Monday, December 11, 2017

Investigation Update 12.11.2017

Last week was really a great one for us in the Gribble House. Now that the weather has turned just a little bit cooler, the building is really buzzing with activity and it's super comfortable to be in the space.

Ted started our week off on Tuesday night with a group of ladies who were in town from Delaware on a business trip. Everyone was really excited to get started because although they were all fans of the Ghost Adventures show and the like, this was their first real investigation.

The night started at the Stage Area where the ladies were able to make good contact with several different spirits just by asking their names. They heard the name "Veronica" come through, followed by "Larry" both in their respective gendered voices. Then they heard the small and petite voices of children come through, saying "Hi" and "Hey". When they moved to the Slave Quarters, they heard the word "Clap" come through, so the investigators clapped their hands". "Clap again", they heard next.

It was in the Residual Area that some of the coolest activity happened. All of the investigators heard what sounded like a chain rattle outside the door, so Ted went to go investigate and see what was happening. While he was gone, the ladies saw"Chain... door" come through the Ovilus. Then they saw the word "Travel" come up, followed by "Award" which was great, because the ladies work for a travel company and had won an award the night prior.

On Wednesday night, one of our favorite couples came to investigate with us again- the Powell's- who were there celebrating their third anniversary. The other couple joining them were the McCoy's, who had heard about the Gribble House from our episode of Ghost Adventures. They were in Savannah experiencing the paranormal and planned on going to the Sorrel- Weed House the next night!

There were some really odd noises and sounds in the building that evening, including the always unsettling whispers through the Ghost Box. That always seems to set investigators on edge. A little bit more demanding and urgent was the sound of banging on the wood above the equipment room, sounding like it was coming from upstairs.

Perhaps the best conversation of the night came in the Slave Quarters, when one of the investigators asked "What happened?". The reply they heard was "We died". "Are you still here", "You bet I'm here, sir, talking to you" was the very sassy reply. "We're going to leave now" followed by "Don't leave... stay". Just a few moments later, a chair that was set up behind the Powell's moved on it's own and could be heard in their audio recording. It seemed almost like a spirit in the Slave Quarters decided to get up and leave.

Ted took over again on Friday night with a couple and a family of three who were also super excited to be in the building with us. The space had a really strange vibe to it- almost like there was more energy than usually buzzing around. Some of the folks investigating with us even commented on it, never being inside the building before.

There was some pretty neat stuff going on at the Stage Area with the Spirit Box and K-II Meter combined. One of the investigators said "Do you have enough energy to light up the chair" and they heard "Yeah" just as the K-II Meter started to flash. Just at the same time on the Ovilus they read "Chair, Middle, Watch" come up on the screen. One of the guests was also holding the Raggedy Ann doll as she was flashing. She said "If you are a man, can you light up the doll" and nothing happened. When they asked "If you are a women light up the doll", Raggedy Ann started to light up.

Finally, on Saturday night, we had some really awesome Spirit Box sessions all over the Gribble House building. Some of it seemed like random chatter, hearing things such as "Lifeless in death", "Ship's not here", "Help Ann", "Are you the such... hellboy", and "What the f*ck". However, the most interesting exchange happened when Kelley heard on the audio "Want to do coke", which was followed by saxophone music and the words "Sexy".

There was some really strange stuff going on with the Spirit Box, where one of the ladies investigating said the word "Usually' which was followed by almost absolutely immediately "Usually" coming through the Spirit Box in her same voice. This also happened with the word "Light" and "Nerds".

Many, many names came through with them hearing names such as Chuck, Linda, Eddy, Joe, Pat, Eric, Sally, Ann, and Devil.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Investigation Update 11.13.17

It has been one interesting week for us! For most of the week, the upcoming film Killerman, featuring Liam Hemsworth, was taping in the building and even turned us into a set of offices- take a look at the Saturday night report to see some images! But this has been a great week in the building, regardless. Here's what's happening-

Kelley was the lead investigator on Wednesday night with two self-admitted skeptics who ended up being incredibly engaged in the investigation. Throughout the course of the night the investigators made contact with spirits in Spanish, German, and French in different areas of the building. In addition to the non-English words being spoken, there were certain words that kept coming through no matter where the investigators were. They unfortunately heard the "N" word come through, but the investigators also heard the number "Two".

At one point the investigators could hear the sounds of children speaking so they asked "Oh, there's kids here? How old are you". Through the Spirit Box they heard a deep man's voice reply "She's five". They never did seem to make contact with any children. However, they did hear that same man's voice come through again. They said "Please stay here, do not follow us home" and heard the eerie reply "Follow her home".

In the Slave Quarters, Kelley set up the blue Motion Sensor and the entire time they were in that hot spot the device went off again and again.

On Saturday night Ted and Kaitlyn were the leads through two awesome investigations. When they came into the building that night they got the awesome surprise of seeing some of the set stages for the Killerman filming.

One of the groups with them that evening had been in the Gribble House several times before so they got the opportunity to go into the building during the History Portion of the night with the other investigators learned the past of the Gribble House.

This evening was marked by some really crazy activity on the K-II Meters, REM Pod, Ghost Meter Pro, and any of the devices that capture energy spikes. This was happening all over the building- Kaitlyn described it as "The equipment is going freaking crazy tonight", so it was incredibly active. But the Spirit Box was not quiet, either. While in the Slave Quarters, a slave they made contact with told the investigators that he had a wife but that he "Didn't miss her".

There was a good bit of physical activity that night, too. One of the groups investigating saw the distinct figure of a black shadow man in their peripheral vision and when they turned quickly to get a better look at him, everyone heard the sound of a pebble being tossed and landing on the concrete. So strange.

The second investigation had a group of three who were pretty new to paranormal investigations but who were super excited to get going in the building and to learn the history behind the Gribble House and just why we do the investigations every night.

All around the building were strange noises and interesting activity that was coming through physically around the investigators rather than through the devices. On this night there were several bangs on the doors around the building, almost constantly, but there was absolutely no wind outside that night. It also sounded like someone or something was shuffling around, dragging their feet, across the wide open parts of the building.

When the investigators moved into the Slave Quarters there seemed to be a lot of personal words and phrases coming through the device. The investigators asked "Do you know us" and they heard "Court..nee" come through- the investigators' name that night was Courtney. They asked "What happened in this area" followed by the reply "Slave".

Finally, Kelley took over again on Sunday night for our last investigation of the week. On this night, two of the four folks investigating with us had been in the building before and were ready and raring to get back into the space. The repeat visitors and the two new folks to the space were subject to some of the most eerie noises that happen in the Gribble House- the sounds of what appears to be people moving around upstairs in the area that is locked off and not able to be accessed. It sounded as though someone was walking around upstairs, making the wooden floors creak and crack just about the Slave Quarters and near the Residual Area.

At the Stage Area, the really strange activity continued as the investigators noticed that there seemed to be really creepy whispers coming through underneath their regular responses on the Spirit Box in a woman's voice. In addition to the unsettling whispers, one of the ladies investigating felt her entire metal chair vibrate as she was sitting in it.

The creepy vibe and activity continued through each and every hot spot that night. In the Slave Quarters the investigators heard the phrase "Touch neck hair" come through the Spirit Box as one of the ladies felt the hair on the back of her neck rise...

Monday, November 6, 2017

Investigation Update 11.6.2017

What a fantastic week we just had in Savannah. The weather could not have been more beautiful for Rock and Roll Marathon weekend in town and the place was buzzing with activity- and so was the building!

Here is a little bit of what we collected-

Willie was the lead investigator for the first two investigations of the week, starting on Sunday night. Unlike almost every single night that Willie works, on this night the REM Pod was absolutely silent and did not make a peep the entire evening, which was very strange. But was even stranger was the temperature of the building. Although it was kind of cold outside the building was warm, but the warmest room of the building was the Slave Quarters. Anyone who had been in the Gribble House before would realize this is really odd because the Slave Quarters is always the lowest temperature of the building.

On this evening the investigators spoke with Nick, who they had heard from the week before. The last time they had heard from Nick he told them he was married to a Carol but did not love her, although Nick told him that they Carol was with her. On this evening, Nick was with a Harriet instead.

Willie took over again on Tuesday night- Halloween. Everyone seemed really excited to get going in the building and to get some action. Again, the REM Pod was silent throughout the night but that didn't stop the strange smells and noises that were happening that night. The Gribble House hot spot had the most strange smell that has ever come through in that area- like a hamster cage. That scent continued throughout the night and didn't see to dissipate at all- at least to Willie it didn't. The other investigators could only smell flowers and leaves but it didn't smell like that at all to our lead investigator.

Two of the folks investigating that night were touched in the building. One of them was fairly violently when the back of his shirt was pulled in the Gribble House area. When he turned around he noticed that he was only a foot away from the wall he was standing next to. The other person who was touched felt pressure on her butt. She thought that it was her purse moving as she walked but her purse was pulled around to the front of her body. So strange...

For Friday and Saturday night, Kelley was the lead investigator. Friday night was a fantastic evening with lots of activity. One of the groups that investigated were a bridal party celebrating in Savannah for the weekend and the other group had been inside the Gribble House before- both of the groups were super pumped up to be in the building with us.

The biggest defining feature of the night was the massive amount of EMF activity that happened at the Stage Area, Residual Area, and the Gribble House area. Usually it's the Slave Quarters with the most EMF action, but it seemed to be spread across the entire building on this night. They asked the spirits to make the Raggedy Ann doll to light up as much as possible while in the Residual Area and she started to flash violently. They asked "Are there children in this room right now" and they heard "Four" in the voice of a child.

There were a lot of phrases that came through the Spirit Box that seemed to have nothing to do with the questions they were asking. They heard "Open, is it", "You're a rookie, aren't ya", "We'll leave" and "Please stand up".

Saturday night had Kelley again as the lead investigator and everyone had the opportunity to use the Raggedy Ann doll, the Boo Bear, the Ovilus, and the MEL Meter throughout the course of the night which added to their experience. There seemed to be a little girl who was following the groups around talking to them the entire evening.

In addition to the child who's voice kept coming through they also heard one voice that came through over and over again. This voice said "White", "Whore", "Ass", "Dick", "F*ck no", "Sluts... three". These were not very nice phrases they heard. They heard the voice say "Soap" so the investigators asked "You die from choking on soap" to which they heard the response of "Dick".

Finally, Willie was the lead investigator on Sunday night with a father, daughter, and her friend investigating. Although there was no REM Pod action again on this night, the Spirit Box was responding as soon as Willie turned on the device, even up front in the Safe Room. But, it seemed like the Slave Quarters were the most active spot of the building.

The SB-7 was super active in the Slave Quarters with some fantastic action coming out. They heard a spirit come through with a feminine voice who told them her name was Carol. Carol kept trying to come through the device and the investigators were trying to make contact with her but it seemed like the male spirits in the room were not allowing her to make contact. The investigators tried over and over for about ten minutes to make a break through but they never were able to get her to make recontact.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Investigation Update 10.30.2017

It was Halloween weekend this past weekend and it was amazingly busy in Savannah despite being one very warm day and one exceptionally cold day. The Gribble House was hopping busy and we had some really great investigations all week long.

Our week started on Sunday night with Willie as the lead investigator with a pretty big group of folks who were all ready and raining to get started in the building. One of the families who was with us knew who we were from the Ghost Adventures episode and knew all about our history even before coming into the building.

The REM Pod was once again the star of the show as the evening started. Willie had just told the investigators how the REM Pod works and what to expect out of the device when it started to go off, like clockwork, during the History Portion of the night. Willie is the only one this seems to happen to! It began just as the murder scene was playing out on the screen. Crazy!

There seemed to be some urgency coming from the Spirit Boxes for the investigators when they were asking their questions. The heard unprompted "Help"s as well as "Run" and "Hide" on several occasions. These responses seemed to be contained to certain sections of the building, though. In the front of the building the investigators heard "Run" and "Hide", but in the open area of the building is where they would hear the cries for help.

Willie was the lead again on Monday night with two couples who were very excited. One of the couples were on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to believing in ghosts- the lady was a sensitive and the man was a skeptic! We welcome everyone into the Gribble House, we just always ask that everyone keeps an open mind!

On this night, unlike the night before, the REM Pod remained completely silent throughout the entire evening- not one tiny blip from the device.

One of the more interesting conversations that the investigators had using the Spirit Box was with two spirits who called themselves Nick and Carol. Nick admitted that Carol was his wife but he insisted that he did not love her. No matter how many times the investigators asked, the reply that Nick would give to the questions "Do you love Carol" would be "No.

Tuesday night had Ted as the lead investigator with a group of four. Two of the folks had been in the Gribble House once before about a year ago and decided to bring two of their friends with them into the building this go around to have them experience the activity with them! There were some really strange noises and even stranger feelings going through the building that evening, including when Ted and another investigator heard what sounded like scratching happening on the banner in the Stage Area.

The strange noises at the Stage Area continued as the investigators could distinctly hear the sound of voices coming from right behind the curtain just following the sound of scratching again- this time sounding like it was coming from the exact point of J.C. Hunter's head. Within the span of just a few minutes the temperature in that Hot Spot dropped from 80 degrees to 70 degrees, and down to 66 degrees- all documented with the Digital Thermometer.

As the investigators went into the Slave Quarters, the odd noises and sounds continued in other areas of the building. As they were speaking to a Spirit who was claiming to have shot the owner of the Gribble House Paranormal Experience, they heard what sounded like a metallic bang coming from the Residual Area. Once they reached the Residual Area to check it out, they heard the sounds of what was mostly comparable to a clay pot being smashed at the Stage Area. Very strange.

When Kelley took over on Wednesday night the strange noises continued for their investigation and even before the official investigation began! As she was setting up for the evening she heard the distinct sounds of shuffling feet coming from the Gribble House hot spot and even what sounded like muffled speech.

At the Stage Area is where a big amount of their activity for the night took place, in the form of communication through the Spirit Box. Many of the words and phrases that came through the device were unpromoted and were not in direct answer to any question that the investigators asked. They heard "I don't repent", "You're poppa", "Questions, stop it", "The bride", and "He's hurt". They also heard "Uncle" and when the investigators asked "Who's uncle" the reply was "Yours". "Where is my uncle", "The house".

When the investigators moved to the Gribble House area one of the investigators, Christy, felt the distinct sensation of being touched. Just as she was being touched the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash.

Friday night featured Kaitlyn and Kelley as the lead investigators with a group of six who were super excited to get going in the building. On this night as in the two previous nights the noise activity in the building was out of control. The entire time during the History Video both Kelley and Kaitlyn heard the distinct sounds of talking or chatter from the Residual Area AND the Gribble House area.

The activity in the building was pretty interesting on this night, as if the devices were feeding together. While at the Stage Area Kaitlyn saw "Video" come up on the Ovilus screen, so she turned to look at the CCTV cameras. Once she did she noticed a large white hovering orb in Camera one where the investigators were standing. Just around this time, Kelley had moved into the Gribble House Hot Spot to set up some equipment for when the investigators moved into that area and she received a distinct and painful pinch on the inner thigh.

Rather than the usual aroma of floral perfume, on this night the Gribble House Hot Spot had the distinct scent of dead flowers wafting through it.

Finally, Saturday night we had two really great investigations that were full of activity. Kelley lead them both and both had some really interesting and unique moments. In every single hot spot of the first investigation the investigators either heard or made contact with child spirits. In the Gribble House area they heard "Wait" followed by "Play" in child voices which was pretty eerie.

At the Stage Area several of the investigators reported hearing Spanish swear words and cursing coming through as direct responses to their questions at the Spirit Box, which was very strange. A few minutes later they heard French come through, as well, so the investigators started to speak a little bit in French, to which they heard "Merci" as the reply. In addition to all of that, the Ovilus continually showed French words on thescreen.

There was a very sweet but sad exchanged that happened in the Slave Quarters. One of the investigators asked "How many spirits are in this room with us" and they heard the reply of "Three". Immediately after the voice of a little girl came through saying "And me" as if she was left out of the count.

During the second investigation there was some really strange activity happening on the electronics that belonged to the investigators in the building. One of the ladies was trying to open up her phone to turn on the flashlight and rather than anything happening with her flashlight the phone cycled through several apps and would never let the flashlight turn on. This had never happened to her before!

There were a lot of names that came through the Spirit Box that night, including a full name at the Gribble House area- Don Hicks. They also heard Paul, Travis (an investigator), Carol, Annette, Alfred, and Angel.

But, by far the most interesting and strange moment of the night came when one of the groups investigating asked if the spirits could make only music play through the Spirit Box rather than it be used to communicate. At that moment the Spirit Box stopped scanning channels and played only fiddle music for nearly two minutes. Amazing!