Sunday, May 28, 2017

Investigation Update 5.28.2017

Happy Memorial Day weekend! It was a super great week for us with some super great investigations! Check out some of the interesting activity we collected this week...

The first investigation of the week was with Willie on Monday night with a decently big group of folks who were really into the investigation that night- so much so that three of them brought actual real cameras to catch activity with!

On this night the REM Pod was by far the most active device. Even before Willie even showed the first history video the REM Pod was going off in spades. It felt like random activity, until Willie moved the device to the yellow railing and then again to the middle of the front gate. The device started to flash no matter where he moved the REM Pod.

In addition to the REM Pod being very active the Stage Area was full of EMF activity. The investigators had really good luck asking for names and then getting the names being called out from the Spirit Box to respond to their direct requests of touching the EMF Detectors. This worked with spirits who called themselves Tom, Nick, Tim, Steve, Hunter, and Victoria.

Kaitlyn took over as the lead investigator on Thursday night with a pair of folks who were pretty interested in what their night was going to entail. They knew all about the equipment they were going to use and knew all the Ghost Shows that are on TV these days.

On this night the investigators started in the Slave Quarters and the Spirit Box was acting really strange. Although the device was super active the sounds and noises coming through the Spirit Box were not words and phrases but rather deep voices and strange squeals. At one point it even sounded like the responses coming through were from someone under water- like they were drowning...

When they moved to the Gribble House area the Spirit Box continued to act strangely. It sounded like a woman and a child were having a conversation between them through the Spirit Box although it was very hard to hear what they were saying. They did hear a very enthusiastic "HI" come through at one point, and when the investigators asked who was so happy to see them they heard "Gracie" come through in the same voice. Unfortunately, they didn't hear from her again.

Friday night had Kelley as the lead investigator with a group of five who were extremely pumped up about their Gribble House investigation. They were into what was going on and had lots of questions for Kelley about the building and the activity inside.

Two of the investigators, Jay and Mary, heard their names called through the Spirit Box a few times- the first time it happened was almost as soon as the investigators walked into the building. There was one really strange voice that kept coming through and talking to them throughout the course of the night- a man who had a kind of deep voice. What was strange about him was the responses he had were almost hippy-ish. He would reply with saying things like "Allll right: and "Right on". At one point they asked what year it was and they heard that same voice reply "66".

So many names came through the Spirit Box that night, including Evan, Carrie, Amy, Ida, Annette, Eva, Jeff, Steve, Mike, Bob, Ken, Neil, Hank, Andy, Amanda, Amber, Alfred, and Berwick.

Finally, Ted was the lead investigator on Saturday night with a decent sized group that were excited to investigate and learn the history of the Gribble House. Everyone wanted to stay together that night and they got some really great activity.

When the investigators went into the Residual Area there was a lot of strange activity. One of the investigators felt something touch her shoulder while the K-II Meter next to her was flashing. The same thing happened a few minutes later with the Raggedy Ann doll. Each time Ted went to take a picture of the K-II Meter, it would flash. Very interesting...

In the Slave Quarters the investigators made contact with a spirit who kept saying the same phrase over and over. "I need"... "I need". Each time they heard the spirit start their unfinished phrase they would ask them what they need. They never were able to find out...

A wonderful week! If you have anything to share please do so with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse!