Sunday, November 6, 2016

Investigation Update 11.6.2016

It's been a really super week for us in the Gribble House. Rock and Roll Marathon came to town and has left, but Savannah was full of runners for the past several days! While they were marathoning, we were investigating! Here's some of the evidence we collected:

On this past Sunday night, Willie and Kelley were the lead investigators for the day before Halloween. Three of those folks who investigated with them had been in the Gribble House before, and two of them had even been there the night before!

The REM Pod was super active as the night went on over by the Gribble House gate. Although it was quiet as they started the investigation, by the end of the evening the device was going off on demand. The most active instrument of the night seemed to be the Spirit Box. It sounded like the spirits were asking for specific people who were investigating after they had left their previous hot spots.

There was a strange moment at the Stage Area when one of the investigators was using the Spirit Box. As she was asking questions he heard through the Ghost Box "Stay. Don't move". Creepy!

Willie was the lead investigator on Tuesday night, too. The mother and daughter who investigated with Willie were super excited to get started- so much so that the three of them sat down and swapped ghost stories for fifteen minutes before the investigation started!

The investigators used the Ghost Meter Pro devices throughout the night and got some great results with them, even though the REM Pod was quiet that night. There did seem to be a lot of orbs floating around in the building, so much so that they were able to capture quite a few of them in their photos.

Kelley took the lead as investigator on Wednesday night with two investigators who were really into the investigation that night. There was amazing Ghost Meter Pro and EMF activity in the building while the Spirit Box was a bit quieter than it usually is. Although it seemed quiet, the information they did get through the Spirit Box was really fantastic.

Using the Ghost Box they asked "Why were you murdered"? "Gossip, a man". They asked twice in a row "Do you need help" to which they heard "Please" followed by a whispered "Help". There seemed to be a strange moment with the Ovilus and the Spirit Box when they heard and saw the word "Indian". Just a few seconds after, there seemed to be almost chanting Native American song coming through the Spirit Box. How strange!

The building felt strange that night. For some reason, before and after the investigators were in the building it felt like the air was creepy and ominous...

On Thursday night, Kaitlyn was the lead investigator on an evening when the building was absolutely creepy. In fact, it was so heavy feeling that it seemed like it was difficult to breath.

The investigators has some really great luck using both the Ghost Meter Pro and the Spirit Box. One of the investigators asked the name of the spirits in the hot spot with them and they heard "Vernon" come through. "Is your name Vernon" and the Ghost Meter Pro flickered yes. The Ghost Meter Pro was answering yes and no questions very diligently. A fairly funny moment happened when one of the investigators asked if they knew what color his underwear was- and they did!

Throughout the night, Kaitlyn seemed to notice that the activity was happening the more patient the investigators were being. It seemed to be that the answers from the Spirit Box were coming through pretty slowly- responses were not prompt and rapid. If an investigator asked "What is your name", other responses might come through before they would hear any names. Odd.

Kelley took over as the lead investigator again on Friday night with Kaitlyn helping out. Everyone was super into the investigation and were excited to begin. Again, the REM Pod was quiet when the evening began and intensified as the night went on. But there was super Ghost Meter Pro and EMF activity all night long.

Paul was active in the Stage Area that night. They asked "Paul, are you here" to which they heard the reply "Paul". "Paul, want to get a whiskey". "Let's do it", he replied. After this they heard "F*ck" and "Mad... it's hot in here". A few minutes later they heard the name Phoebe come through, but when they asked about Phoebe the reply they heard was "No one".

It seemed like Kelley wasn't welcome in the Slave Quarters. They heard a lot of "Get out", and "Please go" while she was in there hoping to help out the investigators. As she was leaving, through the Spirit Box they heard "Thank you". How funny!

Finally, Kelley took the lead again on Saturday night. One of the groups who investigated with her that night brought along their own equipment and a high quality camera to use during the investigation. The other group that was with her had been to many other haunted locations, so everyone was ready and raring to get into the building!

In the Gribble House area there was a sad sort of moment when they asked "Are there any children here" and they heard a "Mom" come through in a child's voice, like they were calling for her. They asked "Do you ever sleep" to which they heard the reply of "For years"....

There was some very strange physical activity that evening. Not only were there a few orbs in the photos taken that night, but one of the investigators had a very strange moment with his cell phone. He was talking about taking a picture and as he was holding his phone in his hand it went from a full battery to being dead. Crazy!
Over all, a fantastic week for us- and next week should be even better! If you have any images to share, or audio or video, please send it to us direct at or tag us with #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse.