Sunday, April 16, 2017

Investigation Update 4.16.2017

Happy Easter to everyone! We had a really great week in the building, so without further ado, here is a little bit of what took place in the building.

Willie was our lead investigator on Monday night with a pair of ladies who were quite excited to be in the building and having a true paranormal experience. The mother of the pair was extremely well versed in the paranormal and the daughter was very much in tune with what was happening with the Spirit Box.

There was decent activity that night, but the most active piece of equipment was the Ghost Box. All of the questions that the ladies had to ask that night were answered promptly and intelligently- which is always a bonus!

Ted took over as the lead investigator on Wednesday night with a couple named Jake and Kristen. They were also very excited to be at the Gribble House and had a lot of really good activity swirling around them, including a lot of orbs in their photos around them. It didn't seem like the spirits liked to have their pictures taken, though, because on a few occasions Ted took a few photos and they all heard "Quit it" and "Leave" come through the Spirit Box.

When the investigators moved into the Stage Area they asked "Is somebody here" to which they heard "Yes". "What is your name" they asked. "Tod" was the reply. When they asked Tod "What is your favorite food", they heard the intelligent reply of "Lunch".

When it came time for those investigators to move into the Slave Quarters it sounded like someone slammed close the storage room door. When Ted walked over to investigate what was happening, he noticed that the curtain at the front of the building was wide open. He went back to show the investigators what had happened when three loud bangs came again from the storage area. So creepy!

Kaitlyn was our lead investigator on Thursday evening with guests who were so excited to get started that they all arrived early! Some of the folks in the group that night were real pros and came with their own equipment, including video recorders and a MEL Meter. Very cool.

There were some really interesting moments at the Stage Area when the guests had moved into that area. The Ghost Meter Pros were going out of control, almost acting like they were on the fritz. The lights were flashing out of control and frizzing from one end of the color spectrum to the other. Just around this time the investigators started to feel like there was a cool breeze swirling around them and among them, which was really cool. Just before it was time to move to another area the most disturbing and dead voice come through the Spirit Box. They couldn't tell what it was trying to say but it left them all feeling uncomfortable.

One of the ladies investigating that night was a sensitive and could hear extraneous voices throughout the building and in different areas from where she was stationed. While in the Gribble House area, she said she could hear a voice coming from the Residual Area.

Again on Friday night, Ted took over as the lead investigator on another evening with super excited guests. One thing the investigators noticed that night was a lot of the verbiage coming through the Spirit Box wasn't exactly inviting. When they greeted the building by saying "Happy Easter", the reply they heard was "Get out". Although they were getting a lot of replies, most of the replies were dismissive, "Please tell us your name" they asked, to which they heard "I should".

When in the Gribble House Area, the investigators made contact with many of the names associated with the Gribble House murders. They heard both Carrie and Eliza in this area, but when they asked if they were scared they heard a derogatory "F*ck you" as the reply.

Then in the Residual Area, it almost sounded as if someone was drowning or suffocating by the words coming through the Spirit Box. They heard both "Help" and "Blue" come through back to back...

Our Saturday night was very busy for Kelley as the lead investigator with with really big tours! During the first the investigators got to experience a ton of EMF activity all over the building, with both the Ghost Meter Pro and the Raggedy Ann Doll flashing all over the place. In addition, they heard some words come through over and over all night, which included "Run" and "Hide", which made the investigators feel like a child wanted to play Hide and Seek, and the names Steve and Paul. Some of the investigators heard their names called- both Debbie and Robert, as well as Carol and Katie.

One of the most uncomfortable and disturbing conversations that has been recorded in the Gribble House took place in the Slave Quarters that night. One of the groups heard a man's voice say that he had "Raped" a woman while in that room, which was quickly followed by the words "Stuck" and "Escaped women". When they asked "How many women did you rape" they heard "Couple" come through the Spirit Box, followed by Female coming up on the Ovilus screen.

Kelley and the investigators both heard and saw the word Orange come up on the Ovilus screen and called through the Spirit Box. This was a first for Kelley- she had never heard or seen it in the building before.

The second investigation that night was just as good. Just like the first investigation, this tour saw a huge amount of EMF activity all over the building, as well as really good Raggedy Ann activity and an active Ovilus. The Ovilus even had several full phrases come up on the screen, including 15 Souls, Look Around, I'm Right Here, We're Stuck, Still Here, and We're Many.

It seemed like the male spirits in the building were trying to flirt with the women investigating that night. They heard "Sweets" and "Pretty Hot" come through a few times. But, they also heard some rather negative language come through, hearing "Asshole", and "Mean".

There was some really fantastic EMF activity at the Stage Area while the Raggedy Ann was flashing. When they asked "Who is making that light flash in the chair" they heard "Ann" come through as the reply. When they asked "Do you need help" they reply was "Of course not".

All in all, a fantastic week! If you have anything to share with us, please tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse so we can see!