Sunday, June 25, 2017

Investigation Update 6.25.2017

It's just about the week before the 4th and Savannah is busy, but not nearly as busy as it's going to be in a weeks' time! Here's a little bit of the activity we collected this past week with our investigators...

Willie was our lead investigator during the first two investigators of the week. They made their best contact with a spirit who told them his name was "Phil". When they asked Phil how old he was, it came out in spurts. First they heard "Six" with was followed by "Tee" after a few seconds. It was clear that the voice coming through was not a six year old child so it made sense when the "Tee" came through just after.

Another spirit they spoke to that night was playing a game of Green Light, Red Light with them. One couple investigating was walking around in the open area of the building during their free time and they heard a spirit come through the Ghost Box saying "Stop". Once they stopped they heard "Go on". This happened to them a few times as they wandered around.

On Monday night Willie was the lead again. On this evening, he investigated with a pair of investigators who spent most of their night at the Stage Area because the activity was so high. Before they had come into the building that night they had watched some of the videos on YouTube that were posted by us and by lead investigators Kelley and Ted, so they had a good idea of what they were in for that night!

While they were at the Stage Area they heard from a little boy spirit who said his name was "Tim" and that he was "Ten" years old. They had a lot of luck talking with him. One very odd and unsettling thing that happened was when the woman investigating that night asked if she could have a hug and just a few moments later got an extreme case of the chills...

Ted and Kelley switched on and off for the rest of the week during our investigations- and they were some pretty good ones! Ted was the lead on Tuesday night with a great group of folks who were very excited to investigate. By far the best action they had that night was with the Spirit Box. The investigators got a lot of intelligent responses.

During their time in the Stage Quarters the investigators asked "How many are here with us" and they heard "Twenty" as the answer. "Who are we talking to" they asked, and heard "Jesse, Tom" and then "Paul" and "Jesse" again. They got they same kind of great responses in the Slave Quarters. "Who is here with us" and the investigators heard "Dave". Then they asked "Are there any children in here" and they heard the reply "Just one".

It was in the Residual Area that the investigators got the best responses- physical ones. They placed one of the pieces of equipment onto one of the folded metal chairs in the Residual Area and then the chair moved slightly. Amazing!

Kelley was then the lead investigator on Wednesday night. Unlike some of the previous nights, the investigators seemed to want to spend most of their time in the Slave Quarters because the activity was so good. Lots of EMF activity, and even more Spirit Box replies all night long.

Throughout the course of the night there were many names called through the Spirit Box when the investigators asked who was with them in the building that night. They heard Paul, Drew, Harriet, Troy, David, and several others. There was a funny moment when one of the investigators asked "What is my middle name" and they heard "Evil" as the reply.

It seemed like another spirits was being silly with them. When they asked the spirit they were conversing with to touch the red light and make it flash twice for no and once for yes they heard the reply of "Broken" rather than having or seeing any action.

Friday night had Ted again as the lead investigator with a pretty big and pretty excited group of people. Everyone was ready and raring to get investigating and several of them had been reading up on the Gribble House and the history of the building. One of the people investigating was even a member of a paranormal group- the Tuscon Ghost Hunters!

When the investigators were at the Stage Area they tried to see if any of the spirits in the area knew any other languages other than English. They spoke in both Russian and Spanish but didn't get any replies, except in English. Although, it didn't seem like the spirits wanted to talk much because when they asked if there were any spirits in the area they heard "No" as the reply through the Ghost Box.

In the Slave Quarters there was a significant drop in temperature for the investigators. Using the Digital Thermometer they documented a drop from 75 degrees down to 70 degrees. Very cool!

Finally, Kelley was the lead investigator on Saturday night was a group of ladies on a night when the REM Pod seemed to be out of control. The device went off almost constantly over by the Gribble House gate. Two names came through the Spirit Box all night long- the name of the one of the investigators, Lisa, and the word "Ghost".

There was a long string of words and names that came through the Spirit Box while the investigators were in the Stage Area. They heard Paul, Anthony, Todd, Nigel, Sue, Nurse, Listening, Hey, Hi, We're stuck, Magic, and Talk Story. This same sort of thing happened again when the investigators moved to the Residual Area. There they heard Victoria, Edmond, Billy, Psychic, We're stuck, Help, Help me, Call back, He's dead, and You're his.

Also when they were in the Residual Area the investigators had a really interesting conversation with a spirit who seemed happy to answer their questions. They asked "Who was President when you died" and they heard "Ford" as the reply. "Gerald Ford" they asked, but instead they heard "Henry". Henry Ford. By coincidence, or perhaps not, just near Savannah in Richmond Hill is the Ford Plantation that was owned by Henry Ford...

Such a good week- always a good week! And, as always, feel free to tag us with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Investigation Update 6.18.2017

We had an incredible week in the building these past seven days and we can't wait to share the details with you---- so here it is!

Kelley was our lead investigator on Wednesday night with a fairly big group who were all so excited to investigate. One of the main features of the night didn't come to light until the end of the evening when almost every single investigator told Kelley that they experienced cold hills at one point or another in the building at different times. How cool!

There seemed to be a lot of intelligent responses coming through the Spirit Box and one word in particular was coming through in earnest- "Haunted". They heard that word come through the Spirit Box in several different spots in the building, and never in the same voice. In addition to the repeating words coming through the Spirit Box, both the Raggedy Ann doll and the REM Pod were pretty active. The REM Pod inparticular was very active by the Gribble House gate and each time it lit up all of the colors were blazing to indicate activity and energy from all sides. Amazing.

Many, many names were called through the Ghost Box. The investigators heard Gabe, Jim, Larry, Jeff, Anna, Vincent, Liza, Maggie, Kimberly, Rob, Craig, Aaron, Carrie, Angels, and Infants. The investigators heard a really unsettling phrase come through towards the end of the night when they heard "Let me out" come through in a frantic woman's voice...

On Thursday night, Kaitlyn took over as the lead investigator with a group of folks- two of whom had been in the Gribble House about two years ago! They had such a great time on their visit before that they decided to come back again and see what new activity they could collect. Welcome back!

They decided to start their night in the Residual Area this time and almost immediately had some great action with the Raggedy Ann doll. When they asked who was touching the doll they heard the name "Hank" come through the Spirit Box in three different voices. Just before they left that hot spot one of the investigators clapped her hands together and they heard "Clap" come through the Spirit Box.

When the investigators moved to the Slave Quarters they noticed almost immediately that they were being mocked through the Spirit Box. When they would ask questions they would hear select words from their questions being repeated back to them. This was happening with both men and women's voices. They heard "Hurt", "Talk", and even some names like "Dave" repeated just after the investigators said those words. So strange!

Once again, Kelley took over on Friday night as the lead investigator. Kelly noted that on this evening the building had a distinct and strange "creepy" feeling to it, and that the creepy vibe continued throughout the entire night. Before the official investigation began she set the REM Pod up in its normal spot and it immediately started to flashed. However, once the investigators arrived it stopped flashing and didn't flash again until after they left...

The investigators were trying to get some qualifying information from the Spirits they were talking to by asking questions. They asked "Are you soldiers" and they heard "Chains" as the reply. "Were you slaves" they asked instead and heard "Yes". Not all their questions got good answers, though. When they asked "Is this your store" the reply they heard was "I quit".

At the end of the night, Kelley split the family up and gave a Spirit Box to the parents and a Spirit Box to the kids and immediately they noticed that the sames phrases were coming through both devices. They noticed that the Spirit seemed to be particularly polite on this evening, being sure to say "Sir" or "Ma'am" at the end of their phrases.

Finally, we had two great investigations on Saturday night with Ted as the lead investigator. During the first investigation of the evening, the activity was great all over the building for all the folks who came in that night. They started in the Slave Quarters and immediately made contact with two spirits- a man and a woman. The woman identified herself as "Amy" and the name as "Billy", although the man had his name given up by a woman's voice.

When they moved into the Gribble House area they immediately smelled what they thought was beer. When the investigators said out loud "It smells like beer in here" they heard "Rum" come through the Spirit Box. Then the investigators asked "Do you like rum" to which they heard the reply "Pitcher". Moving on to asking about the murders that had happened there the investigators asked "Who was murdered here" and they heard "Girl". "What girl" they asked next- "Eliza" was the reply. Wow!

During the second investigation of Saturday night Ted investigated with a pair who are really big fans of the paranormal and were familiar with all the shows on TV.

They started their investigation at the Stage Area and they asked "Where are we"? The investigators heard "Market" come through- great response given that the area was once Paul's general store. Strangely though, when the investigators asked "Where is Paul" the reply they heard was "There is no Paul". They had a rather unsettling reply from the Spirit Box when they asked "Why are you hear"- they heard "Die".

In the Slave Quarters the Spirits must have noticed how warm it was in that area. The investigators were able to document using the Digital Thermometer that the temperature dropped from 78 degrees to 75 degrees and when they asked "Can you make the temperature drop to 70 degrees" they heard "Been trying" come through the Spirit Box.

In the Residual Area the strangest moment of the night happened- kind of. It was while the investigators were in this area that they heard a woman's voice come from the Gribble House hot spot. As they walked back to that area to see what was going on and to find the source of that voice they heard "Oh shit" and then "Whore" come through the Spirit Box...

What a great week! We had a lot of fun meeting new investigators and collecting activity. If you have anything to share, tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse so we can see!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Investigation Update 6.11.2017

What a wonderful week we just had! Lots of activity, lots of fun investigators, and lots of great photos. Here's a snippit of what took place-

Willie was the lead investigator on Sunday night with a group of four who were all familiar with the Ghost Shows on television. One of the pairs had thought they had seen every episode of Ghost Adventures and were surprised to know that we were on the program, as well! They watched the history video and listened to the EVP collection we have before heading out into the building.

The investigators used the SB-7 device with great effect and heard many names come through, including the name of one of the investigators- Ray. That was awesome! When they broke out the Ovilus they got some really strange phrases and saw "Problem, Trap, Run" in that order when talking to the son of the group. So creepy.

Kelley took over as the lead investigator on Tuesday night with a group of seven on a really creepy night. All of the Spirit Box responses were super clear and easy to understand, and they were eerily direct to the questions that were being asked. The investigators also noticed that a big number of the responses coming through that night were from soldiers, including one who called himself Seth.

The responses being very direct had a creepy edge to them. One of the spirits talking with them knew the name of one of the investigators and even knew his nickname of "Chief". This came through several times. More names they heard were Vincent, Steve, Jeff, Paul, Emily, and they heard the question "Where's Kate" come through.

Answers coming through the Spirit Box were wonderful. When they asked "How many fingers am I holding up" they heard "Lots". Then they asked "What number comes after five" and heard "Six". Cool!

On Thursday night Ted took over as the lead investigator with a Mother, Daughter, and family friend who were extremely excited to start their very first investigation ever- in the Gribble House! They had done some reading about hat the Gribble House is and what had happened there before they every arrived and so they knew a little bit about what to expect. The night was great with activity!

The building was very warm that night and the spirits seemed to know how steamy the building was that night so they heard "Hot" come through the Spirit Box. In the Stage Area they heard a lot of names come through when they asked who they were talking to. They heard "Edward", as well as Hunter, Steve, and Ted. The Hunter they spoke with was assumed to be J.C. Hunter who was accused of the murders in 1909. They asked him many questions about the crimes that took place but didn't get much information, even when they asked "Hunter, did you commit the murders in 1909" and they heard "No".

In the Slave Quarters, there seemed to be a bit more friendly spirits than usual. When they walked into the space they immediately heard "Hello everybody" and "What's up".The spirits were extremely responsive to their requests- even making the Raggedy Ann doll flash on command over and over.

Friday had Kaitlyn as the lead investigator with four people- one of those folks actually works in the Gribble House building during the day and had experienced a lot of strange things during his working hours. So much so he decided to come and investigate the building at night to get some more answers. Before the investigation even began Ted turned the Spirit Box on and as soon as the device was switched on they heard "Leave" come through.

While the investigators were in the Slave Quarters the Ghost Meter Pro was extremely responsive. At first the device was just going on and on flashing over and over all the way up to red and it took a while for it to shut off. When it finally did the investigators asked to make the device just flicker, and it did. All the while it sounded as if there were people walking around inside the warehouse behind them, so they decided to go and check it out but never found anyone.

In the Gribble House area there were a few strange moments- the investigators heard from one voice over and over who was giving names and answering questions although he would never give them his name. He said the name "Ann" over and over although it was a man's voice. One of the investigators asked if Maggie was in the room with them and just then the investigators started to smell the scent of floral perfume.

On Saturday night we had two fantastic investigation with both Ted and Kaitlyn as lead investigators. It was a pretty decent night of activity for both of the investigations.

The first of the night started in the Stage Area where Paul made quite the entrance by immediately saying the word "F*ck" at the investigators and then asking them to go. When they asked "Paul, where are you" he replied with "Other room". Then the K-II Meter started to flash night to the investigator who was watching all the questions all the way up to red.

The K-II Meter continued to flash throughout the building, including in the Slave Quarters where it was going off on demand. All the while, the temperature kept dropping down five degrees while the investigators were asking questions- all of which was documented with the Digital Thermometers. The investigators asked "Did you choose to be here" to which they heard conflicting replies. First a woman said "No" and then a man's voice replied "Yes".

Finally, the last investigation of our week was super great and everyone had been in the building once before and had a great experience- so much so they wanted to come back and investigate again.

The Ghost Meter Pro activity continued into this investigation and it was super strong outside of the Slave Quarters. Once the investigators moved inside of the Slave Quarters there were some really strange moment where awkward and creepy noises seemed to be all around them. Not only were there uncomfortable sounds coming from the Spirit Box, but it sounded like there was something bumping around inside the grate- much larger than the bats that usually live in there... much bigger.

Although the Ghost Meter Pro activity was happening in the Residual Area it seemed weaker than it had in the rest of the building. One of the investigators asked "Do you need energy" and they heard "Help" in a woman's voice followed by "We're weak" in a man's voice. To top it all off one of the investigators said that they could try to draw energy from their camera and immediately it started to drain and dye. Amazing!