Sunday, December 11, 2016

Investigation Update 12.11.2016

Well it is definitely winter in Savannah now! We have chilly weather and cold noses, but we are investigating nonetheless! Everyone who investigated with us had a great times, and we're excited to share some of the activity they collected with you. So, here it is!

Willie was our lead on Sunday night with a pair of investigators who have been with us quite a few times before- and who came back two more times just this week! Because they had investigated with us so many previous times, Willie skipped the normal introduction and history portion because these folks are old pros with us. For the most part, the couple investigated in and around the Gribble House area, and they collected some great evidence.

For some reason, whenever Willie was around the couple the activity dipped and they didn't get much through any of the devices, so he left them alone just checking in every ten minutes or so. While he was out of sight the investigators were able to snap images of Orbs with their camera, and captured quite a few EVPs.

Kaitlyn took over as lead investigator on Monday night with another couple who were eager to get started. These first time investigators were ready and raring to go with lots of questions and lots of excitement. Before the investigation began, Kaitlyn noticed that one of the channels on the CCTV was acting strangely- something that hadn't been happening the night before. Channel 2 was switching to each camera view rapidly, then it would fade to black and come to life again. So strange. None of the other channels were acting like this at all.

They decided to start their night in the Gribble House area, and when they went to turn their devices on for the first time the first phrases they heard come through the Spirit Box was "Goodbye" followed by "Goodnight". They didn't stay in this area for long and decided to head to the Stage Area. Although they had been dismissed immediately in the Gribble House hot spot, when they got to the Stage Area they first thing they heard was a happy and eager "Hello!"

While they were in the Stage Area there was a strange mix of conversation through the Spirit Box. They could hear words that had to do with sex and relationships, but intermixed through all of that were also some extremely religious words and phrases. They heard "Sex", "Deed", but also "God", "Sinner", "Repent" and "The Devil". How strange!

On Tuesday night, Willie took over as the lead investigator again with the same couple he had investigated with on Sunday night! Again the skipped over the history and the lead up and just went straight into the investigation. They did take some time to listen to a bit of the activity that the couple had collected on Sunday night, and Willie was pretty impressed by what they had heard- and didn't hear in real time!

One of the bits of activity that they discussed in length was the sound of a residual haunting that they both heard on Sunday night, and on Tuesday night as well. It was the sound of someone stepping on leaves, crunching them as they stepped. Willie had been hearing this for years but never put much stock into it because he seemed to be the only one who had heard it. But, Bridgette had heard it on Sunday night and described the exact same noise and location that Willie has always heard it. Awesome!

Within the first ten minutes of this investigation, all three of them heard their names called through the Ghost Box. One name in particular kept coming through the Spirit Box and on the Ovilus the guests had on their phone- Dave. This happened the most in front of the Gribble House gate.

That couple came once more on Wednesday night, and along with another couple they investigated with Ted. All of them had been in the building before and were very excited to be there once again. Two of them brought their own equipment from the paranormal group they are part of in Orlando, and they got started right away.

They had some really great activity in the Gribble House area again that night. As they went into that hot spot they heard "Yellow" followed by "Hello" come through the Ghost Box. Bridgette was holding a Ghost Meter Pro and asked "Can you make the red light flash?" Just as she asked that question they heard her name come through the Spirit Box and her device flashed and they could see the word Red come up on the Ovilus. The investigators were getting such good responses in this area that Ted decided to go and get the REM Pod to add to the action. Bridgette said "Ted is going to get the REM Pod", and her Ghost Meter flashed again.

The Slave Quarters was quite active that night, too. The Raggedy Ann doll was flashing quite a bit on one of the metal folding chairs, so the investigators used the Digital Thermometer to document a distinct cold spot just around the doll. They asked "Can you make the Ann Doll flash", and she did. "Can you tell us who is making the doll flash", to which they heard the reply of "Ruth". While they were in there the name Steve came through the Ghost Box twice, but the name Paul came through, as well, but in a British accent.

For both Friday and Saturday night, Kelley and Kaitlyn took over as the lead investigators. Friday night turned out to be particularly strange with lots of odd activity happening all over the building.

Even though Kelley had gotten to the Gribble House early to make sure all of the batteries were charged and ready to go, throughout the night they kept draining in both the Grid Pen and in her camera. As the end of the night arrived and the investigators were making their way back to the Safe Room, the alarm that's set in the gated Gribble House area began to go off in earnest and no one could turn it back off. Strangest of all, perhaps, is that all of the notes that Kelley had taken through the night on her phone disappeared, along with the audio.

There were a lot of names coming through the Ghost Box that night, both male and female. They heard Ben, Matt, Linda, and Lisa come through a few times a piece, but they also heard other names come through once. Quite oddly, the Ovilus was showing words listed as sentences, such as "Reverend Saw All". The Ghost Meter Pros and the Spirit Boxes also gave some great responses that synced up together.

On Saturday night there were some fantastic Spirit Box responses for all the investigators in the building, in addition to some great communication through the Ghost Meter Pros. While the investigators were in the Gribble House area they heard from a female spirit who was quite chatty with them. They heard her say "Excuse me", "We were sick" and "Can't leave". Another voice was speaking with them in that area who answered questions for them promptly. The investigators asked "How old are you" to which they heard the response "I'll be forty".

In the Slave Quarters they had some very interesting replies through the Spirit Box to their questions. One of the investigators asked "Do you know where this is", and they heard "Gribble" come through. They then asked "Do you know what city this is", and they then heard "Savannah". Very cool.

The building seemed to be particularly creepy that night, and everyone experienced seemingly random chills throughout the evening.

It was such a great week, and we are charging straight towards the end of the year! If you have anything to share with us, go ahead and send it direct or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse!