Sunday, January 1, 2017

Investigation Update 1.1.2017

Happy New Years to you all! We have had a fantastic year over all, and the last week of 2016 was a wonderful cap to a wonderful 365 days. Here is what happened in the building:

Willie was our lead investigator through the entire beginning of the week. On Monday night, Willie went with a mother and son team who were happy to be in the building. The mom of the pair was super into the paranormal and had a lot of stories of her own to share with us.

When Willie started the night by showing the Ghost Adventures video, the REM Pod started to go off and continued to so frequently that they barely watched the show! The REM Pod flashed for them almost in congruence with some of the Spirit Box activity they were getting. Right off the bat they were contacted by a spirit who called himself "Nick", and Nick was quite keen on making the equipment go off. They put one of the EMF Detectors on the Stage and asked Nick if he could go near the light. It didn't seem like anything was happening at first, but then the light flickered. Only Willie and the son saw this happen, so they asked if he could do it again for the mom to see- and it did!

On Tuesday night, Willie had a group of folks who are all right into the paranormal and there wasn't a single skeptic among them! The REM Pod was just as impressive on this night as it was on the previous, but this time it stayed silent throughout the History and Film and didn't flash once until the group was walking back into the Safe Room to get all the equipment. As soon as Willie turned on one of the Spirit Boxes for the night they heard the word "Leave" come through.

The crazy alarm in the Gribble House went off again on Tuesday night. The alarm is a strange thing because the only way it should go off is if the gate is opened by more than two inches- it's a magnetic strip alarm. But it's been going off more and more frequently since the night that Leanna Vamp investigated with us. On this night, Willie and one of the ladies investigating was in that area and she said "There's nothing in here". Just as soon as she said that, as if proving her wrong, the alarm started to sound. They were able to get the alarm to turn off after a few moments, but by the end of the night it was going off again- with that same woman in the Gribble House area!

For his last investigation of 2016, Willie was our lead on Wednesday night with a fantastic group. A few in the crowd were skeptics but for the most part everyone was already convinced of paranormal activity.

One of the groups that came in that night was a family of nine who Willie initially split up but who rejoined together in the free time at the end of the night. They make contact with a spirit who called himself Dave, who spoke to them about his wrongful accusation- of what, they never found out. He told them "Didn't do it". They also spoke with a Jim, and a Jack who gave them some light EMF activity at the Stage Area. Dave did follow them throughout the building, making contact with them in almost every hot spot they entered.

Kelley took over as the lead investigator on Thursday night with a pretty big group of folks. The Spirit Box was super active on this night and the investigators were able to capture some stellar EVPs- some that were pretty creepy!

Certain words kept coming through the Spirit Box over and over on this night. They heard "Sick" a lot, on it's own and in phrases like "He's sick". Other words like "Suffering" and "Ill" came through.

They also heard a more than usual number of names come through the Spirit Box. They heard Bob, Paul, Jesus, David, William, Ken, Tony, Fred, Doug, Paul, Steve, Jim, Vincent, and a few times they heard the name Ann. Kelley captured some great audio, and you can listen to it here:

The mysterious alarm went off more than usual on this night. It went off once while the investigators were there in the building briefly, and again when Kelley was closing up for the night. It went off once more, Kelley could hear, as she was driving away from the building. So strange.

Again on Friday night, Kelley was our lead investigator. Before the investigators arrived that night, Kelley had some strange activity in the Slave Quarters as she was setting up. Out of the corner of her eye she could see some movement and as she looked quickly she could see a shadow person in the room. That same shadowy figure (or perhaps another) was seen later on in the night by the investigators.

A lot of the voices that came through the Ghost Box on this evening were female voices and one of the conversations that came through the Spirit Box wasn't between the investigators and the spirits but sounded like it was between a male and female spirit.

They heard the word "Energy" come through, and before they could ask a question they heard "The doctor had some... doctor... think". One of the investigators then asked "Why do you need a doctor" and they heard "It's medical" as the reply. "Why do you need medical attention" they asked. "He is going to help" came the response, followed by "No survivors".

Finally, on New Years Eve, Ted was our lead investigator with a pretty big group of investigators who wanted to ring in the New Year with us at the Gribble! Everyone was pretty excited to investigate, having already seen the Gribble House episode of Ghost Adventures.

They started the night off in the Slave Quarters and it seemed like right off the bat they weren't very welcome. They said "Let's start in the Slave Quarters" and they heard "Dont. Leave" come in. Then they asked "Do you want us to leave" and they heard "Yes", as the reply. As they sat in that hot spot they kept hearing the word "Whore" come through in reply to many of their questions in the same voice over and over. The investigators asked "Who is here besides us", and "Phillip" came through once in a man's voice and then in a woman's voice. "What happened to you"? "Died".

When they moved to the Residual Area they started to ask a few more challenging questions. They kept hearing "Sit" come through the Spirit Box, and on more than one occasion the metal folding chairs in the area would move very slightly- once with one of the investigators sitting in it! One of the investigators asked "What color are my socks" and they heard "Orange" come through, which was correct.

Happy New Years, everyone! We look forward to another fantastic year of investigations and activity! If you've got anything to share, tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse!