Sunday, October 2, 2016

Investigation Update 10.02.2016

The Gribble House Paranormal Experience Crew had a really interesting week in the building! Here's a little bit of what went on...

This past Monday night was the start of our week with Ted as the lead investigator. Everyone who investigated that night watch the ghost hunting tours like Ghost Adventures and they were ready to get going as soon as the night began.

The Slave Quarters was one of the most interesting spot of the evening. As they walked into the space, the K-II Meter that was in the space was already lighting up. One of the investigators felt as if something was tapping on his shoulder- like it felt "weird". The investigators asked "Can you make the light flicker more", "No" came through the Ghost Box, but just after the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash.

There were quite a few names being called through the Spirit Box when the investigators asked "Who is with us tonight". They heard Zach, Thomas, David, Anne, Julia, and Steve. One of the investigators, Romy, had her named called through the device, which startled her.

Ted was our lead investigator again on Thursday night with a group that was excited to set inside the Gribble House building.

On this night they started the investigation in the Slave Quarters. Rather than just asked the names of the spirits they were conversing with just once, these investigators asked several times with good results. The first time they asked "Is anyone here" they heard "Tom". "Tell us what your name is", "Mack". Then they asked "Hello, what is your name", then "Ulysses" came through the Ghost Box. They also heard Clint, Morris, and Warren come across.

The investigators were walking across the building floor from the Residual Area to the Gribble House hot spot and one of the ladies felt a breeze go past her. This happened just at the same time as the word "Touch" came through the Ghost Box she was holding. Crazy!

Kelley took the lead with Kaitlyn on Saturday night as lead investigating team. Before the investigation began, Kelley was in the bathroom when she experienced something very strange. It sounded as if a woman whispered "Leave", and it sounded like it was coming from the all that's opposite of the Slave Quarters. This isn't the first time that has happened lately in and around the Slave Quarters hot spot and it really creeped her out!

It was a really strange night of investigating, from the time Kelley heard the "Leave" until the night ended. One of the men investigating had what seemed to be a large number of orbs around him- they showed up in just about every single picture of him. That same woman's voice that Kelley heard at the beginning of the night was heard by all of the investigators as the night went on, saying the same word- "Leave".

There were a few strange just pertinent responses from the Spirit Box that night. One of the investigator asked "How did you die", to which they heard "I need food... the food killed", then they heard some murmuring about "Apples". They asked if anyone in the Residual Area was a soldier and they heard "Major" come through. "Are you a Union Soldier", they asked to which they heard "Funny... no. I like Ted". Finally in the Gribble House, they asked "Mrs. Gribble, are you with us her tonight", to which they got a different response than they expected. "That's enough!!" came through the Ghost Box in a gruff male voice.

A good week for us! If you'd like to share what you've collected, tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse- or as always, send it direct!