Monday, May 22, 2017

Investigation Update 5.22.2017

Wow, what a week we just had! Savannah is getting super busy with spring and summer season coming in and this coming week is Memorial Day! Here is just a little bit of the amazing activity we encountered in the space this week.

Willie was the lead investigator on Sunday night with a pair of couples. Everyone was eager to start investigating on what turned out to be a pretty odd evening.

For the most part there seemed to be almost no activity in the building with the exception of the Ghost Box that was insistently spitting out names of spirits when asked. In fact, there were several occasions where the same name came through over and over again- three times. Willie had his own name called twice on two seperate occasions during the night. But the Spirit Boxes were quiet for the most part, refuding to answer any other questions than "What is your name".

Ted took over as the lead investigator on Tuesday night with a pair who were unsure of what to expect that night. They started their evening off at the Stage Area and did not have the most kind and welcoming conversation. They asked a few questions and at one point heard "Shit" come through. They asked "Who said Shit" and heard the reply "I did". When they asked if the spirits could prove they were real the only reply they got was "Laugh".

The investigators moved to the Gribble House area where they heard a confession to murder. "Did you commit the murders of the women here" they asked, to which they heard "Yes". They could never find out what had admitted, though.

In stepped Willie on Tuesday night to lead the investigation with a few pairs- one of the ladies had the maiden name of Gribble! After some research she came to find out that the part of her family named Gribble were from South Carolina. Very interesting.

While still in the front of the building Willie decided to turn on one of the Spirit Boxes and within seconds the device let out the name John, which was the name of one of the investigators. The personalized chatter didn't end there because a little while later in the Stage Area they heard the names Zeke and Pop come through- Zeke was the name of her grandfather...

Ted was the lead again on Wednesday night with a pretty big group, a party of three and a couple who were all so very excited to investigate. The couple in the building that night had just gotten married and were really into the paranormal, while the party of three were having their first investigation.

When getting to the Stage Area they asked "What kind of store did you have" but then heard "I didn't as the reply" so Paul wasn't answering any questions. They believed that until they heard a loud and clear "F*ck you" come through. They asked then "Do you know our names" and heard "Jared" which was one of the investigators names.

The nasty language continued in the Slave Quarters, but the most activity was happening with the Raggedy Ann doll. When the investigators placed her on the chair they heard the word "Ann" come through. Although they asked "Do you have anything to say" and heard the reply "No", the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash.

Kaitlyn was the lead investigator on Thursday night with a seasoned paranormal enthusiast couple. Between them they had been to more than twenty five different paranormal sites around the country and done almost a dozen investigations- and they were excited to be in the Gribble House!

The action was pretty good in the building that night, but it seemed like there was a TON of action happening in the Gribble House hot spot. Not only did Kaitlyn feel extremely drained as she entered that hot spot, but the Ghost Meter Pros were going off like mad. Although the pair of investigators were trying to make contact with any of the three ladies who had been murdered, the only voices that seemed to be coming through were male- and they couldn't understand them at all.

Just before leaving the Gribble House area one of the strangest moments of the night happened. Kaitlyn was getting ready to move towards the middle of the building to snap a few photos and she heard the distinct sound of rustling and swirling fabric right next to her, like a long skirt being moved.

Finally on Friday night Kelley was the lead investigator with a big group. On this night the building seemed very quiet again with Ghost Meter Pro and EMF activity but the building was eerily creepy in being quiet. Although there didn't seem to be a lot of physical action happening, the building was heavy and felt full of energy.

There were some pretty distinct voices in the building that night. Not only was there one voice they kept coming through with a New York accent, another one continued to call everyone "Sir" very politely. There were also so many names coming through, including Linda, Patrick, Carol, Blake, Jim, Paul, David, Thomas, Harrison, Steve, and others.

In the Gribble House are the investigators encountered another distinct spirit voice. This one had a French accent and said "Bonjour". But it felt like the strangest moments of the night happened when the building was almost silent and the heavy humidity in the building was cut by cool almost cold breezes going through- very creepy.