Sunday, January 22, 2017

Investigation Update 1.22.2016

Today has been incredibly rainy, and a little bit scary with the several tornado warnings that have gone off in downtown Savannah, but nothing could stop us from reporting what's been going on in the building! Here's a taste of what happened with us, and our investigators this past week...

Willie took the lead this past Sunday night. One of the ladies who was investigating with him had been in the building four times already to investigate with us, and this time she brought along her daughter. Another pair was with him that night- a wife and husband. The wife was already completely convinced of the paranormal and the husband was more of a skeptic who was looking for something to convince him.

On this evening, the REM Pod was completely silent with not a peep coming from it the entire night. On the nights when Willie is investigating, he's noticed that the REM Pod either goes off at the start of the night and continues throughout the investigation, or its silent, which is interesting- this is something that doesn't happen with out other investigators. Maybe it's just Willie!

When the investigators were at the Stage Area, they made contact with a spirit who told them that his name was Pete. Pete was super talkative with them, so much that they didn't want to move around in the building. They also heard from a spirit named Ted, who told them that he and Pete were friends in life. Pete said that he was married, and had one child, and that he knew who Paul was, and knew about Paul's store. In addition to Ted, they also heard from an Ed (this was very distinct, and not Ted again). Ed told them that he knew Paul too, and that he was "Innocent". When they asked him what he meant, he told them that he robbed Paul's "Store" for "Medicine".

Kelley took over as lead then on Friday night on a super active evening. One of these girls had been in the Gribble House once before to investigate, and another had visited the building once as well. Throughout the entire night, there seemed to be more than usual K-II activity, Raggedy Ann doll, and Ghost Meter Pro activity and a lot of it seemed to be at the Stage Area. The Stage Area had a lot of activity that was in conjunction with other sets of activity, such as the Ovilus and the Spirit Box spitting out the same words at the same time. The investigators heard "Think" come from the Spirit Box and read it on the Ovilus screen within seconds of one another. This same thing happened with the Ghost Meter Pro and the Spirit Box, when they were asking yes and no questions. They would heard "Yes" come through the Ghost Box and then see the Ovilus flash once for yes.

When the groups moved into the Gribble House area, they asked a lot of questions that got great responses. One of the ladies asked "Is this your house", "No" came the reply. Then they asked "Can you appear to us" and they heard "We are all beside you" come through.

Then the investigators went back to the Stage Area and heard a lot of names come through. They heard Paul, Tina, Nick, Rick, Rachael, and Claire.

Finally on Saturday night, Ted and Kelley took over together as lead investigators. Everyone this night was super excited to get down to investigation, and they had some fantastic results.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators made contact with a spirit who told them his name was "Steve", although at the same time they also heard the name "Ted" come through. "Can you make the red light come on" they asked, and just a few moments later the red light of the Ghost Meter Pro started to flash. This was followed by a rude and crass "F*ck that" through the Spirit Box. One of the investigators, Conner, started to feel very cold so they asked "Are you behind Conner" and "Yea" was the reply. "What is your name" they asked, "Friday" came through.

When the moved to the Stage Area, the investigators named Conner stayed the center of attention. They heard his name being called through the Spirit Box in a woman's voice. Two of the other investigators and Kelley were standing together and looking towards the Residual Area. As they were facing that direction, the noticed something moving and could clearly see the figure of a person moving around. Because there were no investigators over there, and the movements were darting and furtive, they were fairly certain they were looking at a Shadow Figure.