Sunday, June 18, 2017

Investigation Update 6.18.2017

We had an incredible week in the building these past seven days and we can't wait to share the details with you---- so here it is!

Kelley was our lead investigator on Wednesday night with a fairly big group who were all so excited to investigate. One of the main features of the night didn't come to light until the end of the evening when almost every single investigator told Kelley that they experienced cold hills at one point or another in the building at different times. How cool!

There seemed to be a lot of intelligent responses coming through the Spirit Box and one word in particular was coming through in earnest- "Haunted". They heard that word come through the Spirit Box in several different spots in the building, and never in the same voice. In addition to the repeating words coming through the Spirit Box, both the Raggedy Ann doll and the REM Pod were pretty active. The REM Pod inparticular was very active by the Gribble House gate and each time it lit up all of the colors were blazing to indicate activity and energy from all sides. Amazing.

Many, many names were called through the Ghost Box. The investigators heard Gabe, Jim, Larry, Jeff, Anna, Vincent, Liza, Maggie, Kimberly, Rob, Craig, Aaron, Carrie, Angels, and Infants. The investigators heard a really unsettling phrase come through towards the end of the night when they heard "Let me out" come through in a frantic woman's voice...

On Thursday night, Kaitlyn took over as the lead investigator with a group of folks- two of whom had been in the Gribble House about two years ago! They had such a great time on their visit before that they decided to come back again and see what new activity they could collect. Welcome back!

They decided to start their night in the Residual Area this time and almost immediately had some great action with the Raggedy Ann doll. When they asked who was touching the doll they heard the name "Hank" come through the Spirit Box in three different voices. Just before they left that hot spot one of the investigators clapped her hands together and they heard "Clap" come through the Spirit Box.

When the investigators moved to the Slave Quarters they noticed almost immediately that they were being mocked through the Spirit Box. When they would ask questions they would hear select words from their questions being repeated back to them. This was happening with both men and women's voices. They heard "Hurt", "Talk", and even some names like "Dave" repeated just after the investigators said those words. So strange!

Once again, Kelley took over on Friday night as the lead investigator. Kelly noted that on this evening the building had a distinct and strange "creepy" feeling to it, and that the creepy vibe continued throughout the entire night. Before the official investigation began she set the REM Pod up in its normal spot and it immediately started to flashed. However, once the investigators arrived it stopped flashing and didn't flash again until after they left...

The investigators were trying to get some qualifying information from the Spirits they were talking to by asking questions. They asked "Are you soldiers" and they heard "Chains" as the reply. "Were you slaves" they asked instead and heard "Yes". Not all their questions got good answers, though. When they asked "Is this your store" the reply they heard was "I quit".

At the end of the night, Kelley split the family up and gave a Spirit Box to the parents and a Spirit Box to the kids and immediately they noticed that the sames phrases were coming through both devices. They noticed that the Spirit seemed to be particularly polite on this evening, being sure to say "Sir" or "Ma'am" at the end of their phrases.

Finally, we had two great investigations on Saturday night with Ted as the lead investigator. During the first investigation of the evening, the activity was great all over the building for all the folks who came in that night. They started in the Slave Quarters and immediately made contact with two spirits- a man and a woman. The woman identified herself as "Amy" and the name as "Billy", although the man had his name given up by a woman's voice.

When they moved into the Gribble House area they immediately smelled what they thought was beer. When the investigators said out loud "It smells like beer in here" they heard "Rum" come through the Spirit Box. Then the investigators asked "Do you like rum" to which they heard the reply "Pitcher". Moving on to asking about the murders that had happened there the investigators asked "Who was murdered here" and they heard "Girl". "What girl" they asked next- "Eliza" was the reply. Wow!

During the second investigation of Saturday night Ted investigated with a pair who are really big fans of the paranormal and were familiar with all the shows on TV.

They started their investigation at the Stage Area and they asked "Where are we"? The investigators heard "Market" come through- great response given that the area was once Paul's general store. Strangely though, when the investigators asked "Where is Paul" the reply they heard was "There is no Paul". They had a rather unsettling reply from the Spirit Box when they asked "Why are you hear"- they heard "Die".

In the Slave Quarters the Spirits must have noticed how warm it was in that area. The investigators were able to document using the Digital Thermometer that the temperature dropped from 78 degrees to 75 degrees and when they asked "Can you make the temperature drop to 70 degrees" they heard "Been trying" come through the Spirit Box.

In the Residual Area the strangest moment of the night happened- kind of. It was while the investigators were in this area that they heard a woman's voice come from the Gribble House hot spot. As they walked back to that area to see what was going on and to find the source of that voice they heard "Oh shit" and then "Whore" come through the Spirit Box...

What a great week! We had a lot of fun meeting new investigators and collecting activity. If you have anything to share, tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse so we can see!