Sunday, October 30, 2016

Investigation Update 10.30.2016

We have had one crazy busy of a week! Halloween weekend is a big draw to America's Most Haunted City- Savannah- and the Gribble House hits the top of a lot of people's To-Do lists. We had a lot of fun, and collected a lot of evidence. Here's some of what happened...

Willie was our lead investigator on Sunday night with a group that was so excited to investigate that everyone showed up early to get started! Although the building had a peaceful, almost calm feeling to it, the investigators were a little bit nervous about going into a real paranormal investigation. Willie placated their fears, and the night went pretty well for them all.

There was almost no REM Pod activity to speak of, or K-II Meter. It was almost like nothing was moving around in the building. However, the Spirit Box was super active and it often synced up with the Ovilus that Willie brought out to amplify the tour. To top it all off, it seemed like almost every image snapped by the investigators had orbs in it! Awesome.

Willie took the lead again on Monday night with a lady who was on her second investigation in the building. A few years ago she had investigated with Garry when the Gribble House Paranormal tour was just getting off the ground. That first go around she had a fantastic time and she was looking forward to another great investigation. Turns out she got a little more than what she bargained for!

The building seemed quiet and subdued, but there was still a lot of activity happening around the investigators. The most active area seemed to be the Slave Quarters, where the Spirit Box was giving great responses. The highlight of the night was when Willie left the investigator alone in the Slave Quarters and she asked to be touched to prove that she wasn't alone in that hot spot- and it happened! She came rushing out a bit startled that she had physical activity! Very cool!

Kelly was the lead investigator on the next evening- Tuesday. Two of the ladies who investigated were from Australia, and another couple as well on a very creepy night in the building. There was a lot of EMF activity and not a single bit of REM Pod, which is always an odd thing. Both the Raggedy Ann doll and the Ghost Meter Pros flashed almost constantly. The strangest activity, though, came through the Spirit Box. The responses were sporadic, and it seemed like the spirits were trying to come through with whole phrases, but were struggling. Some of phrases were repeated throughout the entire evening. The investigators heard "Hide", "Leave", "Go", "Help" and "Port", along with the sounds of a baby crying.

At the Stage Area, the investigators got some really great responses through the Ghost Box. They asked "Paul, can you say my name", to which they heard the response of "Tracy" which was one of the ladies investigating that night. "How many need help here", "There's a lot" came the reply. "Is Eliza Gribble here", they asked, and they heard "Elsewhere". "Do you know anything about the murdered ladies", "Maggie". "What happened to Maggie" they asked. "Dead".

The investigators had a unsettling moment while in the Slave Quarters. They asked "Who is here in the corner". The response they heard was "Devil".

On Wednesday night, Ted was the lead investigator with a couple who is super into paranormal investigations- they had seen the episode of Ghost Adventures with the Gribble House before they had even every come to Savannah! The activity in the building that evening started even before the official investigation began. It sounded like there were people walking around and talking inside of the warehouse while Ted was setting up in the office area. This wasn't the only time that strange noises happened in the building. Several times during the investigation it sounded like a metal pipe was being dropped in the center of the building, and at other times it sounded like something was being drug across the floor.

Some of the responses that came through the Ghost Box were pretty pertinent to the investigators themselves. When the investigators first started the night in the Stage Area, they heard "Made it" come through. This was odd because those investigators had gotten lost on their way to the Gribble House that night. In the Slave Quarters, the word "Geek" came through several times, which was strange because that's what the investigators had called each other all day long.

At the Stage Area, the word "Bitch" came through several times. One of the investigators "Jamie" had their name called through the Spirit Box. "Do you know anyone else's name" they asked. The reply they heard was "I think".

Thursday night was a great investigation, as well. Kelley lead the investigation on a pretty awesome night. There were a few strange moments of the evening, such as when one of the investigators got chills while in the Gribble House area. A lot of words came through the Spirit Box after the investigators had said them, such as Spirit, Light, Green, and The Doll.

Quite a few names came through during the course of the night. They heard Seth, Vincent, Tom, Paul, Buck, Albert, Nick, Mark, Howard, Emma, Rod, Stacia, Ann, Rick, Steve, Mac, Billie, Chris, Gideon, Paul, Seth, Sara, and Ted. In fact, through the Ghost Box they heard "Ted... where's Ted"? This was spoken by a woman. In the Slave Quarters, there were some strange and derogatory phrases that came through. The investigators heard "Stupid", "Very stupid", "Dumbest", and "Filthy freak".

We had two investigations on Friday night with Kelley and Kaitlyn at the helm. The first investigation of the night was great- it seemed like there was a dark and heavy vibe to the building. Kelley had to keep changing the batteries in several pieces of equipment because the batteries were draining very quickly- including her own camera. One of the investigators noticed that none of her personal EVP recordings saved on her phone- they seemed to not have recorded at all! That investigator, and another, caught similar shadowy figures in the pictures they took at the same time from near the Gribble House. You can see one of those images here:

One group had a guest named Brent who is a solider. It seemed like wherever he was in the building the spirits of other soldiers were following him and attempting to make contact. Brent had some great flashlight activity that turned on and off on cue- whenever he would ask or when he would ask the spirit to back away from the light. So cool. They heard the names Dan, Benjamin, Richard, Patrick, Major, and Sam come through. Sam told them that he had died in combat, and that he wanted to go back to his wife. Brent himself had his named called twice through the spirit box. One of the spirits knew what Brent's rant was as an officer, and even addressed him as "Sir" or "Yes, sir". Amazing!

Another one of the groups investigating were experienced investigators and they brought a K-II Meter from their own equipment. It seemed like this group had a lot of activity around them, but it was like the activity was shifting from group to group. At the beginning of the night, one of the groups didn't really have much activity at all around them, but by the end of the night they started having the same words come through the Ovilus and the Spirit Box at almost the same time. This is always great.

During the second investigation, the investigators started off in the Slave Quarters. The investigators were so excited to get started that at first, everyone was asking a lot of questions all at once. They realized this and said "We are asking too many questions". Through the Ghost Box they heard "Exactly". Then they asked if the spirits could manipulate any of their devices, and the Ghost Meter Pro came on. To top that all off, one of the investigators asked "Can you come sit next to me", and the K-II Meter that was set up in the metal folding chair next to him started to go off! Amazing!

There were a few moments in the night that made both Kelley and Kaitlyn question what was going on. For example, the investigators were all in the Residual Area using both the Ovilus and the Spirit Box. Words were coming up on the Ovilus screen with regularity but one word came up that was pretty strange. The investigators saw "LMAO" (laugh my ass off) come up on the screen- a word that isn't in the database for the Ovilus. How odd!

Kelley had her own strange moment in the building that night while she was watching the CCTV screens. It seemed like there was a black shadow following one of the investigators around on the screen- a figure. Very unsettling.

Saturday night we had two big investigations, as well with Ted and Kaitlyn as the leads. Some of the more interesting activity happened in the Residual Area right of the bat for the night and the Stage Area. In the Residual Area, the investigators asked "Can we help you", and then all of the EMF Detectors in the room lit up. One of the investigators snapped a photo and then they heard both "Flash" and "Light" come through. So cool.

The Slave Quarters was a very active hot spot that night, too, leading up to a very crazy moment. The Spirit Box activity was good. When the investigators asked what the names of the spirits in the room were they heard "Chris". "Tell us your name again" which they heard "What" followed by "Chris" and "Wade". "How many are here", and they heard "Two or five", followed by "Me". "What is your name", that asked again. "Lee... Lee". "Are you in the room with us" they asked. "Near" came the reply. This was followed by the most physical activity of the night. As a group of investigators were in the room, the heavy metal slave quarters door opened by itself! That's amazing!

The second investigation was pretty awesome, too. As they watched the CCTV screen, there seemed like there was a ton of orbs floating and zooming across the warehouse which is always a good thing.

The Residual Area was very active during the second tour. One of the groups heard the name Abe come through the Spirit Box on several occasions in this area, and once before they had ever even left the Safe Room. One of the ladies asked "What do you see", and through the Spirit Box they heard "Heaven" come through very quietly and softly. Then they asked the spirits to say their names individually, and they did for each of the investigators except for one. One of the guys in this group seemed to have a cold spot that followed him around the building, so cold that Kaitlyn could feel it as she walked past him.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators had a few strange moments. One of the investigators, Joe, had his named called through the Spirit Box without any prompting whatsoever, which is always strange to hear. The creepiest moment, though, came when one of the investigators asked "Is there a Heaven"? A little girl, with a very creep, tiny voice came through and said "And a hell"...

It was a super great week for us and the investigators on a week full of activity and evidence. If you want to share any images, video, or audio with us, please do! Send it direct to or tag it with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.