in the Residual Area that the investigators got the best responses- physical ones. They placed one of the pieces of equipment onto one of the folded metal chairs in the Residual Area and then the chair moved slightly. Amazing!

Kelley was then the lead investigator on Wednesday night. Unlike some of the previous nights, the investigators seemed to want to spend most of their time in the Slave Quarters because the activity was so good. Lots of EMF activity, and even more Spirit Box replies all night long.

Throughout the course of the night there were many names called through the Spirit Box when the investigators asked who was with them in the building that night. They heard Paul, Drew, Harriet, Troy, David, and several others. There was a funny moment when one of the investigators asked "What is my middle name" and they heard "Evil" as the reply.

It seemed like another spirits was being silly with them. When they asked the spirit they were conversing with to touch the red light and make it flash twice for no and once for yes they heard the reply of "Broken" rather than having or seeing any action.

Friday night had Ted again as the lead investigator with a pretty big and pretty excited group of people. Everyone was ready and raring to get investigating and several of them had been reading up on the Gribble House and the history of the building. One of the people investigating was even a member of a paranormal group- the Tuscon Ghost Hunters!

When the investigators were at the Stage Area they tried to see if any of the spirits in the area knew any other languages other than English. They spoke in both Russian and Spanish but didn't get any replies, except in English. Although, it didn't seem like the spirits wanted to talk much because when they asked if there were any spirits in the area they heard "No" as the reply through the Ghost Box.

In the Slave Quarters there was a significant drop in temperature for the investigators. Using the Digital Thermometer they documented a drop from 75 degrees down to 70 degrees. Very cool!

Finally, Kelley was the lead investigator on Saturday night was a group of ladies on a night when the REM Pod seemed to be out of control. The device went off almost constantly over by the Gribble House gate. Two names came through the Spirit Box all night long- the name of the one of the investigators, Lisa, and the word "Ghost".

There was a long string of words and names that came through the Spirit Box while the investigators were in the Stage Area. They heard Paul, Anthony, Todd, Nigel, Sue, Nurse, Listening, Hey, Hi, We're stuck, Magic, and Talk Story. This same sort of thing happened again when the investigators moved to the Residual Area. There they heard Victoria, Edmond, Billy, Psychic, We're stuck, Help, Help me, Call back, He's dead, and You're his.

Also when they were in the Residual Area the investigators had a really interesting conversation with a spirit who seemed happy to answer their questions. They asked "Who was President when you died" and they heard "Ford" as the reply. "Gerald Ford" they asked, but instead they heard "Henry". Henry Ford. By coincidence, or perhaps not, just near Savannah in Richmond Hill is the Ford Plantation that was owned by Henry Ford...

Such a good week- always a good week! And, as always, feel free to tag us with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse!