Sunday, March 26, 2017

Investigation Update 3.26.2017

Hey Gribble fans! We had a really great week in Savannah with everyone who investigated with us. Here's a little bit of what went on:

Willie was the lead investigator on Monday night with groups of families who were excited to be with us. Some of the parents of these families had been in the building to investigate with us before, and were showing everyone else the ropes of what was going to happen.

Even though this investigation started out the same as all the other investigations that we do, with the history and Ghost Adventures video, on this night something else caught the eye of the investigators. On the CCTV screens, they could see many orbs floating around the building but one in particular was acting strangely. This very large orb was moving around in the Stage Area and stopped directly over the Stage and floated there, just moving slightly back and forth before finally zooming away and disappearing.

One of the families had a very strong reaction to being in the Slave Quarters. Not only did both the mom and daughter have their first names called, and the father both his first and last night, one of the women became absolutely overwhelmed and had to leave the building completely. Through the Spirit Box she heard the name "Jim", which was the name of her father and brother. After asking a few verifying questions, she was convinced that the spirit she was talking with was her dad. Willie had told her at the top of the evening that if you come into contact with a familial spirit, that it came in with you and she has always felt that her father was with her.

Willie took over again on Tuesday night with a par who were so happy to be in the building that they showed up early and got started early. This pair had not only watched the Ghost Adventures episode of the Gribble House and other paranormal shows, and had visited some haunted sites in their area.

The most prominent spirit they encountered the night was Frank. As soon as the investigators turned on the Spirit Boxes, his was the first voice that came through the device. Frank followed them throughout the entire building, butting in on questions that were meant for other spirits, and making comments. Frank also showed his presence by making the EMF detectors flash up to the yellow, although never making it up to the red.

On Wednesday night, Ted took over as the lead investigator. On this night, the group of eight that came in insisted on staying in the same group together. One of the things that the investigators noticed throughout the night was the that Spirit Box and the Ovilus seemed to by syncing up. One more than several occasions the investigators would hear a word come through the Spirit Box and then come up on the Ovilus screen at the same time. The first time that happened was with the word "Hop", and then it happened with "Allie" and "Squeeze". The strange thing about "Squeeze" was that it was the name of one of the investigators imaginary friend's as a child.

The name Allie came up through the Spirit Box over and over in almost every hot spot through the building. When the investigators moved to the Residual Area, Allie's name was heard and that was followed by some Spanish. "Si" was heard, and when they asked "Hablo espanol" they heard "Si" again. Then the investigators asked "Esta su nombre" to which they heard "Veronica" at the same time it came up on the Ovilus.

The building was full of the names of the investigators. They also heard "Dory", "Jacob", "Sargent", "Rich" and "Dillon", all of which had direct connections to the family.

Friday night had Kelley as the lead investigator. On this evening, the Ghost Meter Pro was by far the most active piece of equipment. Not only was that device flashing yes and no for the questions, but was also flashing on cue and on demand each and every time the investigators asked for it.

There was a lot of physical activity in the building that night. One of the women investigating felt a cold and tingling sensation on her arm here her small tattoo is. Almost everyone in the group that night experienced distinct chills despite the building being fairly warm. What may be the most strange was that several investigators heard was sounded like the tingling of a small bell ringing.

It sounded like one of the spirits was trying to come through and make contact with the investigators. They heard "Hey", "Hi", "Hello" and "Hi there" in rapid succession. This was followed by what sounded like someone whispering "Help". There were a few times throughout the night when the spirits the investigators were conversing with did not give clear or direct answers, but instead replied with chuckles and giggles.

Friday night had Ted and Kelley as lead investigators through two big investigations. Both tours were full of people who were excited to investigate with us. One of the groups during the first tour with us actually had the last name of Gribble! When they walked towards the Stage Area, the first thing they heard through the Spirit Box was "Gribble"! The conversation that followed was fairly creepy. They asked "Who is here" and heard "It is here". Then they heard the word "Hunting" come through. When the investigators asked "What are you hunting" they heard "The one" as the reply.

One of the investigators snapped a photo and could clearly see the face of a figure in the photo. When he asked "Who is in the pic I took" the reply they heard was vulgar. "F*ck you", was the reply. After this, another investigator's camera would not take any photos and seemed to be stuck.

Usually we hear from Paul at the Stage Area, but when the investigators moved into different spaces, they heard Paul's name called over and over. Strange.

Ted left after the first investigation, with left Kelley to lead the second of the night with a group of five ladies who were super high energy- they actually arrived at the Gribble House in pedicabs and were singing as they arrived. Their high energy paid off in the form of activity in the building.

There were so many names coming through the Spirit Box that it was almost hard to keep up. They heard Katherine, Paul, Jim, Steve, Steven, Rachel, Ann, Nick, Tom, Timmy, Mike, Sam, Ed, Doug, Vincent, Evan, Ben, Danny, Timmy, Betty, Linda, Barb, and Jay.

The investigators also heard some really interesting phrases come through that didn't seem to correspond to any of the questions that they were asking. They heard "Get out", "Go away", "Look at her butt", "Seven sick", "Find her", "In my room", "I'm hurt", "He's going to get you", "We're stuck", "You're smart", and "He said it". Some of the phrases that did correspond to the questions they were asking were kind of creepy. One of the ladies asked "What happened to you" and they heard the reply of "Pain... my impact also".