Sunday, March 12, 2017

Investigation Update 3.12.2017

It is the week of Saint Patrick's Day in Savannah and things are about to get nutty- before then, let us fill you in on what has been happening in the building!

On Monday night, Willie was our lead investigator with a mother-daughter pair who arrived pretty early and super excited. They watched all the paranormal shows on television, and knew quite a bit about the Gribble House before they had arrived. Once they got started in the building, activity seemed to follow them through the space.

For most of this evening, the pair spent their time in the Slave Quarters. The visual aids seemed eerily quiet, but the Ghost Box was making up for the lack of visual activity. By far, the highlight of the night was when the Ghost Box said the daughter's first name, and then a few minutes later said her middle name. Fantastic!

Thursday night had Kaitlyn as our lead investigator with another pair of eager investigators. The building did not feel normal- as soon as Kaitlyn entered the Gribble House that night it felt like the air was heavy and uneasy. That sense continued throughout the night, The Ghost Box was eerily quiet through the night, although the Ghost Meter Pro was fairly active.

When in the Gribble House, the investigators immediately noticed how strong the scent of perfume was in that area. But more than anything, the investigators were immensely nauseous. Not just in the Gribble House, but also at the Stage Area. The nausea came in waves throughout the course of the night almost randomly.

The other very noticeable feature of the night apart from the nausea were the creepy footsteps that seemed to follow them as frequently as the nausea. Just behind them in the Gribble House and at the Exit Door and by the Safe Room, the footsteps could be heard falling on the concrete.

Ted took over as lead investigator on Friday night with another pair of investigators who were very interested in the paranormal. On this night, much like on the previous night with Kaitlyn, the building had a really strange atmosphere.

While at the Stage Area, the Spirit Box was pretty active with names coming through with regularity. They heard "Jake" come through as a response to them asking "What is your name", and then "Zak" when they asked "Why are you here"? But, then all three of them heard what sounded like a chair being drug across the floor in the residual area. When they asked "Were you making those noises" they heard "Yes".

The loud bangs continued through the night along with more strange noises. When they moved to the Residual Area they asked "If you are here, prove it to us with two loud bangs". Just after this they heard the Garage Door by the Gribble House creak and then the Garage Door by the Windows make a bang. Right after all of this they heard "Knock" come through the Ghost Box.

Saturday night was busy for us with two huge investigations! Both Kelley and Kaitlyn were lead investigators during both of the tours and the first one was a pretty big group. On this evening, the Ghost Box replies were full of angry and nasty language! Not only did one lady hear "F*ck you" to one of her questions, when she told him that it wasn't very nice to say and then she was called a "C*nt". Very uncool.

At the Stage Area, there was a lot of activity swirling around one of the groups there, especially in the voices of children. The investigators asked what the voices wanted and they heard "Candy" as the reply. When they asked if they were a girl or a boy both the groups of investigators in the Slave Quarters and at the Stage Area heard "Boy" as the reply.

When the groups switched places, the group that had been in the Slave Quarters and was now at the Stage Area and a huge amount of activity was swirling around one of the gentlemen that was holding the K-II Meter. His device was flickering like crazy and the temperature around her was fluctuating around twenty degrees different, from fifty degrees to seventy degrees.

Finally, the last investigation of the week was the second investigation of the night for Saturday. During this investigation, Kelly and Kaitlyn went around with two women investigating together celebrating their birthdays in Savannah. They had investigated at the Sorrel-Weed House the night before and were super excited to investigate in the Gribble House on this evening.

One thing that the investigators noticed that there seemed to be a father and daughter spirit that was following them around and answering many of their questions. Whole, soft phrases kept coming through the Ghost Box, although it seemed like it was difficult for the spirits to get everything out. When the investigators were heading towards the Stage Area, they heard a long high whistle, like someone was trying to get their attention. Then they heard the word "Pretty" come through the Spirit Box, followed by a kiss noise.

In the Gribble House, there were some really creepy phrases through the Spirit Box, especially when the investigators heard "Help" come through three times in a row in a child's voice. They creepy part was, though, the tone of the child's voice- sweet and cooeing. Very strange.