Sunday, November 13, 2016

Investigation Update 11.13.2016

We've settled a bit into our off season in Savannah- the weather is a bit cooler and things will be quiet around town for a few weeks. But investigations in the Gribble House are just as exciting as always. Here's a little bit of the activity we collected this week:

On Monday night, Willie was our lead investigator with a group of folks who were all believers- not a skeptic among them. It was a really strange night in the building, where it seemed like some of the areas of the building were very active and others were silent. The REM Pod and the Raggedy Ann doll were quiet all night long, but the investigators had a lot of luck with the Spirit Boxes and the SB-11.

In the Slave Quarters the investigators made contact with a spirit who told them his name was Louie, and Louie was quiet chatty. He told the investigators that he worked at a General Store and that he knew who Paul was- he talked about Paul quite a bit. He also asked about a female named Em. Although they first heard from Louie in the Slave Quarters, he followed them around the building for the rest of the evening.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Wednesday night. Everyone was excited to investigate, and two of them even have their own paranormal team in their home towns that they work with! Everyone tried to capture straight EVPs by using the Voice Recorder application on their cell phones, and used the app so they could evaluate their Spirit Box activity later on.

The Em that the investigators hear Louie ask about on Monday night was heard from in the Slave Quarters. She spoke to them quite a bit, and was very polite. She said "Yes, sir" and started to follow the investigators around the building. When they asked her how old she was she asked "Me"? Just a few moments later they heard a frightened and urgent "MOTHER" yelled through the Spirit Box in a man's voice.

A lot of names came through the Spirit Box that night. They heard Dave, Jim, Paul, Jacob, John, Alice, Annette, Charlie, Lisa, and Steve come through in various hot spots that evening.

On Friday night Kelley and Kaitlyn took the lead for the investigation on a night that was very, very creepy feeling. The entire building had a deep, dark vibe to it. One of the things that Kelley noticed as they were setting up for the evening was that the deer skull in the Slave Quarters sitting on the window ledge had been moved forward and to the side, as if someone had opening up the window from the outside and pushed it out of the way- impossible. A little bit later on, a piece of ice fell from the ceiling from a pipe- something that had never happened before. During the investigation, Kaitlyn snapped a photo of what appeared to be a woman floating across the warehouse- so strange.

The Gribble House area had some strange phrases and words come through the Spirit Box. Because of some of the communication they had, the investigators believed the were talking to the spirit of a naval officer. They heard "At ease" come through. They also heard the word "Home" come through in rapid succession several times. After they spoke to the naval officer they hear the sounds of children giggling.

At the Stage Area several investigators had physical activity around them. Kelley had her arm brushed, like someone had walked too close to her not once, but twice. Another investigator felt as if someone pulled her hair.

For our Saturday night, Kelley and Kaitlyn were the leads again. One of the most prominent kinds of activity that they heard in the building that night was the sound of whispers through the Ghost Box. Another thing that they noticed was that the spirits seemed to be asking a lot of questions themselves. They heard "Who's this" and "What was that" come through.

At the Stage Area, they investigators asked "What do you need", and they heard "Help" come through as a reply. When they asked "Can you tell us your name" they heard the reply of "Luke", "David", and "Holland" come through in three separate voices. They also heard the names Steve, James, Ivan, Harriet, Charlie, and the full name of Don Allman.


A group of younger ladies investigating had what seemed to be a few children spirits following them around. Through the Spirit Box they heard the name of "Cody" come through when they asked what the names of the kids in the building were. They asked "Will you try and touch the doll" and they heard a sarcastic "Oh, geez no". They asked "Hello, do you want to talk", and the reply was curt- "We don't really need company".

It was a great week for us. If you have anything you'd like to share with us, please tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse so we can enjoy it too!