Sunday, December 25, 2016

Investigation Update 12.25.2016

Merry Christmas to everyone from us at the Gribble House Paranormal Experience! It has been a fantastic week for us in the building and we couldn't wait to share the activity with you.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Sunday night this past week with two pairs of folks. One set, a lady and her granddaughter, had investigated in the Gribble House before. Everyone was super excited to get started and into the building for the night.

While they were in the Gribble House area, they heard a lot of seemingly random words come through the Ghost Box in and amongst the regular chatter in response to questions the investigators asked. They heard "Children", "Body", "Eliza", "Leave now", "Run", "Problem dead", "Secret", "Door", "Exit time", "Mary is behind you", "Quiet, I'm working", and "Are you decent". All throughout this, the REM Pod was going crazy, especially when the investigators were asking about the murdered women. There were distinct temperature drops when they talked about the ladies, as well, which they were able to document with both the REM Pod itself and the Digital Thermometer.

This same activity happened in the Slave Quarters, were the spirits were answering specific questions asked by the investigators, but soft phrases were coming through in the background through the Spirit Box. They heard "We're here", "Help us", "Leave", "Out", "Exit", "I was killed" (the same time as Killed came up on the Ovilus), "Spirit" and then "It's Christmas".

Willie took the lead on both Monday and Tuesday night for our investigations. On Monday night, Willie investigated with a family of four, and a few couples- the men were skeptical and the ladies were right into it.

It was a very interesting night of investigation for everyone there. Willie showed the regular history video, as well as went over the EVPs that we have collected over the years that are particularly interesting, but what really got the building moving was when Willie showed them the video from last week during the investigation with Leanna Vamp. After he played it, the REM Pod started to go off like mad until the video was over.

The investigators were able to get a lot of action through the Spirit Box on this night, but even more impressive is when one of the women was touched by the Stage Area. At one point, the mother and daughter of the family were called "B*tches" and that really threw them off!

Tuesday night was really great for investigating, as well. Willie was with a pair of brothers from India and a mother daughter pair. Willie showed the video from last week but on this night, the REM Pod stayed quiet but it did interest the investigators a lot! Willie didn't think that the REM Pod would go off much that night, not after it didn't make a noise for the video, but as they started walking back into the Safe Room after checking out the hot spots, the REM Pod started to flash.

It seemed like the REM Pod would go off whenever they investigators started to make their way into the Safe Room, like whoever was making it flash didn't like that they kept walking about the building. So strange.

Ted took over as lead investigator on Wednesday night with a pair of investigators who were so excited to get started that they showed up early to get going! Both of them watch the ghost shows like Ghost Adventures and had seen our episode on there.

They started their night in the Stage Area where as they walked up they immediately heard "Help... Paul". Then they heard the name "Paul" come through again, but this time in a woman's voice. They replied to that "Paul, we came here to say hello". Through the Ghost Box they heard the echo-y reply of "Hello". They also had some amazing activity with the K-II Meter when it started to flicker to green. "Can you make this go higher" they asked, and it started to flash up to orange just as they heard "Orange" come through the Ghost Box.

When the investigators moved into the Slave Quarters they immediately were told to "Leave" the area, which put the them a bit on edge. "Leave" came through again as they sat in that hot spot, and then they heard "Help" come through, which made them even more uneasy. They asked "Where are you right now", to which they heard "Behind". "Who are you behind", "Women".

Ted took over yet again on Thursday night with a family of four who also watch all the Ghost Shows on television, but were really glad to be on a real paranormal investigation and not a tour about ghost stories. It ended up being a great night for all the investigators, with a few surprises along the way.

One of those first surprises came at the Stage Area when one of the investigators heard their nickname come through the Spirit Box- "Taco". This was very unexpected, especially because they had just asked if they were "In a good mood tonight" and had heard the reply of "NO" come through forcefully. A little bit later on, they got another surprise when they moved to the Slave Quarters and one of the investigators' actual names came through- "George". In the Gribble House they heard another nickname- this time they heard "Beck" come through the Spirit Box.

There was a funny moment in the Gribble House area when they heard two different voices come through the Spirit Box, one that started a phrase and a second that ended it. The investigators were commenting on how they could smell the scent of that floral perfume, and they heard "It smells like..." come through in one voice, quickly followed by "Crap" come through in another.

For both our Friday and Saturday night investigations, Kelley took over as the lead investigator. On Friday night Kelley went around with a fairly large group which she split into two. Both of those groups had some really fantastic activity happening around them. One of the groups of three came last year to investigate and brought back a few EVPs that they captured that night to have Kelley listen to this year. They had made contact with a spirit name Jorge, who they ended up making contact again with on Friday!

Jorge made contact with them and also spoke a little bit of Spanish with them. They heard him say "Feliz Navidad" through the Spirit Box. That wasn't the only Christmas themed activity happening in the building that night, though. One of the investigators was singing Christmas songs and the K-II Meter was flashing to the beat of the song! On top of that, some of the words that she was singing would come through the Spirit Box or on the Ovilus screen. She sang "Bells on bobtails ring" and "Ring" came through the Ghost Box. So cool.

The REM Pod activity was by far the strongest in the Gribble House area, especially during the periods of time during which the investigators could smell the strong floral-y rose aroma in the hot spot. Certain names came through the Spirit Box a few times. They heard Pete, Steve, Reese, Vincent, Odin, Emma, Bill, Michael, Hunter, Gribble, Miss, and Veronica.

For our Christmas Eve investigation, Kelley went through with a pair of investigators who were super into the experience and ended up having great results in the building. The Spirit Box seemed especially chatty on the night, and the Ovilus was giving them really intelligent and often personal responses. One word in particular came through the Ghost Box all night long- "Help".

Once again, for the unknown night in a row, the magnetic alarm strip started to go off in the Gribble House area. In an odd and off putting way, Kelley and the investigators heard the phrase "That's it, emergency. Fortunately, ya'll will be able to accept i" come through just as the alarm started to go off. A maintenance guy came to try to turn it off, even though the alarm shouldn't be going off at all. Once it turned off they heard "Finally" come through the Spirit Box. The maintenance guy who came to turn it off suddenly felt very cold as he worked to get it shut down. They decided to ask "Who set off the alarm", and they heard "Tina and Doug".

It seemed like in the Slave Quarters that the spirits were having conversation amongst themselves and the investigators could hear it come through the Spirit Box. They heard strings of phrases that meshed together in response to one another. They heard "Speak up" followed by "They help" and "Speak". This was followed by "They hear everything" and "Doug hates it".

Merry Christmas, everyone! We will be updating you again soon- next year, in fact, on January 1st! If you have anything to share between now and then, feel free to tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse, or even post it on our Facebook!