Sunday, September 4, 2016

Investigation Update 9.4.2016

This week was a rollercoaster! From beautiful weather at the beginning of the week to the craziness of Hermine at the end, we investigated through it all! Here's some of the evidence we collected:

Willie was our lead investigator on Sunday night with three ladies who came in ready to go. They were all familiar with the ghost hunting shows like Ghost Adventures, and came in with open minds. 

Most of the activity that night came through the Spirit Box, although the REM Pod was also fairly active- and that activity started off during the History portion when it started to flash over by the Gribble House gate. The investigation that night was relaxed, and that relaxation seemed to help the investigators. Most of their questions were answered through the Spirit Box with relevant responses. Great!

Kelley was our lead investigator on Wednesday night on what turned out to be a hugely active night! The Spirit Box was amazingly active, with whole phrases and messages coming through in soft voices. Behind many of the responses were screams and heavy breathes, and there seemed to be more than usual lady and children voices coming through.

The investigators heard a lot of relevant responses come through the Spirit Box. One of the groups heard the name Fred come through the Spirit Box, when the other group with Fred had just left the area they were investigating. When they started asking questions, they got some great responses. "Is there a little girl here", they asked. "Always... Julia", came through in a female's voice. "Can you touch the red light"? "I did", came the reply, "The red". 

There seemed to be a lot of physical activity in the building, too. One of the ladies investigating in the Slave Quarters kept having her hair pulled as they stayed in that area. In the residual area, one of the men investigating was touched on the arm, while prompted full body goosebumps. Awesome!

On Thursday night Ted was our lead investigator with a group of folks who were very excited to start the investigation. They started out the evening at the Stage Area where they made contact with Steve. Steve was not very friendly this night and most of his answers were pretty standoffish. The investigators asked "Do you want us to go away", "Go away" came the response. "Can you move the chair", they asked. "I could". "If you can move the chair, please do", the investigators asked. "Get out", Steve replied.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators asked "Who do we have here", which was followed by "Chuck". "How old are you, Chuck", "Fifty" came the reply. Just after this, through the Spirit Box they heard "Hey Tom", which was the name of one of the investigators. When they asked the spirits why they were there in the Slave Quarters, the response they heard was "Owners". "Did you hear Owners", they asked, to which they heard the reply "Exactly".

On Friday night we got to welcome back Kaitlyn! She's been away for a few weeks, but now she's back and we are glad to have her again as a lead investigator. She and Kelley took the lead this night after Hermine had cleared Savannah! 

There were a lot of real time replies for the investigators, but there were even more phrases that Kelley heard when reviewing the audio later on. That's one of the best investigation tools we have- using the Voice Recorder app on our phones. This give you the chance to focus on the investigation while it's happening and then evaluate later on. One of the best Kelley evaluated later was when they heard "Under" and "Water come through in real time and Kelley then heard "They paid her with the ocean" come through in a whisper.

In the Gribble House are there was a string of questions and answers through the Ghost Box "Take a seat", an investigator said. "We sit". They asked "Who is touching the red light", to which they got two responses. "Bob", and then, "Gwen". "Where are the ladies from the Gribble House", and they heard "They can't leave". The investigators asked the spirits about the tropical storm Hermine. "Do you know about the hurricane", to which they heard "It's the season... you look nervous". 

The duo of Kelley and Kaitlyn lead in the investigation on Saturday night, too. This was a great evening for all the investigators and there were some very strange things that happened. The night was extremely active, but the REM Pod never went off once. Although the Raggedy Ann doll flashed in almost every hot spot, she was amazingly active in the Slave Quarters. At the Stage Area the investigators caught the scent of moth balls that came and went fairly quickly. 

Some of the investigators were sitting at the Stage Area when a drop of water came down from the ceiling. They started laughing about it and as they did, laughter started coming through the Ghost Box. "Did you make the water drop on us", they asked. "Sorry", came the reply. 

Lots of names came through the Spirit Box that night, as well. They heard Paul, Joe, Troy, Otis, Ian, Nathan, Steve, Vincent, Larry, Cindy, Rita, Luke, and Alex. It seemed like the Ovilus and the Ghost Box were syncing up a bit, because many of the messages coming up on the Ovilus screen seemed to coincide with words being spoken through the Ghost Box. They heard "Pick up" come through while they read "Call" on the Ovilus. "Help me out here" they heard, with "Help" on the screen. Cool!