Sunday, October 15, 2017

Investigation Update 10.15.2017

What a phenomenal week we just had in the Gribble House! With Halloween fast approaching, along with a week with Friday the 13th, Savannah was hopping this week with activity, and we were pretty darn busy. Here's just a little taste of the activity we captured-

Willie started our week out on Sunday with four ladies who who were really excited to get into the building, so much so that even Willie's lead up with our most amazing EVPs was enough to wet their whistle for an exciting night of ghost hunting.

The building was full of strange little noises that were coming from all angles as the investigators were going around the space. The REM Pod was exceptionally active while the History Video was playing, but even that was pale in comparison to the little squeaks and creaks that were coming from spots in the building that had no one in it. Add to that the fact that two of the investigators heard the distinct sound of footsteps following around behind them and the noise activity was off the charts.

While the physical noise activity was off the charts, the voices and phrases coming from the devices wasn't as easy to understand. In fact, everything coming from the SB-7s seemed garbled and hard to understand. But that's never something to get you down- always have your phone out to capture any phrases and words that aren't discernible in real time but will jump out to you later on.

Tuesday night had Willie as the lead investigator as well, and on this night we had a mother and son pairing as well as the Powell's, a couple who has come back to see us time after time- this had to have been the 10th time they've investigated in the Gribble House with us! We are always glad to see them come back.

The mother and son team had some really great experiences this night including an absolutely amazing temperature drop near the Gribble House hot spot of more than 7 degrees. This was documented with the Digital Thermometer and the investigators could actually feel it as they were standing in the area. One spirit in particular seemed very interested in speaking with them- a spirit who told them his name was "Joe". Joe was in the Slave Quarters and was very receptive to answering their questions through the EMF Detector.

The Powell's showed up with their regular slew of equipment, ready and raring to get into the activity collecting action in the building. Although their activity throughout the night was pretty good, it wasn't until almost the end of the evening that the action got really great. The couple was up by the Residual Area where the Lady in White is usually seen and contact. They had set their Mag light on the floor and it was turned on- until they asked for it to be cut out, and it was! The light was turned on and off on cue several time. Very cool.

Wednesday night had Kelley as the lead investigator with a decent sized group, all of whom were able to collect some really interesting activity in the building. The Powell's were back in the building and since they had been with us so many times before they were able to jump right over the intro and history portion of the night and head right into the building. Bridgette Powell was called a "Yankee" which was pretty funny.

Paul was heard from at the Stage Area and instead of his usual ornery but lovable nature his responses and phrases seemed to be ominous and fairly creepy to the group that he was speaking to. The investigators were absolutely sure that it was Paul though because he proceeded to call them "Jerks" and was very sarcastic with his responses.

One really strange thing happened between the equipment that the Powell's brought and our own. Both groups had an Ovilus to use and BOTH devices showed the same words come up- strange and unsettling words like "Demons". This also happened with the words "Veronica", "Jim", "Paul", and "Affair". They came to the conclusion that Jim, Paul, and Veronica were in some kind of affair together, or having some kind of family drama. So very strange.

Kaitlyn took over on Thursday night with a big group of folks so excited to be investigating with us that they all showed up early! The activity started right away as one of the groups entered the Residual Area and started to see that temperature drops were rampant in the hot spot. All of them were recorded with the Digital Thermometer but what seemed to be more strange was the fact that spirits were whishy washy about whether or not they wanted to talk to the investigators. As one would tell them to go away the next would say greetings like "Hello". Very odd.

It was at the Stage Area that one of the investigators got the most violent physical activity that we've had in the building for a while. She was walking from the Gribble House area towards the Stage Area when she was hit in the chest so hard that it almost brought her to her knees.

The physical activity continued through the night as another investigator started to feel violently nauseous and had to go up to the Safe Room to collect herself. Another lady felt the distinct feeling of fingertips on her legs while her friend was feeling the sensation of her sleeve being tugged.

Next came Friday the 13th, arguably the spookiest night of the year! The night started out strangely for Kelley even before the official investigation began. When she came into the building to get the space set up and she noticed that the curtains at the front of the building were left open, so she closed them and headed to the bathrooms. When she came back out and glanced over into that direction she noticed that the curtains were open again!

The building was feeling ominous and heavy throughout the entire night, something that one of the couples felt immediately as they entered the space. The Spirit Boxes seemed to be reacting to the heavy nature of the building by sending waves of static noise through the devices in between sending out responses to the investigators questions. This happened with all three of the devices the investigators were using, not just one or two which was very strange.

More than anything, the Spirit Boxes sent out a huge number of names when asked who the investigators were speaking with. They heard Seth, Ann, Chelsea, Vincent, Kevin, Paul, Jim, Steve, Rick, Eli, Nate, Carol, David, Troy, Trey, Hayden, Cayden, and Jane or Jade Smith. In addition to the names the investigators had a few questions come through in response to their own questions, which is really cool! They heard "How are you" and "Can I sit"?

Last night of our week was Saturday with Kelley again as the lead investigator. Two of the folks in the building were from Colorado and were on their own mini paranormal vacation going from here all the way down to Alabama. One of the other investigators seemed to be the focus of a good amount of spirit activity and not only heard their name come through, "Howard", but also could physically feel the presence of a spirit standing directly next to he and his partner while they were on the Stage Area. Amazing!

All throughout the night there seemed to be more than usual EMF activity throughout the building, including with the Boo Bear and the Raggedy Ann doll. This wasn't confined to one area but was spread throughout the building. Kelley was walking up to one of the groups of investigators and could hear the distinct sound of laughter coming from the Spirit Box like the ghosts and spirits were cackling at the investigators and their questions.

There were some really interesting answers to their questions. They asked "How many of you are here" and they heard "Ann's here... that'll be 8". Then they asked "Who entered the back door" and heard "Alternative entry". When the investigators asked "What newspaper were you reading, Eliza" the answer they heard was an eerie "Comics".

We told you- what a great week! Go ahead and feel free to share with us any photos or video you may have by tagging us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse tags. See you next week!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Investigation Update 10.8.2017

You can totally tell that October has come to Savannah- not because the weather is any cooler (because it's still 90 degrees and super humid) but because the town is buzzing again with folks who are enjoying Savannah a little less busy than it is during the high months of the summer. October is the time for calm crazy in Savannah and we are so glad that its back. Here's just a bit of what's been going on in the Gribble House-

Friday night was our first investigation of the week with Ted as the lead investigator. Along with him were a pair who had just moved to Savannah and were really excited to get into the Savannah ghost scene. Although they had done a few other Ghost Tours in Savannah, they were pumped and a little nervous to get into the Gribble House. The night was fantastic and full of activity, including some physical activity!

The physical activity started at the Stage Area where the investigators were trying to talk to a spirit that didn't seem to want to talk back to them. Each question they asked received a bland reply. When they asked "Can you say your name" they heard "Say it?", to which they followed up with "Can you come to the flash" and heard "Can't". Just after this, although they didn't get much in regards to vocal replies, the male investigator felt sudden pressure  his shoulders and distinct prickly feelings in his arms.

During the time the investigators were in the Residual Area, they were getting good replies through the Spirit Box but what was most interesting was the sound of a coin being dropped- it was distinct and very recognizable. When they searched around the building to see if they could find a coin or small metal disc, there didn't seem to be anything there.

Saturday night had Kelley and Kaitlyn as lead investigators during both of the fantastic investigations that evening. The first investigation had some really strange activity that wasn't normal in the building, including some action that happened with the REM Pod. Although the REM Pod goes of frequently in the building, on this night it seemed like the device was going off like Morse Code that would come through faster and faster as the investigators walked closer. Crazy!

Many names were coming through the Spirit Box and it seemed like the investigators were able to make contact with more than usual numbers of children. One of the groups of investigators heard the distinct sound of six different children's voices playing and yelling together, almost like they were on a playground together. One of the children told the investigators that he was only "Four" years old and that he had been hurt by someone with their "Hand".

The physical and visual activity was strong during this investigation, like the night before. There were distinct cold breezes going through the building that took the investigators by surprised because the building was fairly stuffy. Kaitlyn noticed at one point that standing directly behind Kelley was a shadowy figure just behind the Gribble House gate- it appeared to be just standing and watching what was going on. A few minutes later, Kelley sincerely felt like someone was standing behind her but when she turning, no one was there. Neither Kelley nor Kaitlyn told each other about it at the time, but mentioned the events casually at the end of the night.

The second investigation was great, too. One of the groups in the building during this tour were in the Gribble House for the third time and were excited to be back. Some really interesting and amazing activity happened, especially towards the end of the night.


One of the investigators was familiar with American Sign Language and started to ask questions using sign. What was amazing was that the Spirit Box started to reply directly to the questions that were asked in ASL. So cool! Another, younger member, of the group that was asking questions in ASL, was telling Kelley and Kaitlyn that he kept seeing shadowy figures standing just outside his line of sight, from the corner of his eye. They didn't seem to be trying to get his attention, but were just standing there and watching.

A great week! If you have anything to share, please send it direct or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Investigation Update 10.1.2017

Holy moly, it's October already. It feels like we just started 2017, and it's even harder to believe that just around the corner is 2018. Savannah is slowly coming back to normal after Hurricane Irma came through, and even though Savannah is feeling slow and dreary, we had two great investigations this week. Here's whats been going on-

Willie was the lead investigator on Wednesday night with five folks who were really excited to be in the building. Two of the ladies investigating that night came with their own equipment- some of which Willie had never seen before- really sophisticated stuff. One of them was experiencing their second time in the building and really didn't need any help capturing some really excellent activity.

Another one of the ladies investigating heard her name- Crystal- come through not only on the Ovilus but also through the Spirit Box after asking to hear names. Like many of the experiences folks have in the Gribble House, the voices that came through the Spirit Box were not able to be heard at the time of the investigation but only when played back a little bit later on. You never know what you'll record!

On Saturday night, Kelley was the lead investigator with five folks who for the most part had been on paranormal investigations before and were super pumped up to get into the Gribble House to investigate with us. The night started off really well- during the video portion when the investigators were watching the history everyone seemed to notice that there were large shadows moving around the big windows on the far side of the building.

If you take a look at the picture below you'll notice that there is a very large and bright orb shining in the center of the photo. One of the investigators asked "Is there a spirit with me in the photo" because the orb is shining so bright and the reply they heard through the Spirit Box was "Yes".

Many names came through the Spirit Box such as Howard, Chip, Peter, Patrick, Ace, and Eddie. They also heard some distressing single words come through like Leave, Kill, Hurt, Scream, Leave, and Afraid. There was a pretty funny moment at one point when one of the investigators asked "Are there kids there" and the only reply they heard was fart noises through the Spirit Box.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Investigation Update 9.24.2017

This year has been zipping by! Summer is already gone and we are heading into fall weather, which in Savannah means you wear short sleeves instead of tank tops. Weather is cooling (marginally) but the action in the Gribble House is still hot, hot, hot. Here's a little bit of what we captured this week:

Willie was the lead investigator on Tuesday night with a pair of sisters who came prepared to investigate! One came equipped with a digital recorder and the other brought along a high quality digital camera- both to capture evidence with. The devices worked out well for them but they also experienced some really strange physical activity.

When the ladies were at the Stage Area with all the chairs arranged on the left side of the platform, one of the women was sitting down in the chair with her purse hanging at her side on her shoulder. Several times she felt the purse being pulled, hard, like someone was tugging on it. Very cool!

On Saturday night, Kaitlyn look the role of lead investigator for two really great investigations. The first had a pair who were really interested in spending time in the building. For Kaitlyn, the Gribble House hot spot really caused her some difficulty. While the investigators found the perfume scent in the area to be mild, for Kaitlyn it was so overpowering that she had to constantly leave the area because it was to the point of burning her nose. How strange.

While the investigators were moving towards the Gribble House area they heard the name Irma being called through the Spirit Box in three different voices (strange since we just came through Hurricane Irma here in Savannah). There seemed to be a good deal of phrases and words being spoken in the building that didn't seem to come from the Spirit Box. Not only did they hear a quietly whispered "Mommy", they also heard a man cry for help.

The second of the night and final investigation of the week had five ladies, several of which had been in the building just about two years ago. Everyone was super excited to get started. Throughout the course of the night, the ladies claimed that they could see from the corner of their eyes shadows moving around, especially while they were moving from place to place in the building.

When the investigators were on their way to the Stage Area, Kaitlyn sneezed and one of the investigators said "Bless you" at the same time that they heard the same words come through the Spirit Box. One of the ladies asked in French whether or not anyone in the building spoke French. Immediately they heard French words starting to come through the Spirit Box, including "Merci" and "Oui". When they asked how many spirits were in the building with them that night, although they did hear the number Four come through the Spirit Box, they also heard another voice call out "Many".

What a good week! Please feel free to share anything with us- video, audio, or photo. Send it direct or tag us with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse tags.