Sunday, January 29, 2017

Investigation Update 1.29.2016

A good week for us, and a good week for our investigators- that's what we have to share with you this Sunday! As January is coming to a close, we can't believe how fast this year is flying already. So, without further ado, here is some of the activity in the building this week:

Willie was the lead investigator on Monday night with four folks who were so excited to come and investigate that they got started a bit early. Three of the investigators were stone cold believers but one of the husbands admitted to being a skeptic. For those who know Willie, hes an admitted skeptic as well, and he saw the husbands desire for evidence as a good thing! As Willie always says, you have to be a skeptic to be a good investigator so you don't take for granted the un-exceptional, and you appreciate the exceptional. Good advice for us all!

In the Gribble House area the investigators had some physical activity happening in the form of a smell- that same floral scent that wafts through the area quite frequently. As usual, Willie couldn't smell a thing. Although the REM Pod was quite throughout the course of this night, the Spirit Box more than made up for that- it was especially active especially in the Slave Quarters. But, the most active area of the night was the Stage Area where the Spirit Box started to sync up with both the EMF Detector and the Raggedy Ann doll.

For the other two investigations this week, Kelley was our lead. The investigation on Friday night was really great- it was a group of ladies only that night. There were so many names called through the Spirit Box that night, with some in particular coming through several times. They heard Tom, Mike, and Mikey in almost every area of the building but other names came through as well. They heard Abe, Annie, Matt, Pete, Eric, Paul, Steve, and Thomas.

While they were in the Gribble House area, there were a few strange phrases coming through the Spirit Box. They heard "Help" come through, but when they asked "What do you want from us" the reply they heard was "Talk". A few phrases were coming through the Ghost Box without any prompting from the investigators. They heard "We want out of here" and then "You talk to us like you expect something". So odd.

More strange stuff was happening at the Stage Area with unprompted phrases coming through. They heard "Up... look up... look up" so even though they couldn't really see anything, they started to take pictures- all of which ended up having one large distinct orb in them. Just after the photos were taken they heard "Height" come through the Spirit Box.

Saturday was just as fantastic. In fact, Kelley described the building as being more active than it has been in quite a while with activity happening all over the place- even when the investigators weren't in those area at the time. The Ghost Meter Pros and the K-IIs were flashing almost non-stop, and throughout the entire night there were creepy whispers under the solid phrases coming through on the Ghost Box.

The investigators had a really good conversation with one particular spirit in the Gribble House area. They asked "Who is here in the house" and heard "Me" as the reply. "How many spirits are in this house", "One". Then they asked "Only one?" and they heard the reply of "One... stuck". But that spirit wasn't quite telling the truth, because they then asked "Do you want us to leave" and the voice of a little girl came through and said "Yes".

In the Residual Area they also heard some external noises while they were investigating- the sound of a skateboarder rolling around on the pavement. The investigators weren't the only ones hearing it though, because through the Ghost Box they heard "Skate" come through.