Sunday, December 18, 2016

Investigation Update 12.18.2016

Wow wow wow, what a week! The activity in the building was out of this world at times, and we are pumped to share that activity with you! Here's a little bit of what's been going on:

We started off the week on Monday night with Willie as our lead investigator. The two couples who investigated with them are local from Ellabell, just a few miles up the road here from Savannah. All four of them are quite familiar with shows like Ghost Adventures and have seen our episode in the past.

On this night, the REM Pod was out of control during the entire length of the history and Ghost Adventures video. The only strange thing about that is once the video stopped playing, the REM Pod fell silent and didn't flash again for the rest of the evening. It was just after the video portion of the night that Willie took the investigators around to check out the different hot spots of the building. When they moved into the Gribble House area they immediately could smell the strong floral perfume scent that is caught there frequently. Willie, as usual, didn't smell a thing.

Given the hot, cold, hot, cold weather we've been having in Savannah, the building was damp with dewy condensation that evening. The strange moisture covering everything added to the creepy vibe the building had that night. It seemed as though the spirits could tell that the building was damp, too, because through the Spirit Box they heard a number of words like "Wet" and "Slick" come through.

Willie was our lead investigator again on Tuesday evening with a really great pair who were in Savannah on their honeymoon! They love to watch the ghost shows together as well as scary movies, so this investigation was right up their alley.

The REM Pod, which can be hit or miss throughout the night depending on the vibe of the building, was very active that evening basically right from the get go. Willie was playing the Ghost Adventures video for the guests and right when it got to the part about JC Hunter, the device started to go off! After that, the REM Pod flashed on and off throughout the rest of the video.

Two particular spirits were active that night in the building- a Jim and a Mike. Jim was the first to make contact with the investigators and said his name quite a few times. They heard "Jim" come through, two which they then asked "Did you say Jim". He replied the name again and they conversed with that same voice for quite a while- the voice followed them into different areas of the building. As soon as Jim's voice stopped replying they heard from a Mike. Mike seemed very interested in making the REM Pod light up, and other devices the investigators were using. The husband was holding an EMF Detector and asked Mike to make it glow- which Mike then did. Awesome!

On Thursday night we had a rather unique experience- we got to spend the evening investigating with Leanna Vamp, the Vamptress! Leanna is known for her shows like "Nerd Forever- Talk Nerdy to Me", "Star Wars Girls", "Best Fiends Forever", and the show she was filming with us "Ghosted".

During the private investigation with Willie, Ted, and Kelley, Leanna was able to capture some of the most compelling evidence we've ever seen in the Gribble House, including this video of a dark shadow attacking one of our CCTV cameras:

We're looking forward to seeing what else the Vamptress collected inside the Gribble House- but we'll just have to waited until Ghosted reveals on Crypt TV!

The final investigation of the week was on Saturday night with Kelley and Kaitlyn at the lead. It was a pretty big night with a lot of activity happening. Some of the most compelling activity took place while Kelley was showing the investigators around the building. They got to the gated area of the Gribble House and she was explaining how the REM Pod works. Almost as if it was on cue the REM Pod started to go off. Everyone started to walk away, so Kaitlyn thought at first it was just reacting to the movement of the investigators, but even after everyone had cleared its path the device started to flash again:

When the investigators moved into the Slave Quarters they experienced quite a few different forms of activity all centered around the Raggedy Ann doll. The Ghost Meter Pros that were set up near her started to flash at the same time she was lighting up on the hands. Using the Digital Thermometer, the investigators documented a distinct cold spot specifically at her hands while they were lit up blue. They asked "Who is here with us" and they heard "Me" come through the Spirit Box.

The other group investigating was in the Gribble House at the same time the first group was in the Slave Quarters. Something very odd happened to one of the ladies while they were in the Gribble House hot spot. She was sitting by the Emergency Exit against the wall while they were getting some great Spirit Box responses. They heard "Can't talk" come through, and when they asked why the reply was "We are the hired help". Just after this, the lady sitting down felt like something grabbed her, or even fell right on top of her. It was so jarring that she jumped up and moved away from the spot. As she jumped they heard "F*ck" come through and the Ghost Meter Pro she had stayed bright red.

When this group moved into the Slave Quarters Kaitlyn began to notice a strange thing about the Raggedy Ann doll- she only seemed to be active while they had her placed in one specific area of the room. Move her anywhere else but that one spot and she would fall silent with no activity happening whatsoever. Once she was moved back to the original spot, she was be extremely active again. So strange...

The first group moved into the Gribble House area and had some amazing activity with the Spirit Box, getting great responses to their questions. They asked "Who was killed here" and they heard "Gribble". Then they asked "Who committed the murder"? "Hunt", came the reply. Finally they asked "What happened on this property"? "Terror".

What a great week! The holidays are coming up soon, but we are staying in the building all except Christmas night itself, so feel free to join us on an investigation! If you were with us this past week and you'd like to share your findings, send it direct or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.