Sunday, August 13, 2017

Investigation Update 8.13.2017

A wonderful week! It truly was a fantastic week of investigating for us. Here is just a little taste of the activity we collected in the building-

Monday night had Ted as the lead investigator with a group of four- plus one! As he was getting ready to open up the building for the night and set everything up for the investigation, Ted got the distinct feeling that he was being watched. Unlike previous evenings that he had this sensation, it became very clear that Ted WAS being watched- by a HAWK! He went into the Slave Quarters, opened up the door, and out he flew up into the rafters! For the rest of the night, the hawk hung out in front of the bathroom doors and continues to watch (like a hawk) the investigators as they collected their activity.

We had two very different kinds of investigators that night in the building, one with limited paranormal experience and another pair who were very into ghost hunting and already knew what they were in for. Although they started at different levels, the night went swimmingly well for both pairs. The activity was great! They started out at the Stage Area where two of the investigators, who were French, were asking questions in French and receiving answers in English. While they were in the area the investigators kept hearing voices coming from the middle of the building- very odd.

The questions in French and answers in English continued when they moved into the Slave Quarters, but it seemed like the spirits were getting fed up with the investigators being in that hot spot- at least one of the did. Although they were getting some really good answers, one female voice kept coming through and asking them to stop. "Enough", they heard" and "Cease". Each time they came through, the words sounded firm and sincere.

Willie took over the next evening, Tuesday night, and there was no sign of the hawk this night! He must have made his way out the building the same way he came in.

Willie set up the REM Pod it its regular spot in front of the Gribble House, but unlike his normal night when the device seems to go off during his history portion, this time the REM Pod didn't start to flash until the investigators started to move into the Gribble House hot spot. This kind of activity, sporadic and only occasion, continued until the investigators moved into the Slave Quarters. Willie had stayed outside to watch the open space of the building and the REM Pod started to go off like mad! He called all the investigators out of the Slave Quarters so they could see. They gathered up the equipment and used it near the flashing REM Pod to see what they could capture. Many of the investigators ended up capturing orbs in their photos. Very cool!

Our last investigation of the week was with Kelley on Friday night. This was a super active night in the building with action starting as soon as they crossed over the threshold out of the Safe Room. They heard "Get out" and "Watch it, Idiot" come through the Spirit Box immediately in the warehouse and behind the replies were soft phrases and creepy whispers. The unwelcoming words and phrases continued to come through during the night including "Wait", "Enough", "Leave", "Get out", "Please stop", and "Angry".

Although all of the investigators heard the voices of children come through the Spirit Box throughout the course of the night, but one of the groups of young ladies seemed to have the most children surrounding them- all evening long. The replies and voices of children did not come through randomly for them, though- the voices only came through when the ladies who ask to speak to children in a fun and welcoming voice. One little boys' voice came through and they played with him for a little while with "Peek-A-Boo". They heard his voice come through after playing and he said "Happiness".

There were so many names that came through the night, several of which were the names of the investigators. Throughout the course of the night, when the investigators asked "Who is here with us" or "What is your name" they heard John, Jim, Anna, Ann, Maggie, Martha, Joe, Todd, Phillip, Lee, Laura, Alice, Ricky, Truman, James, Paul, and Martha.

The most eerie moment of the night happened to one of the ladies investigating. She was standing in the building by herself and she felt a presence coming up behind her. It felt like a fast moving body coming up right behind her, and she thought it was her husband because it had a familiar feeling to it. However, when she turned around, no one was there.

Overall, a fantastic week! We hope you had as great a week as we had- feel free to share anything you captured with us using the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse tag!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Investigation Update 8.6.2017

Super great week! We had so much fun with our guest investigators we can't wait to share it with you. So, here it is:

Willie started our week off on Sunday as the lead investigator. On this night, one of the couples had activity popping even before they left the Safe Room at the front of the building! It was so active for them that the couple decided to stay in that room for a while to see what all they could capture. The couple ended up making contact with a spirit who told them his name was Dave, and that spirit really took to the Ghost Meter Pro, making it connect and then reconnect which was really cool. Willie decided to put an EMF Detector in the center of the room and Dave made it blink on cue. Awesome!

The other groups made their way out into the building to see what they could find. When the night was ending and the groups were making their way back to the Safe Room, one of the men saw what looked like a shadowy figuring moving about the building.

Ted was the lead investigator on Tuesday night with a family group- a mother, son, and daughter, who were all really excited about being in the building. They are really into the paranormal and watch all of the Ghost Shows. Most of all they were excited to get to use the large array of equipment we have to offer!

As soon as they walked through to the Stage Area they heard "Hello" come through the Ghost Box. They asked "Hi, what is your name" and on this night they heard from Dave again. One of the investigators decided to go towards the middle of the building to get the Raggedy Ann doll and through the Spirit Box they heard "Stop" followed by "Wait". Then, eerily, the Spirit Box called a name of one of the investigators- "Kate".

When the investigators moved to the Residual Area they asked "Can you touch my shoulder". Almost immediately one of the ladies felt her backpack tapped twice in a row. The crazy activity started again when one of the investigators asked "We have several doors for you to knock on, can you knock for us please", to which they heard "Yes" followed by three knocks from the Gribble House area. Crazy!

On Wednesday night, Kelley took over as the lead investigator on an evening when the star of the show was the blue Motion Sensor. She placed one of the devices on the floor facing towards the inside of the gated area. It flashed on and off all night long indicating that movement was happening in the Gribble House gated region. The REM Pod that was put there as well was very active all night long.

There was some really interesting activity with the Spirit Box that night. Many of the investigators' questions got answered with relevant responses. They asked "Is there anyone here", "Lisa". "What is your name", "Lilly". "What is your name", "The chef". "How are you", "Cold". "Do you know what year it is", "The 20s". "Where are you from", "Greenland". "Who is the President of the United States", "Lincoln". "Where are you from", "I'm home". Creepy.

Lots and lots of names called through the Spirit Box, too. They heard Nathan, Steven, Paul, Lucy, Lilly, Elliot, Jim, Olson, Gordon, Stewart, Mark, and Leanne.

Kaitlyn was the lead investigator with three ladies who were investigating the paranormal for the first time. They were very excited to be doing something new. The Stage Area had a lot of really strange activity going on, especially with the Raggedy Ann doll. It didn't seem like much was going on so Kaitlyn went to go take some pictures of the warehouse and see what she could capture. When she got back, the Raggedy Ann doll's hand were flashing like mad each time the investigators asked any questions.

When they moved to the Gribble House area the scent of floral perfume was out of control strong. The aroma was coming in waves, almost as if someone was walking passed them and their perfume followed them around the room. They made contact with a spirit who called himself Nicolai, and it seemed like the perfume scent would get stronger whenever he was speaking to them.

They decided to move to the Residual Area and it seemed like the spirit Nicolai was getting angrier with them- his responses to their questions were getting more and more hostile. While they were in the Gribble House area it felt as though the temperature was getting hotter and hotter and the energy was feeling darker and darker as the air felt heavier and heavier. That's when they decided to leave the area and get some air in the Residual Area.

On Friday night Ted took over again as the lead investigator. The night started for them at the Stage Area and they had some really great luck with the Spirit Box. They asked "Who is here" and heard "People" followed by their question "Why are you here". The response they heard was "Killed". The K-II Meter in the middle of the stage was flashing a constant green light during the time they were getting the great responses.

Just before the investigators moved into the Residual Area, Kelley asked them if they would like to stay in the Slave Quarters for a little while longer. They said no, but they heard "Whimps" come through the Spirit Box. When they moved to the Residual Area, the activity turned very strange. They asked "Is that you in the white dress" and they clearly heard a whispered "Yes". Just after all of them in the building heard the sound of a woman's scream echoing through the building, startling them all, followed by a cold breeze that they all felt. Very unsettling...

That same kind of strange activity continued in the Gribble House area. While the Raggedy Ann doll was flashing the investigators heard a loud slap come from the middle of the building.

Finally, Kelley was our lead investigator on Saturday night. Even before this investigation began, two of the folks on their way to the bathroom heard noises coming from the Residual Area and Kelley noticed that one of the feeds on the CCTV cameras was cycling through all the areas of the building. It was very creepy and unsettling to watch.

One of the things that the investigators mentioned was that the building had a really heavy feeling to it, and that many times they felt like they were being watched- a feeling that made most of them spooked.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Investigation Update 7.30.2017

What a crazy week we just had! Rain, sunshine, perfect blue skies, and incredible storms. But throughout it all the building was super active and full of great investigations. Here's a little bit of what we collected-

Willie was the lead investigator for our first two experiences of the week. It was a strange night for Willie in that there was absolutely no REM Pod activity throughout the course of the entire evening. That's a very odd thing because it seems like almost every single night that Willie is working the REM Pod starts going off during the history portion of the night and then flashed randomly throughout the evening. That didn't happen at all!

When several of the investigators were in the Slave Quarters a really cool thing happened. Six of the investigators were conversing with a spirit who told them him name was Jim, so Willie asked Jim if he could make the EMF Detector one of the ladies was holding flash. Immediately the device flashed when Willie asked. They asked "Can you do it again", and it happened again immediately! Amazing.

Another pair who was investigating with them that night had some really cool stuff happen for them, too. The one girl, Jen, had her name called through the Spirit Box, but one really crazy thing that happened was with the EMF Detector. They had set it up in the corner of the Stage Area and each and every time they asked for it to flash it did, all the way up to the red.

Willie took over on Monday night, too. One of the investigators that night had investigated with us way back during our very first year! This time he came back with his wife, sister, and brother in law. We were glad to see him back with us!

On this night the REM Pod was quiet as well, two nights in a row. But, it seemed like the physical activity was really strong in the building. Almost as soon as they entered the building proper the investigators thought that they saw something moving out of the corners of their eyes, and then directly in front of them on the far side of the warehouse. This happened throughout the entire night, the investigators seeing movement where there shouldn't be any.

One of the guys investigating, Bruce, asked for his name to be called through the Spirit Box through the entire evening. It didn't happen at all until the night as almost over, and then it did. "Bruce" was heard through the Spirit Box. However, another investigator named Jim had his named called five times between the Ovilus and the Spirit Box.

Kelley took over as the lead investigator on Tuesday night with a big group of six. Although the groups broke up into two different groups, both of them experienced similar activity in different parts of the building. Both of them had their camera batteries drain even though they were fully charged before the investigation began, and both of them heard the word "Gribble" come through the Spirit Box all over the building. Each time they heard that word being called it was in the same voice- the voice of an old man. Cool!

Both of the groups also heard a string of the same words being called through the Spirit Box other than the word Gribble. They heard Here, Leave, Run, Get Out, Out, Now, Dead, The Dead, Died, Death, Ghosts, Haunt, and Jerk. The bad language was flowing through the building and it seemed to be targeted towards the women who were investigating. They were called "Jerk", "Idiot" and then they even heard the word "Whore" called.

Many names floating through the building through all the activity. They heard Paul, Stewart, Martin, Kevin, Paul, Phil, Kayla, Willie, Seth, Aaron, Ann, David, Doug, Nathan, and Nattie. One of the girls investigating was named Natalie, and she is 16 years old. After they heard the name Nattie come through they heard the number "15" called. The investigators made contact with a young soldier spirit who told them earlier in the night that he was 15 years old.

Ted was in the building as lead investigator on Wednesday night with pretty big group of twelve. One of those who investigated had been with us three years ago and came back this time with another investigator. Everyone in the building was excited to get started and get investigating in the space!

The Raggedy Ann Doll was activity all over the building this night, especially at the Stage Area and in the Residual Area. At one point, one of the investigators was holding the Raggedy Ann doll at the Stage Area and she was flashing so strongly that Ted took a photo of him holding the device. They asked "Do you want to play with the Ann doll" and they heard a loud "Not me" which was followed by "Help... hang on... wait".

Two of the investigators, Michelle and Jamie, had their names called through the Spirit Box while they were in the Slave Quarters. This was just after they had asked "Do you know my name" and heard "I know" as the reply. They also heard the name John called and were able to get some more information about John by asking questions. They asked "Did John own land" and they heard "Never". Then they asked "Was John fair" and the reply they got was "Yes". Interesting...

Thursday night had Kelley as the lead investigator. One of the pairs that came in this night was super excited to get started and even brought their own 360 camera to use during the investigation. The activity started straight away in the building as soon as they walked into the space to see the Ghost Adventures clip about the history of the building. As they walked into the building proper they heard a resounding bang clattering through the space, which startled them.

One name in particular seemed to be quite popular through the night. "Rick" was heard several times in all of the hot spots. Another thing that the investigators noticed was that there seemed to be more than usual voices of children coming through the Spirit Box. Turns out that one of the ladies investigating used to be a nursery school teacher.

It seemed like the spirits really wanted to mock the investigators as the night went on. Each time they would ask a question one of the words in their question would come back through the Spirit Box. They asked "Is this your home" and "Home" was heard. Then they said "I love this doll, I want to take it home with me" and they heard "Home" again. "Can you move the doll", "Move" came the reply. Then finally one of the ladies had told the spirits to slap her husband because he's a Yankee and they heard "Slap" come through the Spirit Box.

On Friday night, Ted was back in the building with a group of folks who had investigated all over the country, including Gettysburg, PA. In addition to already being familiar with the equipment we have and the Ghost Adventures episode, they also brought their own equipment to work with. Very cool.

While the investigators were in the Residual Area a few strange things happened right in a row. The investigators asked "Do you want to talk to us" and they heard "No" as the reply followed by a "Hello". Just after the hello came through the Spirit Box the investigators heard footsteps coming down the stairs above the Slave Quarters and heard "Hello" come through again followed by the word "Hide"...

One of the investigators, Dan, felt his leg being touched in the Gribble House area at the same time that the K-II Meter flashed up to red. When the investigators moved to the Stage Area, the K-II Meter was going off like crazy again but when they asked if the spirit could touch Dan's leg again the reply they heard was "I can't". However, the Ovilus read Electricity... and then Shock.

Finally our Saturday night had Kelley as the lead investigator on an evening with some really fantastic K-II Meter and Ghost Meter Pro activity, all over the building. Kelley decided to set up the Motion Sensor so that it was pointed towards the corner so that it would go off if anyone sat in the chair directly in front of it. In fact, that device ended up going off quite a bit throughout the night.

Many, many names were called through the Spirit Box this night. They heard Stewart, Steve, Paul, Jesus Christ, Pete, Scott, Tina, Eden, Ben, Mark, Caleb, Yusef, Jim, and Solomon.

We hadn't heard from Yusef in the building for quite a while but he was back in strength on this night. He immediately knew one of the ladies investigating names' and refused to speak to anyone except for the man who was with them. When the investigators were trying to speak with a child spirit, Yusef refused to let the child reply to their questions. But most disturbingly, whenever the investigators would laugh, they would hear his deep and menacing laugh come through as well.

Such a good week. If you have anything to share, please tag us with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse!