Monday, October 10, 2016

Investigation Update 10.10.2016

Well, talk about a crazy week! The Gribble House was under siege by Hurricane Matthew- but we made it through! Before the storm hit, we had three investigations, and here's what happened:

Willie was our lead investigator throughout the entire week. On Sunday night Willie investigated with a couple who were fairly scared to be in the building. The activity in the building was pretty strange- it seemed like whenever it was time for them to leave the hot spots they were investigating, that was when the activity started up. While they were at the Stage Area it didn't seem like anything was happening until they stood to move to the Slave Quarters. Then both the EMF Detector and the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash!

Asking the spirits to make anything happen didn't help, everything had to happen organically.

On Monday night Willie investigated with two parents and their daughter and a father and daughter, who was extremely excited to investigate. One of the girls was so excited to investigate that she brought along her own Ghost Meter Pro!

The night seemed strange to Willie who has done dozens of investigations in the building. It seemed like one of the groups was getting all of the visual activity and the other was getting all of the verbal activity! The father/ mother/ daughter group had both the EMF Detector and the Raggedy Ann doll go off consistently in the Slave Quarters. The father/ daughter pairing ended up having a fantastic conversation with a soldier spirit who told them that his name was both "William Clark" and "Clark William".

Finally on Tuesday night, Willie investigated with a couple who had been on tour with us once before. Their first investigation had been so interesting that they decided to come back and try again. The first time they had been in the Gribble House both of their grandparent's names had come through the Spirit Box, along with their own. Crazy!

Both Willie and the wife investigating had their names called through the Ghost Box, and Willie's name also came up on the Ovilus. A few minutes later the Ovilus called Willie "Kind", which is always nice to hear! The husband had a really interesting moment in the building while Willie was towards the front of the building when he heard his grandfather's name come through the Spirit Box- "Bill". He had said "I love you, grandpa" come through, which was followed by a scary, almost demonic voice replying "Yea... love you". That's when they decided it was time to go.

Despite the storm, we had a really great week. Here's hoping this week is full of calmer weather!