Sunday, February 5, 2017

Investigation Update 2.5.2017

This week was so interesting for us! The investigations were red hot, and the weather was perfect, and the building was active so we couldn't really ask for more. Here's a little bit of what went on:

Willie took the lead on Monday night with a pair who were on different ends of the spectrum when it came to enthusiasm. The lady in the pairing did not want to come on the investigation but had been talked into it by her very enthusiastic partner who had tons of previous experience doing paranormal investigations. Although she was super nervous and just a little bit scared, she ended up staying for the investigation and ended up collecting some interesting activity.

When they moved into the Stage Area they made contact with Steve, who was very chatty with them, and even was helping them make contact with other spirits in the area. The CCTV cameras near the Stage Area were so active that the investigators actually stood and watched them for nearly fifteen minutes. Right around 10:15p the investigators noticed that Channel 1 was had something odd going on. Twenty orbs or so were almost dancing around on that screen. So strange!

Kelley took over as the lead investigator on Wednesday night with two groups who were just about equally excited to get started. They started out as one big group and ended up splitting up, and after they did, got some really great, personalized responses through the equipment. Both of the men had their names spoken through the Ghost Box, and one of the women had her nickname's called. One of the couples was using the Ovilus and it kept having the word "Worm" come up on the screen and then it was called through the Ghost Box. This was really strange because it was the nickname that the woman's late father called her. They heard this series of phrases come through the Spirit Box:
"Who is calling me Worm".... "Here... Dad". Then they said "Are you okay? Please let us know that you are okay"... "Yes... alive".

Apparently someone at the Stage Area really wanted to speak with Willie. They kept hearing "Willie... Willie please... Willie" come through the Spirit Box. When they asked if they wanted to speak with Willie they heard "Yes" and "Yea" in different voices.

A lot of questions were asked through the Spirit Box that night, more than usual. They heard "What's happening", "Where do they sleep", "That was you", "What does that mean" and "They shot your arm"?

Ted was our lead investigator on Thursday night with a group of four and a single lady. Everyone was super excited, even though they weren't sure what to expect. By the end of the night, they were happy with the evidence that they collected!

When they started the night in the Stage Area, a few strange things happened. Not only did quite a few of the investigators hear their names called through the Ghost Box, they also had some really good K-II activity that synced up with the Raggedy Ann doll activity that was happening nearby on two chairs caddycorner from one another. But what was really odd was when the investigators and Ted thought that they had heard a car accident outside the building on Montgomery Street. They rushed out there but there was nothing at all.

The investigators documented some extreme temperature drops just after hearing their names called through the Ghost Box. They heard "Ryan" and then "Jess" and then they both proceeded to get rapid chills. Using the Digital Thermometer they documented a temperature drop from 67 degrees down to 45 degrees, which is pretty extreme. One of the ladies felt was seemed like something touching her throat. So she asked "Are you touching me" and they heard "Her" come through.

Friday night had Kaitlin as the lead investigator with a pair who were both open and interested and excited to be in the building for the night. They started off in the Slave Quarters, but almost immediately were told to get out. Kaitlin said "Good evening" and then they heard "Piss off". The whole time they were in that area they could hear a lot of conversation come through but behind it all were faint "Help" and "Helps". As the K-II Meter was flashing, one of the investigators got out their camera to snap a picture. Through the Spirit Box they heard an excited "PHOTO" come through, almost yelled in excitement.

Strange noises were happening in the Gribble House area while the investigators were making good contact with the Ghost Meter Pros. The GM Pros were flashing super sporadically and hard but without any pattern but absolutely crazy. Kaitlin stepped out for a moment and it immediately sounded like there were people trying to get into the building through the side door, but when she checked there was one one there and no one on the street. Bewildered, she came back in, but then it sounded like people were moving pallets in the warehouse! As she walked towards that area, it stopped. So strange.

The strange noises continued as the investigators moved into their free time. At one point it sounded like people were walking around on the roof. Although it could have been the wind, it was more than just random creaking overhead but what sounded like actual creaking footsteps. Those footsteps continued into the locked and off limits upstairs area, too. Odd...

Finally, Kelley took the lead again as investigator on Saturday night. One of the groups that investigated with her that evening had been in the building once before, about three years ago and commented that this Saturday was more active than it had been the last time around. The EMF activity was high all around the building throughout the course of the night, and the Spirit Box was very chatty. All in all it was a very active night.

While in the Gribble House area, the investigators heard a full name come through- Mary Olsen. This was followed by a few other names, like Ken, Kevin, and Seth. They also heard the name Tom and then Thomas come through, and Thomas ended up having a full converstaion with them. THomas told them that he was a "Young man", and that he was "19" years old. He seemed to be drawn to one of the women that was investigating that night and seemed to almost be flirting with her. When the end of the night came, he didn't want her to go and they heard him say "Stay" through the Ghost Box.

At the Stage Area the investigators had some great luck with the Ovilus and the Spirit Box because they started to sync up and the same words started to come through, both names and words. They heard from both Paul and an Ed here, but what really made Kelley's hair stand on end was when they kept hearing "2 pm" come through- that's the time that the Gribble House murders took place...

What a lovely week for us at the Gribble House. We had a great time, and we know our investigators did, too. If you want to share with us, send your evidence direct or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.