Sunday, September 11, 2016

Investigation Update 9.11.2016

Hello and Happy Sunday, Gribble fans! We had a really super week this past seven days and collected a TON of activity. Here's some of what's been going on:

Willie was our lead investigator on Sunday night. Three of the folks who accompanied him that evening had investigated with us before, and everyone else were first time Ghost Hunters- but everyone was ready to go when they came in. Two of the folks even brought their own equipment!

The Slave Quarters seemed to be particularly active this night. Not only was the Raggedy Ann doll flashing an incredible amount when Willie placed her in a chair near the sink, but all three of the groups made contact with the same spirit, who called himself Nick. Three of the investigators had their names called in the Slave Quarters, in what sounded like the same voice- Nick. Pretty cool.

In the Gribble House, one of the investigators had his FULL name called, not just his given name. Just after his first and last name came through, he felt cold all over. At the same time, the EMF Detector was flashing and went all the way up to the orange.

Willie was also our lead investigator on Monday night with two ladies who were nervous, but eager to get into the investigation. They were able to make contact with several spirits that night- Paul, Steve, Dave, Jim, and Cynthia.

In the Gribble House area, Willie decided to set up the EMF Detector and the Raggedy Ann doll very close to one another. He placed the doll in the corner and the EMF by the post. Then he asked the spirit they were talking with to come closer and give them a sigh that he was actually there with them. Both the EMF and the Raggedy Ann doll lit up at the same time and with the same intensity! Awesome!

On Tuesday night, Kelley took over as the lead investigator. During most the evening, Kelley and the investigators experienced some great Spirit Box activity, but under their strong responses were a lot of soft phrases that were hard to make out. Although it was difficult to follow during the actual investigation, because the ghost hunters used their Voice Recorder apps on their phones, they were able to go back and take a better listen. That's always a good thing!

Near the Gribble House area the Raggedy Ann doll got some good activity in conjunction with some great EVP activity through the Ghost Box. Raggedy Ann started flashing pretty strongly and then turned off suddenly. The investigators asked "Can you touch the doll again". "Too late" they heard come through the Ghost Box. "It's too late", they asked. "Too late".

The investigators heard quite a few names came through- Ted, John, Edward, Christ, Kevin, Madison, Zach, Keith, and Old Jim. The name Chuck came through several times. "Chuck... Chuck" came through at one point in a deep male voice, followed by a woman's voice saying "Raped me".

On Wednesday night, Ted was our lead investigator with a couple from Nashville who had come to Savannah on their anniversary! They started their night at the Stage Area where they got a good amount of K-II Meter activity. Ted had just placed a Meter in a metal folding chair when he said "You can come forward and sit in the chair". As soon as he said those words, the K-II began to flash. One of the investigators had a K-II in their hands as well, and theirs began to flash. "Are you touching my hand", they asked, which was followed by another flash of the K-II. Cool!

The Stage Area continued to give up some great activity. They asked "Have you been here a long time", to which they heard the reply "No". Just after they heard "Jeremy" come through the Spirit Box, which is the name of the man investigating that night. "Did it say my name", he leaned over and asked Ted. "I did" came through the Ghost Box. Then the voice coming from the Spirit Box asked a question! "How old are you... how old", the male voice asked. "I'm 37, how old are you". "20" came the reply.

When the investigators moved to the Residual Area, the vibe in the building started to came and the investigators started to feel very eerie. As they sat there and asked questions through the Spirit Box, somewhere in the building came a low whistle. "Are you here", they asked, to which came another whistle coming across the floor...

Kaitlyn was our lead investigator on Thursday night! We are very glad to have Kaitlyn back investigating with us after her long vacation! On this night, the investigators started in the Slave Quarters where they immediately had activity with the Spirit Box. As they walked into the hot spot, before any of them asked any questions or said anything, they heard two different voices call through the Spirit Box "Hello". When they asked who they were talking with they heard the names Paul and Steve come through.

A group of investigators were standing near the Stage Area watching the CCTV monitors while the other group was in the Gribble House area. One of the ladies watching the feed focusing on the stairs near the Slave Quarters got a start when she noticed something moving at the top of the stairs! None of the investigators were anywhere near the stairs. Awesome!

Throughout the entire building that night, the larger group investigating had some pretty intense temperature fluctuations. Using the Digital Thermometer, they documented several temperature drops going as far down as 5 to 10 degrees and rising by the same amount. Very cool.

Again on Friday night, Kaitlyn was our lead investigator. On this evening, the activity began as soon as the investigators entered the Slave Quarters, much like the nights before. As the investigators were getting settled in the hot spot, the Ghost Meter Pro began to go off all the way up to the red. At the same time, the REM Pod showed a temperature increase- rather than a decrease. They decided to ask "Is there anyone who would like to talk with us"? Through the Spirit Box they heard "Richard" come through several times in several different voices.

The Gribble House was fairly active, too. The Ghost Meter Pro was flashing to red while one of the investigators asked "Are there any women in here tonight". After they asked that question the K-II Meter flashed to red while a strange, not normal static started to come through the Spirit Box. The static didn't end until the K-II Meter went back down to not flashing. Very strange.

Finally, Ted and Kelley were our lead investigators on Saturday night. Everyone who came in that evening was excited to investigate the space, and they collected some great activity. Before the official investigation began, Kelley and Ted were setting up in the building and noticed that the building had a very strange vibe to it. Kelley was standing near the Safe Room looking out into the space and saw a shadow person standing and swaying near the Office Door. A little while later, when she was near the Office, both of them heard the chain connected to the garage door move and drag slightly!

In the Gribble House area, through the Spirit Box they heard a woman's voice say "Did not catch them". The Ghost Meter Pro was going off on command for the investigators. "Can you make the EMF Detector flash again"- it did. This continued until one of the investigators asked "Do you want us here", and a woman's voice replied "Get out".

After the investigators left the Gribble House area, they moved to the Residual Area hot spot. There, they made contact with a child. "How old are you", they asked. "Ten" was the reply. "Where you in the house when the murders happened"?. "Both present" came through the Spirit Box.

We had a great week, and so did our investigators. If you have any audio or images you would like to share with us, please send them to or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.