Sunday, December 4, 2016

Investigation Update 12.5.2016

The weather was up and down and hot and cold and all over the place this week! We love when it gets a little warmer in December, but it's the kind of season where people get sick- so here's hoping everyone is well and healthy! Our investigations were great this week, so here's a little bit of what happened in the building:

Willie was our lead investigator to start the week off on Sunday night. On that night, Willie was with a pair of grandparents and their granddaughter, and everyone was excited to investigate in the building. The grandparents had been to Savannah quite a few times, but this was their first time in the Gribble House, but they had watched the Ghost Adventures episode with the Gribble featured, and have done ghost tours in Savannah before, including the lockdown in the Moon River Brewing Company!

The evening started off well for them. They set up the REM Pod by the Gribble House gate as they normally do, but it was quiet through the first portion of the history segment. As Willie was explaining the hot spots to them, he took them to the Gribble House area and was telling them about the floral scent that is often caught in there. Willie himself has never smelled it and as he was explaining that to them all three of the other investigators could smell the perfume- they couldn't believe that Willie wasn't able to detect it because it was so strong! Then as Willie was telling them about Eliza Gribble and her perfume, the REM Pod started to go off like mad.

The Gribble House hot spot was the favorite for the night- the investigators seemed to have a draw to that area. The name Carrie came through in a woman's voice, but she kept being cut off by male spirits. The husband of the group tried to speak with her, and although she didn't come through again the REM Pod would flash whenever they asked for her. Pretty cool. Through the Spirit Box they ended up hearing the name "Carrie" come through twice and "Jim", the husband's name, come through three times.

Kait took the lead on Tuesday night. On this evening, the REM Pod has some immediate and intense activity by the Gribble House gate, much like the night before. But on this night, it was the Slave Quarters that was the most active. They asked "How many spirits are with us tonight" and they heard the reply of "Six" through the Ghost Box. When they asked for names they heard only two- "Jacob" and "Sam". Throughout all of this Spirit Box activity, the Raggedy Ann doll was flashing steadily.

That same spirit that Kait had heard from the week before still seemed to be upset that she had been gone for so long. While they were in the the Slave Quarters, she asked if they had missed her during her time away. She got the same response as the week before- "B*tch". When they moved into the Residual Area, they got some more intense activity through the Spirit Box. In this area they heard from a spirit who told them that his name was "Pete" and that he was a "Pirate". Neat!

Thursday was a great night of investigation for us, too. Kaitlyn took the lead this evening and they decided to start off in the Slave Quarters. At first it seemed like the Ghost Meter Pro was going to be quiet in that hot spot- there was no activity on it at all even while the Spirit Box and the K-II Meters were going off, along with the Raggedy Ann Doll. It wasn't until they used the Spirit Box to asked "How many spirits are in the room with us" and heard the response of "Sixteen" that the Ghost Meter Pro flashed to life. They asked the spirits to confirm the number of "Sixteen" by flashing the Ghost Meter. Using the Digital Thermometer they were able to document a four degree drop in temperature around the Ghost Meter Pro when they asked the spirit to touch the red light. Awesome.

There was some strange and intense activity at the Stage Area that night, too. While they were in that hot spot, all three of the EMF readers (the K-II Meter, the Ghost Meter Pro and the Raggedy Ann doll) were going off at the same time, but it was through the Spirit Box that they heard some really odd replies. At one point it sounded like a woman had sneezed through the device. A few minutes later they heard someone scream "STOP" through the Spirit Box. The investigators asked if they could help and the reply came through urgently "YES". Right after this they heard another scream of "FIRES" and the K-II Meters began to flash orange to red.

Towards the end of the evening the investigators decided to head back into the Slave Quarters. They were asking random questions, but after one of the questions they asked they heard an unrelated reply come through that said "The beast". This seemed really strange to them, so they started to ask questions about "The beast". As soon as they asked, both the Spirit Box and the Speaker powered down for about five seconds and then turned back on as if nothing had happened. They asked "Is the Beast scary" and the Ghost Meter Pro flashed to life with an immediate "Yes".

It might as well have been birthday party central in the Gribble House on Friday night because both of the big groups that came in to investigate with us that night were celebrating their happy returns! Kelley and Kaitlyn were the lead investigators that night and the building was quite active. Everyone was told to "Leave" at some point during the night, but everyone also had some unique experiences.

In the Gribble House area, they heard from a spirit who called herself "Hannah". Hannah told them that she had died from "Love", which they were able to confirm as a "Broken heart" through the Ghost Meter Pro. How sad... Then they decided to ask about the women who were murdered in the Gribble House area. They asked "Do you know anything about the ladies" to which they heard the eerie reply of "Bait".

At the start of the night, Kelley has set up the Digital Recorder in the Slave Quarters before any of the investigators had gone in there yet in the hopes of catching a few straight EVPs while the room was empty and the investigators were in other hot spots. What she recorded was very creepy. There were a lot of both deep and shallow breaths, the sounds of general movement, including chairs being moved across the floor, and the eeriest of all- it sounded as thought the Digital Recorder was picked up and sat back down. Usually this would be as Kelley reported "unremarkable", but no one had been in the Slave Quarters yet. Very, very interesting.

When the investigators did move into the Slave Quarters to investigate, they got some really cool responses through the Spirit Box. They heard a woman say "Cookie", as if she was calling someone by a pet name. They also heard the word "America" come through, so the investigators asked if the spirits could say the name "Trump". Nothing happened, so they moved n to ask if they could say "Hillary" but then the Ghost Box replied with a loud "TRUMP". They asked "How long have you been here" and they heard the sad reply of "Three whole years... ten... fifty... can't leave".

Finally, Ted was our lead investigator on Saturday night. The folks that investigated with him that evening are all right into the paranormal and were very excited to be in the building- and the Gribble House did not disappoint! The building was quite active.

Someone was being kind of silly at the Stage Area when they walked up. They asked "Are you here, Paul" and they heard a salutation of "Hi" come through, but then they heard "Good morning" followed by "Amanda" which was one of the investigators' names. "Do you know Amanda", they asked, but this time they heard "Good night" come through.

Another one of the investigators had their names called through the Spirit Box while in the Slave Quarters. They heard "Michelle" come through, and she then asked "Do you want to be at peace". "Never" came the reply. "Why don't you want to be at peace" they asked to that strange response they heard. The reply was just as unsettling- "What peace?" The K-II Meter began to flash, so they asked "Who is on my left?" "A slave" was the response. They heard the name "Michael" come through when they asked for the slave's name, but then they heard a clear and firm, "Get out". "Who told us to get out", they asked. "David... he shot me" came the reply.

It was a really great week, again, for us. We're looking forward to the week to come and everyone who will investigate with us! If you have anything to share, go ahead and send it direct or tag us with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse.