Sunday, March 5, 2017

Investigation Update 3.5.2017

We are almost one week out from the craziest week in the year in Savannah- Saint Patrick's day. We are getting in some good investigations before the entire city is inundated with throngs of revelers. Here is a little bit of what happened:

Tuesday night was our first investigation with Ted as the lead. Everyone who participated that night were extremely excited to start in the building, and their enthusiasm payed off.

They started off the night in the Slave Quarters, and they got some really great, if not a bit standoffish, activity through the Spirit Box. They tried to make contact with Paul right away, but when they asked if he could make their devices flash once to indicate he was with them, they didn't get any flickering but instead heard "Idiot" come through. A few minutes into their time in that hot spot they heard the name "Melanie" come through. But every time they tried to speak with Melanie or ask about her, all the replies were harsh and rude. "Stop", "Leave", and "Just leave".

Being asked to leave was a theme throughout the entire night. As soon as they entered the Gribble House they heard "Leave" through the Ghost Box. Just before leaving the area they heard "Nurse" come through, and both of the two nurses who were investigating that night with them felt distinct cold spots around them.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators immediately made contact with a spirit who called himself "Tom". It turns out that Tom was once a slave, which he confirmed, but he was not very forthright with information. In fact, most of their questions were replied to with negative words like "Faggot", "F*ck you" and "Piss off".

The next evening, Wednesday, Kelley was our lead investigator. One of the things that she noted about the night was that there was an extreme amount of chatter through the Ghost Box that was coming from women and children. Hearing women and children is not unusual, but the volume that night was very high. Another thing she noted was about the Ovilus, that seemed like it was almost stuck on the same word. "Bible", kept reading up on the screen, after the word had been erased from the screen it would pop back up.

On this night, the Gribble House was the most active area of the night. As they lingered in the doorway, the verbiage coming through the Spirit Box was welcoming and inviting. "Come", "Come in" and "You should come" was heard. Then they heard a sad "Mommy" come through in a child's voice. They asked "Are there kids here" and they heard "Mom" as the reply.

When they moved to the Stage Area they children's voice continued. They asked "Is there anyone in this room" and a child's voice yelled through the Spirit Box "I said YES". The Raggedy Ann doll was fairly active, and when they said "Touch the doll" they heard a whispered "I did".

Thursday night had Kaitlyn as the lead investigator with a big group who wanted to all stay together. On this night, they decided to start the evening in the Slave Quarters where the Spirit Box was out of control active. The investigators asked if there were any soldiers in the room with them and "Yes" came through. When they asked what color their uniforms were they heard "Grey" come through not once, but twice. Then, the investigators decided to ask if someone was standing behind them because the K-II Meters they were holding were flashing like mad. Through the Spirit Box they heard "Yes".

When the investigators moved over to the Stage Area, as they were walking towards the platform they heard "Orbs" come through the Ghost Box without any prompting. The investigators turned to look at the CCTV screen and on almost every one of the feeds they saw a huge number of orbs zooming around the building. There was a heartbreaking moment at the Stage when they heard a woman's voice whisper "Help" through the Spirit Box. When they asked who needed help they heard a string of words- "Infant", and "Boy", "Boy".

Later on in the night, almost as the evening was coming to an end, there was a strange moment when almost all of the investigators experienced the same thing. As they walked from the Slave Quarters, each of them in turn experienced a sense of numbness which was followed by their energy being drained from them. The first to feel this was investigator Mike. When Mike told the spirit that he could not use his energy, the sensation moved on to other investigators one by one, with each of them also showing temperature changes. Creepy...

Kaitlyn was our lead again on Friday night. The first weird moment of the night came in the Slave Quarters when they heard the name of a device- "Ovilus" came through. When Kaitlyn rushed off to get the Ovilus, she was astonished to see that the words coming up on the Ovilus screen were coming very rapidly and were extremely pertinent to the conversation going on.

There was a lot of Ghost Meter Pro activity throughout the building but what was really grabbing everyone's attention was the deep, guttural voice that was coming through in the Slave Quarters. It was loud and angry, but it was fairly hard to understand what was coming through the Spirit Box when he was talking. It was close, but indistinguishable.

 And finally, Kelley was the lead again on Saturday night. On this evening, the Spirit Box seemed to be full of names. They heard Paul, Dave, David, Marshall, Adin, Gabe, Kelley, Carol, Seth, Bob, Jason, Lisa, Maggie, and Paul. One thing that the investigators noticed throughout the night was that there seemed to be one male spirit who was almost directing the other spirits on what they could and could not do. He seemed to give the okay to the other spirits to answer the questions of the investigators, and even telling the other spirits what to do.

The Ovilus was popular again this night and the investigators had good results with the device. The Spirit Box, however, had a rather unusual occurrence while in the Gribble House when they heard Japanese come through. One of the investigators knew enough Japanese to be able to ask some questions, and the talk continued. Amazing!

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators were not very welcome if you believed the words coming through the Spirit Box. They heard "Leave" three times in a row, which was followed by "Just leave" and then "Don't like people's foolishness". Although they were told to leave, they also heard "Listen" and "Listen to me" come through.