Sunday, April 30, 2017

Investigation Update 4.30.2017

Tomorrow is the first day of May, can you believe it!? This year has absolutely flown by so far and we have enjoyed each and every investigation so far, including this past weeks'! Here is a little bit of what has been happening...

Willie took control of the first three investigations of the week- Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights. On Monday he investigated with just one lady who had originally come with her family but were all to scared to investigate with us. The lady, on the other hand, specifically wanted to come investigate in the Gribble House because of the wide range of equipment we offer for use! And that equipment didn't let her or Willie down.

At first, it seemed like the REM Pod might be quiet all night long. It was silent during the history portion but while Willie and she were walking through the hot spots they could hear the device going off. When the two of them walked over and stood in front of it, the REM Pod was quiet again- that is, until she started to talk and ask questions. Then the device really started lighting up and was cooperating with her questions for more than ten minutes.

Throughout the rest of the night, the REM Pod was by far the most active piece of equipment in the building. The two of them never even entered the Slave Quarters because it was so active! The two of them eventually made contact with Mike, Tom, Jim, and a Dave.

When Monday came around, Willie took the reins again. On this night he was accompanied by a couple who were both excited and nervous. The man had previous experiences with the paranormal, and the both of them were very familiar all the equipment we use.

There was a very strange light in the Slave Quarters when the investigators went out to initially watch the history video. There was what almost appeared to be a man made light in the space that was hovering over the table in the Slave Quarters and when the went to move towards it, it started to move away! It was exceptionally strange and they were completely unable to debunk or explain what it was.

The strange light phenomenon continued even after the investigation was officially over! The investigators were up front in the Safe Room and the lady noticed that one of the flashlight had popped on. When the looked over, one of the flashlights they hadn't used was indeed turned on and then it cut off. This happened several times before it finally ceased.

Tuesday had Willie again as the lead investigator, and much like Monday night there was a strange light in the building. The REM Pod was going crazy when the investigation started and they noticed that there was a light shining off of the Stage Area this time. So strange...

Much like Monday night, the REM Pod was out of control active. It was flashing almost all night long indicating both action and temperature changes. In addition to the all-night-long REM Pod action, the investigators made contact with one particular spirit throughout the course of the night- Dennis.

On Thursday night Kaitlyn was the lead investigator with a mother/ daughter pairing who were super extremely excited to get started. They were so excited in fact that they turned the Spirit Box on before they entered the building and were still in the Safe Room. They were getting so many responses, especially names like William, Tate, Paul, Steve, Robbins, Bea, and more.

The Spirit Box action continued when they entered the Gribble House proper. The first name they heard when entering was Liam, followed by Steve. Although they heard many different names, they also heard their own names come through the Spirit Box on command. Very cool!

Eventually the investigators moved into the Gribble House area because they saw what looked sort of like the figure of a man standing in the shadows of the doorway. But no matter who many times they moved into the different hot spots, the investigators kept heading into the center of the building because there were so many different noises happening. The Raggedy Ann doll was lighting up pretty well when they did go into the Slave Quarters, but something very strange happened in there. One of the investigators said that they physically could not go into the corner of the room where the grate is.

Kelley was the lead investigator on Friday night with two ladies were prepped and ready for a good time! On this night, both the EMF Detector on the Spirit Box were super active. There were so many names being called through the Spirit Box such as Richard, Millie, Mamie, Jannie, Ann, Jacob, Stewart, Jim, Paul, Jesse, Eisenhower, and many more.

The name Eisenhower came through after a string of questions. The investigators asked "What year it is" and they heard "1954". Then they asked "Who is the President" and the reply they heard was "Eisenhower" which is amazing since Eisenhower was president between 1953 and 1961. Then they asked "Who's this" and they heard "Green", which was the last name of the investigators.

It was a pretty creepy night overall. The investigators asked "What happened to the ladies here" and they heard "I was raped" come through in a woman's voice. Many of the replies they heard through the Spirit Box gave the investigators chills...

Finally, Kaitlyn and Kelley were again the lead investigators on Saturday night. It seemed like the activity in the building centered around a lot of the activity that would surround a child. The Raggedy Ann Doll was flashing a lot, and the investigators were making contact with the voices of many child spirits.

This happened quite a bit in the Slave Quarters where the Raggedy Ann doll was flashing on command, especially when she was sitting in one of the many folding chairs. When they asked "Are there any children in this room" and they heard "Six" come through the Spirit Box. There also seemed to be a lot of more physical activity going on in the second story of the building where there were no investigators. It sounded as if someone had knocked on the second story window above the CCTV screen, and as though many people were running around in the locked room upstairs.

One of the strangest moments of the night was when some of the investigators were in the Gribble House at the end of the evening. They were getting ready to leave the building and head back into the Safe Room when one of the investigators said "Goodnight, Maggie". Almost immediately they heard a loud and angry "NOO" called through the Spirit Box.