Sunday, April 9, 2017

Investigation Update 4.9.2017

We are a full week into April now, and it's been the coolest April that we can remember for a while- it's been absolutely beautiful inside the building, and out! Here's some of what's been going on inside the Gribble House.

Kelley took the reins as lead investigator on Monday night with a decent sized group. One of the group ended up having some of the best flashlight activity that Kelley has seen in a long time- they had brought their own set of flashlights with them and ended up having flashlight action on cue! Most of that happened while they were near the Stage Area and had set up one of the flashlights n the Stage and another on the yellow railing. The long that this group investigated and communicated with the spirits they got better and better responses. These ladies have investigated all over the place, but they told Kelley that the Gribble House was by far the most active place they had investigated yet. Awesome!

Using the Spirit Box, the other set of investigators had some really great luck with asking some really pointed questions. They asked "What is your name" and heard "Kevin". Kevin was the name of one of their children, so they asked "How old is Kevin"? Not only did they hear "Three" come through but they also saw the Ghost Meter Pro flash three times. "Who is the president" they asked, and heard "Woodrow" as the reply. Then they asked "What do you think of Abraham Lincoln" and "Judge Woodrow" came through. "What year were you alive" and the reply was "1913". (Wilson was president from 1913-1924).

It did seem like the spirits were low on physical energy, though. Each time the investigators asked the spirits to make the devices flash, including the Ragged Ann doll, they would reply "Can't" or "Can't do it".

Ted look over as lead investigator on Wednesday night with a pair that were divided on their paranormal experience. Falk was new to the paranormal, but his girlfriend Abbey is a huge fan of anything involving the paranormal.

It seemed like on this night that spirits were pretty welcoming to them. While at the Stage Area they heard Abbey's name come through the Spirit Box. They immediately asked "Do you like women" and they heard the compliment "Pretty" come through. Then a bit later in the Slave Quarters they heard "Special" through the Spirit Box. "What's special" they asked in reply to which they heard "You are". Just after, a small little voice said "Hi", and the investigators could tell that it was a child.

However, it was in the Residual Area where they got some really cool activity. Falk heard his name called through the Spirit Box a few times, but when he asked them to say his name the only reply they got was "No". That was, until he turned on a lighter and they heard "Falk" again. They had a scary moment though, when they heard "Monsters" come through the Spirit Box and when they asked if the spirits were trying to scare him they admitted that they were.

Once again, the investigation was in the hands of lead investigator Kelley on Friday night. That evening was super active, even before the official investigation began. Kelley had a really strange moment in the Slave Quarters while she was opening up that put her on edge for the rest of the night. As she was putting the electronic candles out she heard her name being whispered three times. So creepy.

There was a really interesting dynamic in the building with the several teenagers who were investigating that night. It seemed as if they were communicating with other teenaged spirits that were in the building with them. When they asked for ages they heard "Fifteen" once, and both the investigators Morgan and Mason had their names called. Very cool!

In addition to the named Mason and Morgan, they also heard Phil, Paul, Bob, and Jim come through. The investigators didn't hear much from Paul through the night until almost the end of the night. For the most part, the investigators heard for a lot of women and children. But it seemed like the most interesting activity of the night was physical. All of the investigators experienced chills and just felt an overall strange and creepy vibe.

Last but most definitely not least, Ted was our lead investigator on Saturday night. On this evening, he was investigating with four people who all were a little wary about what was going to happen, but were super excited to be in the building!

There was a lot of back and forth with the Spirit Box that night. They got a lot of replies to their questions, even though the answers the investigators were getting were not exactly always that cooperative. That's the thing with paranormal investigations- you only get what the spirits are willing to give you! When they would ask for names, a lot of times they would either hear the same name over or over, or they would hear their owns names being replied.

At one point, the investigators got enough cooperation for some on cue K-II Meter activity. They asked the spirit they were communicating with, "Mike", to "Make the device change color", and it did right away. When they asked "Can you do it again", they heard the reply of "I can" at the same time that the device flashed. Awesome!

What a wonderful week for us and our investigators. If you have something to share, please tag us with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse. See you next week!