Sunday, October 23, 2016

Investigation Update 10.23.2016

We've been trying to get back into the swing of things here in Savannah after Hurricane Matthew decided to drop by, and we are almost there! We were definitely happy to have some time to investigate this week in the super active building. Here's some of what we collected:

Willie was the lead investigator on Sunday night with a pair of ladies- one of whom had been in the Gribble House once before. It seemed like every time they entered a new hot spot a different voice would come through the Ghost Box and say "Leave" or "Get out". Even so, the ladies were able to make some great contact that evening.

There seemed to be one ladies' voice that came through over and over through the Spirit Box. The strange thing was that the lady would try to speak but other male voices would come through and cut her off- she wasn't able to come through completely. The ladies even commented that "there are a lot of men in here" because the female voices were having a hard time communicating.

Kelley took the lead on Wednesday night with a group of ladies who were super set to investigate the building. They had been doing Ghost Tours around Savannah for most of the afternoon and were capping their night off with a real paranormal investigation at the Gribble House! There definitely was more than usual amounts of Spirit Box, Raggedy Ann doll, and K-II Meter activity happening in the building that night as well as more than usual numbers of children's and women's voices coming through to communicate.

They started the evening in the Gribble House area where they noticed that whenever one of the women would mention the murdered ladies from 1909 that the floral perfume scent would come through extremely strong. The word "Hell" came across both the Ovilus screen and through the Spirit Box at the exact same time, which was very eerie. One of the investigators asked if the child spirits they were hearing would like to hold the Raggedy Ann doll and through the Spirit Box they heard "I wish" come through in a child's voice as the investigators documented a temperature drop around the flashing doll. Crazy!

A few different words came through over and over, such as "Harvest" through both the Ovilus and the Spirit Box, as well as words like "Friend" or "Friendship". Another strange thing that happened was most of the yes and no responses the investigators were getting were actually "Uh-huhs" and "Nuh-huhs".

We had a bit of a different evening on Thursday night when Ted took the lead as investigator along with two students from SCAD representing the radio. These two planned on starting their night doing a regular investigation and then planned on braving the building through the course of the rest of the night in a tent! Brave people! Neither of them had ever done anything like this before and were excited to get started.

In the Gribble House area the investigators introduced themselves. "This is Ted, John, and Kelsey, who are you?" "Amber" came the reply, followed by "Hey John", and "John" again. "I think they said your name again", which was followed by "Again". A few words were repeated in this area, both words that the investigators said and the same words that came through the Spirit Box. One of the investigators asked "What do you want us to do", to which they heard "Speak", and then again "Speak".

We'll be catching up with John and Kelsey again this coming week and we can't wait to hear what she collected during her night in the tent...

Kelley was our lead investigator on Friday night when the building was super active with a very creepy vibe to it! Every got chills all night long during the investigation.

One of the creepier thing that happened throughout the night was the tone of the language being used. Words such as Prostitute, Bitch, Go F*ck Yourself, and other nasty words came through. There also seemed to be words coming through that had to do with being dead. They heard Corpse. Killed, Dead Person, Murdered, and Dying.

When they entered the Gribble House area, they asked "Who murdered the ladies here", to which they heard the reply of "Wayne... God knows". Creepy.

Kelley and Kaitlyn were the lead investigators through two fantastic tours on Saturday night. It was pretty active in the building despite the fact that during the first investigation most of those in the group were new to ghost hunting.

Throughout the course of the night lots and lots of names came through the Ghost Box. They heard Thomas, Danny, Yusef, Maggie, Loretta, Emma, Emit, Christian, and others. The investigators asked "Thomas, did you have anything to do with the murders", to which they heard the reply of "Helped out". They didn't ask but mentioned that the "Ghost Meter pro is blinking like crazy" and they heard "Sorry" as the reply. They then asked "How did you kill those ladies" and they heard "Came from the back". So unsettling...

They heard Yusef's name come through the Ghost Box a few times in the Residual Area and they tried to ask him some questions, but the voice coming through didn't match up correctly. None the less, the investigators got a lot of relevant responses to their questions about him. "Yusef, what country are you from" and they heard "Egypt". "What can we do to help you", they asked. "Leave".

During the second investigation the investigators had a lot of luck with the Ghost Meter Pro as a yes and no questioning device. They asked "Did you used to be a slave" while they were in the Slave Quarters and the device flashed twice for no. The investigators were inspired to ask questions because of the words coming up on the Ovilus screen. They saw the word Child come up on the screen and they asked "Is it a boy or a girl". A very soft and timid voice came through and whispered "Boy" through the Spirit Box.

An investigator favorite question is "What is your favorite food", and they get a lot of responses. On this evening, the investigators asked while in the Gribble House area and they heard the word "Cantaloupe" come through. How strange!

One of the strangest moments of the night happened with Kaitlyn while she was standing in the corner of the building. She had a rock in her back pocket and it suddenly felt like someone was trying to pull it out of her pocket with two fingers. When she reached back to see what was happening, it actually seemed like she felt the fingers as they pulled away! She was so started that the investigators noticed her reaction. She asked if anyone had been trying to take her stone and through the Spirit Box they heard the sound of children giggling...

It was such a good week for us, and everyone who came along and investigated with us. If you have anything to share, please do! Send it direct at or tag us with the @gribblehouse and #gribblehouse tag.