Sunday, January 15, 2017

Investigation Update 1.15.2017

Well, it has been an interestingly unseasonable week in Savannah! With temperatures around 75 degrees every day, it's been like late Spring more than mid January. Even with the beautiful weather, we are undoubtedly in the midst of our off season in Savannah and the city seems slow and peaceful. We've been catching our breath in the Gribble House, but just a little bit. Despite the slowness of Savannah, we are still investigating in the building and collecting all the evidence we can. We had some fantastic investigations, and here's a little bit of what happened:

Kelley started the week off on Tuesday night with a pair of first time investigators who had never done anything even close to a paranormal investigation before, but were very interested in getting started- and these ladies ended up having some amazing results in the building.

Every where in the building was active for them with the K-II Meter and the Ghost Meter Pro, but they had the best luck at the Stage Area. Certain words kept coming through the Spirit Box, but not just words, but numbers as well. The ladies heard "Seven" and "Twelve" come through. Because numbers seemed to play an important role this night, they decided to ask what year it was and through the Spirit Box they heard "50" and "84". The ladies replied "It just turned 2017" and they heard the reply of "That's not right". They continued to ask for numbers throughout the night and actual heard the word "Numbers" come through.

While at the Stage Area, the ladies got some very interesting replies to their questions. When they asked for names, they heard "Paul" and "Seth", "Bob" "Vincent", "Rick", "Tom", "Matthew" and "Miguel", but they also heard a name and occupation, "Ichabod, the Baker".

For our other two investigations of the week, Kaitlyn was our lead investigator. The building seemed quietly angry that night. Throughout the course of the entire night the Spirit Box was quiet but uttering responses that where whispered. At first, the responses that came through loud and clear were menacing and angry. They heard a loud "F*ck you" in the Slave Quarters, as if they were not welcome in there.

When they moved into the Gribble House area it was really just the Ghost Meter Pro that was making responses for the investigators. Kaitlyn decided to ask "Why don't you want to talk to us", which they heard the reply of "Because". "Because why" they asked. "Can you give us a reason". "No" came through. "Are you angry with us" they asked next. "Yes" was the reply.

Even the equipment didn't seem to want to co-operate either. Kaitlyn kept turning the speakers on and then they would turn off again. Even the speakers that were working seemed to fritz out sporadically, including the one that Kaitlyn brought in from her car. One of the groups investigating kept hitting a strain of conversation that was especially religious and when they would, the words and phrases that came through would go on for a bit and then the speaker would turn off. So strange.

On Saturday night, Kaitlyn was the lead again with Ted on a very interesting night. The Slave Quarters was especially active that evening, especially behind the curtain. The investigators had set up a K-II Meter behind the dark curtain on the far side of the room and it flashed almost continually for them. They asked "Who is standing behind the curtain" and they heard "Steve" come through in a woman's voice.

At the same time at the Stage Area, another group of investigators was making contact with a child spirit who seemed to enjoy playing with the Raggedy Ann doll. While they were holding the doll at their normal height, adult height, the foot was flashing just a little bit, but as they lowered her, the hand flashed more and more. When they asked what the child's name was, through the Spirit Box they heard a little voice say "Bobby".

One of the groups of ladies walked through into the Gribble House and they heard the word "Girls" come through the Spirit Box and at the same time there were two massive spikes on the K-II Meter. As the ladies sat in that section, they were having some fantastic responses with the Ghost Meter Pro and the Spirit Box working in conjunction. They would hear yes and no responses through the Spirit Box that could coincide with the same response on the Ghost Meter Pro with flashes, which is always an awesome thing.