Sunday, April 2, 2017

Investigation Update 4.2.2017

No April Fools jokes here! We are getting right down to business tonight and giving you all the updates you want from the Gribble House. Here's what's been going on:

On Monday night, Willie was our lead investigator with a family and a couple who were really excited to get started in the building. Both of the groups had been to Waverley before, and the father of the family is a sensitive. In fact, his whole family agreed that there always seems to be a presence around him.

For the first time in a long time the REM Pod didn't go off during the entire history portion which it does almost every time Willie is in the building. While the investigators were moving around the space doing the hot spot portion they noticed that the floral scent in the Gribble House area was extremely strong. So much so that one of the ladies investigating started to feel uncomfortable.

The most active spirit in the building that night was a spirit who called himself Timothy. Timothy told them that he was a slave owner, that he died young, and that he had been in the building for a long time. Timothy followed them around the building throughout the course of the evening. Another odd thing that happened was that the REM Pod did seem to go off later on in the night, but none of the investigators saw it- they only heard it. When Willie took them over to the Stage Area to see the device being active, it stayed quiet until they walked away.

Kelley took over as lead investigator on Tuesday night and again a lot of the guests had been to Waverly Sanitarium before. These investigators had been on so many paranormal investigations before that they talked amongst themselves about their previous experiences before and after being inside the Gribble House. The group of three that night even brought their own equipment.

During the course of the night the investigators heard what sounded like banging in the corners of the building that didn't have a source- meaning that none of the investigators were in those areas when the banging was taking place. Many many names came through the Spirit Box when the investigators asked who was in the space with them. They heard Zoe, Bruce, Jim, Linda, Ann, Tom, Phillip, Ben, and Howard.

More than anything the EMF activity was very high that night in the building. Both the EMF Detector, the REM Pod, and the Raggedy Ann doll were flashing all over the place. This was strange because the Spirit Box seemed to be more quiet than usual.

Willie was the lead again on Wednesday night. On this evening, the REM Pod showed its colors as soon as the night started and Willie was doing the history portion of the lead up. The REM Pod started to flash then, but continued throughout the course of the entire night- sometimes flashing very hard, like someone was standing directly above it.

There was a family of three investigating that night, a mom, dad and son, and the teenaged son took control of the night. He was so into the investigation that he lead his mom and dad around showing them were the heavier activity was in the building.

Willie always say that Ghost Hunting is like fishing- you can cast your reel many times, but you never know what is going to come back on the line. On this night, there was a good bit of EMF activity, and a small amount of Spirit Box activity. What seemed to work the best for the investigators was roaming around and finding where the hot spots were at any given time. During the free time the investigators made contact with a teenaged boy named Todd who told him that he was fifteen years old.

Kaitlyn was the lead on Thursday night on an evening when the Spirit Box didn't seem to active again. However, the EMF activity and the Ghost Meter Pro activity were really high.

The Raggedy Ann doll was pretty active, too. The investigators were able to get her hands and feet to light up to blue just by asking the spirits to touch the doll which was pretty cool. The activity they did get through the Spirit Box was kind of funny. When they asked if they were talking to a boy or a girl through the Spirit Box they heard "Girl" come through, but it was in a man's voice. A similar thing happened when the moved to the Stage Area and asked how old the person was they were talking to. They heard "Ten" come through the Spirit Box, but it was a deep voice, much too old to be a ten year old.

When the investigators moved into the Gribble House area, Kaitlyn noticed that there was a strange noise coming from the other side of the building. No one else seemed to notice, but it sounded like someone was shaking the chain fence and making a lot of noise. But Kaitlyn seemed to be the only one who could hear it...

Finally, Kelley took over again on Saturday night as the lead investigator. All of the people who were with her that night were experienced investigators who had been on one paranormal tour or anything before coming into the Gribble House. They were all into the experience and were super excited to start the night.

The building seemed to be more clammy or hot than it had been in previous nights, but almost all of the investigators experienced chills that seemed to come out of no where. Three of the investigators heard their names called through the Spirit Box or saw their names come up on the Ovilus screen, and one of the investigators even heard their nickname called, which is amazing. She heard it through the Spirit Box which was really strange because only her immediate family knows her nickname.

There seemed to be some strange words coming through the Spirit Box while the investigators were in the Slave Quarters. They heard several names, like Marsha, Bob, Paul, Steve, Donna, Eddie, Tori, and Nick. But, they also heard Help come through a few times, and a very interesting "The north... your fault". They also heard "No time" and "Too much" when the investigators asked the spirits if they would like to talk.

What a wonderful week! If you have anything to share, tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse so we can see it too!