Sunday, November 20, 2016

Investigation Update 11.20.2016

Such a great week for us! It's been warm, it's been cool, it's even been almost downright cold in Savannah but we've had some great investigations, nonetheless. Here's a little bit of what's been happening in the building:

Willie was our lead investigator on Sunday night on an evening when the REM Pod was very active. Willie had set it out during the history and set up portion, and while he was explaining how the REM Pod works it started to go off. But it went off even more furiously during the video portion from Ghost Adventures and continued to go off during the entire early portion of the evening. Strangely enough, though, the device was then quiet for the rest of the night.

Several of the investigators took some very interesting photos with orbs zooming around in them. Two of those investigators said that they wanted to take some pictures and then through the Spirit Box they heard their names called- that's always a really cool thing to have happen. Willie brought out the SB-11 and it was very active that night.

On Monday night Willie took the lead again. On this night, the REM Pod was almost completely silent no matter where Willie set it up. But, the Spirit Box was much more active than the previous night. Even more active than the Spirit Box was the Ghost Meter Pro, which they used to get Yes and No responses with. This worked very well for the investigators.

The two men who investigated that evening spent most of the time conversing with a spirit who told them he was a soldier. It seemed like no matter where they went in the building that same spirit followed them around, trying to make contact.

Ted was our lead on Wednesday night with a group of investigators who were all ready and raring to get started. All of them were believers, and all of them were fans of the shows like Ghost Adventures. Some of them had even seen the episode of GA with the Gribble House in it!

The activity began as soon as the investigators got to the Stage Area to begin the night. Ted turned the Ghost Box on when they got to that hot spot and through the device they heard "Speaker... is on". While they were in that area they made contact with Paul, Merv, and Mike. When they moved to the Gribble House area they heard from more spirits who told them their names were Owen, Steve, and Dave. They also heard one of the investigators names in this space- Brett. When they asked who had said the name Brett, they heard the name "Steve" come through.

There was a strange moment in the Slave Quarters while the investigators were talking with a female spirit who told them her name was "Daisy". One of the investigators was looking directly in front of them where the table is located and saw a tall, man shaped shadow figure standing in front of it. Crazy! They asked "Who is keeping you here" to which they heard "Adam" and then another voice saying "F*ck Adam". Then they heard "Get out", followed by another more angry "GET OUT".

Kaitlyn was the lead investigator on Thursday night in the building with two couples who were a little nervous but very excited. One of the men investigating had brought his own Spirit Box and it seemed like everyone had a great night.

On this night they started out in the Residual Area. Kaitlyn was discussing how you could communicate with the spirits through the Spirit Boxes, and then a small voice came through the device on the floor asking "This one?" The Residual Area was fairly quite on this evening, though, so they quickly moved to the Slave Quarters. While in there they noticed that the Spirit Box and Ghost Meter Pro that the one couple was using was much more active than the other. They heard a loud "Get out" come through, and Kaitlyn replied that they wouldn't be leaving for a little bit. Then they heard "Smart ass" come through. Pretty funny!

Orbs were flying all over the CCTV screen when they moved into the Stage Area hot spot. They heard "Run" come through the Spirit Box, so one of the investigators joked that if they heard "Run" come through again that he would meet everyone at the door. Then they heard "No, sir" come through.

On Friday night we had Kelley as our lead investigator. One of the ladies investigating that night was having her birthday, and it seemed like a log of the Ovilus responses they had that evening were directed at her, and were fairly personal- things that no one else would know. The Ovilus kept telling them to go "Upstairs" that evening. Although they didn't go up into the storage area, they did hear movement and noises happening up there each time they saw the word Upstairs come on the screen...

In the Gribble House area, they had some really fantastic responses with the Ghost Box- lots of full phrases and even some questions came through to their own questions. They asked "Are there any ladies that need help in here", and they heard "You want your help to visit today!". Then they asked "If you want me to leave, you could just say it." To this they heard "Fine, we want you to leave... go". Cool!

As they walked into the Slave Quarters, the first thing they heard was "Stupid". This insult was heard all over the building and it happened quite frequently. There was a gruff, and creepy male voice that came through several times while they were in this hot spot and each time it came through it really spooked them. While they were there, they also heard a full name- Mary Fisher.

Finally, Kaitlyn was the lead investigator on Saturday night. Even before the investigation officially began, Kaitlyn noticed that there was activity happening in the building. As she was in the office getting the equipment around on the cart they could hear what sounded like a metal chair being drug around the building across the floor. Very strange.

Another strange moment happened after they were finished watching the history video and she went to turn on the CCTV cameras. Nothing happened! The screen stayed dark, so she took a look at the cables that ran to and from the television. It looked as though the AV cable had been untwisted from the wall and tossed as far away from the outlet as possible. But it had worked before! So very strange.

While they were at the Stage Area they could hear the sound of a child come through the Ghost Box, but they couldn't tell what they were saying, or what gender the child was. When they would try to talk to the child, the Ghost Meter Pro would go off and stay red. Everyone was standing except for one of the ladies and they heard "Sit down" come through. Once she sat down they heard through the Spirit Box "Red light" and then the Ghost Meter Pro went off. Kaitlyn decided to knock on the stage itself and asked if the spirits could knock back so they would know they were there. Nothing happened right away, but about five minutes later there was a loud and, like someone had hit the garage door in the Residual Area.