Sunday, September 18, 2016

Investigation Update 9.18.2016

Happy Sunday! We hope all of you had as great of a week as we did- we collected a lot of activity in the building and can't wait to share it with you. So, here goes:

Tuesday night was the start of our week with Kait as the lead investigator. The building didn't seem to be super active, but the activity that did come through was especially interesting. Quality over quantity, that night.

The Raggedy Ann doll lit up a couple of times while the investigators were at the Stage Area. She seemed to light up in congruence with some other activity going on, like the EMF Detectors, and even more interestingly, when one of the ladies was getting chills. Using the Digital Thermometer, the other investigators were able to document that when she was getting these chills the temperature around her was dropped sightly compared to the other air around here. Awesome!

Paul made some contact with them while they were in the Stage Area, but he didn't feel like chatting with them. "Can we ask you some questions", they asked, to which they garnered the succinct reply of "NO". Classic Paul.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Thursday night with a pair of ladies, one of whom is a very experienced ghost hunter, and another who had no experience at all! Both seemed to have a lot of activity around them in the form of Spirit Box chatter.

A lot of the really good Spirit Box activity happened in the Slave Quarters, and a good bit of it lined up with the Ghost Meter Pro signalling yes and that corresponded with yes and no answers through the Ghost Box, which is always a good thing. They asked "Do you have any children with you", to which they heard the reply of "No", and the Ghost Meter Pro flashed for "No". Along with their direct responses to questions, there were a few seemingly random words and phrases that came through. They heard Killed, Talk, Listen, Leave, Cop (in a ladies voice), followed by The Cop (in a man's voice), Get out, and Help me damn it!

Throughout the entire evening, all three of the ladies in the building had distinct and unmistakable chills, sometimes accompanied by goosebumps. At one point, the REM Pod went off where it was sitting near the Gribble Gate, just as the chains on the garage door rattled. In both the Slave Quarters and the Residual Area, the investigators felt as though something was moving behind them, followed by the sensation of being tapped on the shoulder. So strange!

Kaitlyn was the lead investigator on Friday night. We had some classic Gribble House activity on this night. When one of the groups was in the Gribble House area, they caught the scent of heavy floral perfume- and it didn't seem to waft in and get stronger as time went on. It was if all of a sudden someone had sprayed perfume and the scent was very strong. At the same time this was going on, another group in the Slave Quarters was having a lot of luck with the Ghost Meter Pro, asking the spirit they were conversing with to reply with flashes to indicate yes or no. This was working flawlessly for them.

The Spirit Box was also particularly active, with whole sentences and not just single word responses coming through! This seemed to happen all over the building, and not just in one hot spot. One of the spirits who they made contact with as a little girl in the Slave Quarters. She told the investigators that she was "Eight" years old, but would not tell them her name.

Another spirit they made contact with in the Slave Quarters was perfectly happy with answering their questions, but was pretty unwilling to make any sort of physical contact. They asked him where he was from, and the reply they heard was a clear "Georgia". However, when they asked the spirit to touch the EMF Detector and make it flash they heard an equally clear "NO" come through.

Finally, on Saturday night Kelley and Kaitlyn were our dynamic duo of lead investigators on a night that seemed to FLY by, there was so much activity going on. There seemed to be more than usual women's and children's voices coming through in not just single word replies, but in whole soft phrases.

There also seemed to be certain words that were very popular during the night. For example, they heard the word "Attic" come through the Spirit Box on three different occasions, and had the word come up on the Ovilus as well. They asked "Did something happen in the attic", to which they heard the same word reply, "Attic". Two other words they heard a few times were "Homeless" and "Words".

The investigators had some great luck at the Stage Area, where they made contact with Paul. His gruff male voice seemed to follow them through the entire warehouse after that. They also had a very unsettling string of words come through in a man's voice. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Sick... nurse... much better here".

Such a good week with a lot of solid evidence collected. If you have any audio or images you'd like to share, go ahead and send direct to, or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.