Sunday, February 12, 2017

Investigation Update 2.12.2017

How much more perfect could the second week of February be in Savannah when it's in the 70s? It's just about picture perfect in town with the azalea's starting to bloom and the skies clear blue. But the nights are just as picture perfect in the Gribble House with some fantastic investigations this past week. Here's a little bit of the activity that has happened in the past seven days...

Kelley was the lead investigator to start off the week on this past Sunday night with a pair who has investigated all over the place in Florida and came to Savannah knowing they wanted to experience the paranormal here in town- they've been staying in Anna's room in the 17Hundred90 the weekend before! The super strange thing about that is while they were in the Gribble House on this night, the name Anna came through the Spirit Box more than any other name in the building- almost as if she followed them there. They also heard the mention of a "Window" through the Box when they addressed her... so crazy!

There seemed to be a lot more than usual women and children voices coming through the Ghost Box and a lot of the words and phrasing coming through had to do directly with women and children. They heard someone say "Eight year old is bleeding", which was followed by "Blood" in a different voice. Then they heard "We see red". They also got some great responses to their questions. They asked "Do you know that you passed away" and the reply they got was "Life is short".

Many names were heard coming through including Ian, Judah, Jennifer, Beth, Taylor, and Steven. Kelley was called for several times, and not just her name. They also heard a voice say "Call Kelley".

Kaitlyn had a pair on Friday night investigating with her who were very interested in the paranormal and who had a lot of questions about some of their own personal experiences, and what to expect in the Gribble House. The one thing that seemed to dominate the evening in terms of activity was the huge number of orbs that were seem in photos, on the CCTV screen, and in real time. Orbs, orbs everywhere.

The night started at the Stage Area as they were walking towards the hot spot. As they approached the area they heard "People" come through the Spirit Box. Without any prompting they heard the color "Orange" come through and then the K-II Meter started to flash up to the orange. The chatter on the Ghost Box started to pick up, and as it did, the K-II Meter flashed more and more, and more strongly with each flash, all the way up to the red.

When they moved to the Gribble House area, Kaitlyn and the investigators experienced something new- a different scent then the usual floral aroma that is usually smelled there. This time it was a strong, strong clove scent that was so powerful that it burned the noses of the woman investigating, and Kaitlyn. At the same time they were talking about the scent, they heard "Clove" come through the Ghost Box. Just after, the guy investigating with them felt as if someone was touching him on the back. They asked if it was J.C. Hunter touching him and "Yes" came through, which was immediately followed by a dramatic temperature drop.

On Friday night, Kelley took over again as the lead investigator with a large group that split up and spread out over the warehouse. Everyone was super into the investigation and the EMF was super active. The Ghost Box was also active, but throughout the course of the night it seemed like only soft phrases were coming through.

There seemed to be a lot of German phrases coming through the Ghost Box in almost every corner of the building. They heard "Auf wiedersehen" (goodbye) as they left the Gribble House area, and many of the yes and no questions were answered in German. There also seemed to be a lot of religious phrases coming through. They heard "They went through Jesus Christ", "Bible", and Pray".

Creepy laughter was heard coming through the Spirit Box, and when they asked who was laughing so much, they heard the name "Rick" called through. The investigators asked "Who is the president" and they heard another laugh, and then "Donald... Reagan". More laughter came through when they went into the Slave Quarters, but this time, instead of an adult man laughing, it was the sounds of a baby, along with coos and light giggled. Very unsettling.

Finally on Saturday night, Ted was the lead investigator with four guests who investigated together, and who all were already familiar with the Gribble House from the episode of Ghost Adventures. On this night, they started out at the Stage Area and there was a lot of words coming through that had to do with food! They walked up to the hot spot and asked "What do you want to talk about" and they heard "Anything" followed by "Sandwich". Then when they asked "What is your name" they heard the reply of "Grape".

Someone was being pretty sassy in the Slave Quarters. They asked as they walked in "Is there anyone in here" and they heard a very loud and clear "YOU" come through. One of the investigators felt a cool breeze around them, and when the cool breeze stopped they said "I don't feel it anymore". "I know" came the reply. They heard the name Sarah come through the Ghost Box, but when they asked who Sarah is they heard "Whore" come through.

When the investigators moved into the Residual Area, there was a strange moment with a metal folding chair. One of the investigators sat down on a chair in the area and then the folding chair next to them snapped shut and fell to the floor. That really shook up the investigators and they asked "If that was you that folded the chair, light up this device", and the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash...

It was such a good week, and we captured some great evidence. If you have anything to share with us, post it direct or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.