Sunday, October 16, 2016

Investigation Update 10.16.2016

Well, it has been a strange week for the Gribble House Paranormal Crew. Between a hurricane, flooding, black outs, and curfews, it took us a while to get back in the swing of things! But we are back now and managed to have two fantastic investigations in the later portion of the week. So, here's the evidence we collected this week:

Ted was our lead investigator on Friday night with a group of folks who couldn't have been more excited to investigate with us.

The Stage Area was particularly active with some really good question and answer sessions. The K-II Meter was flashing on one of the folding metal chairs, so one of the investigators asked "Are you sitting in that chair looking at us". "Yep" was the reply. They then asked "Who are you looking at"?. They heard the reply of "Her". "Are you here, Paul?" another investigator asked. "I am Paul" they heard. "Who else is here with us", "Rick" came the response through the Ghost Box. They then heard "Ricky" come through, this time in a woman's voice.

A little girl's voice kept coming through when the investigators were in the Slave Quarters at the same time that the Raggedy Ann doll was flashing. "Little kid, please tell us your name" they asked. "Jess" came through the Spirit Box in a little girl's voice. "How old are you", they then asked. Instead of hearing a number, the little girl's voice replied with "Help". "What do you need help with", to which they heard the reply "Ghosts". Very strange.

Children and women's voices were very prevalent in the building on that night, in the Slave Quarters and in the Gribble House hot spots especially. While the investigators were in the Gribble House area, they were attempting to make contact with Carrie and ask questions about the 1909 murders. But, the spirits they were talking with didn't seem to have much information. "Carrie, are you here", to which they heard the reply "Momma". "What happened to the women", they asked, but they heard "What's up" come through. Then they asked "What happened on the property" and they heard "Slave" through the Ghost Box.

On Saturday night, Kelley and Kaitlyn were our lead investigators on an active night in the building. There seemed to be more than normal K-II and Ghost Meter Pro activity all over the entire building, with some really strange battery activity going on. Kelley had started the night with freshly charged batteries in her camera, but by the end of the night they had drained completely twice over. Most of the power draining seemed to happen while she was near the Stage Area. So odd!

One of the men investigating had some particularly strange activity going on around him. The voice of a young woman kept coming through and he kept mentioning that it felt like someone was touching him on the arm. He would ask which arm the spirit was touching, left or right, and each time the Spirit Box would call back the correct arm that was having the sensation.

There were a couple of names that came through the Ghost Box repeatedly all night long, they were Pete, Jack, John, Ann, Jesus, and Mitch. But, other names came through once or twice as well. They heard Lisa, Frank, Me, Mike, Dave, Nick, and Carol.

There were times on Saturday night when that distinct floral scent was extremely strong in the Gribble House area. Even though that scent was strong, it was the Stage Area that was the most active spot of the evening. Kaitlyn was talking to the investigators about what kind of questions to ask the spirits to garner the most responses and through the Ghost Box they heard "Ask me, sweet heart". They asked "Does any one need help", to which they heard the response "Don't need it". A gruff, deep male voice kept coming through and he was being very domineering. On several occasions he told them to "Leave" and "Beat it".

Now that the storms are gone we are hoping for clear skies and dark nights- and of course, hot investigations! If you have any images, audio, or video you would like to share with us go ahead and direct message or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse. See you all next week!