Sunday, August 7, 2016

Investigation Update 8.7.2016

We are officially into August now! Where has the time gone this year? Soon summer will be over and we'll be wishing for the warm weather again. But for now, Savannah is hot hot hot, and so are the investigations. Here's what's been going on:

Willie was our lead investigator on Sunday night and the REM Pod seemed to be particularly active. Although it was quiet during most of the History portion of the night, as soon as the investigation began, the device started to come alive. The group was moving into the Slave Quarters and the REM Pod flashed as they were walking into the hot spot. Willie asked the spirit near it to make it flash again, and it did on cue. Pretty cool!

Although everyone on the investigation that night was new to ghost hunting, they did a really fantastic job. New to investigating or old pros, we try to make sure everyone coming inside the building is ready to go. Willie explained the equipment to them- how each of them worked and how each of them collects evidence. By the end of the night, everybody was a seasoned investigator.

On Monday night, Kelley was our lead investigator on a pretty awesome night of investigating. There was a lot of interesting conversation through the Spirit Box all over the building that night. One of the ladies asked "What's the guy's name next to me". The response they heard was "Handsome". Then the investigators asked who the president was. They heard "Gerald" come through. Everyone investigating also heard two words in particular come through. They heard "Leave", and "Merchant".

Kelley didn't seem very welcome in the building that night. It seemed like every time she walked into the Slave Quarters, some pretty nasty words starting coming through the Spirit Box- but only when she walked near. "Woman- out. Get out" came through, followed by "Bitch... you're a bitch. Tramp". Not very nice!

We had two big investigations on Thursday night. The first investigation was with ten ladies in one big group who were in the Gribble House for the first time. Certain words came through the Spirit Box near the Stage Area over and over. They heard "Listen, listen to me", and "Food" come through. One of the ladies investigating asked "Are you going to the white light", to which they heard the reply "No way". When the lady repeated the question again, a deep and angry warning growl came through the Spirit Box.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators asked "How many are here". "Ten" came through twice in a row. Kelley was taking photos and when she did, they heard "Flash" said through the Spirit Box. When it came time to move into the Residual Area, another lady asked "How many kids do you have", to which they heard "Eight of them".

During the second investigation, Kelley decided to set up the REM Pod near the Gribble House gate, but usually much farther away from the metal gate than she usually does. For whatever reason, the REM Pod was very active just those few extra feet away from the gate and flashed on and off all night!

There were some amazing responses to questions that night. One of the ladies asked "What is your name". "My name" was the reply. This was followed by "Where are the ladies that were murdered here", to which they heard "They left".

Some of the same words were popping up on the Ovilus as they were coming through the Ghost Box. They saw Sir, Stay, Brave, Eat, Observe, and Company. Pretty neat!

Ted took the lead on Friday night, and it seemed like the building was just a little bit sad. A lot of the responses coming through the Ghost Box were depressed, and even a little bit angry. At the Stage Area they heard a spirit say "Please help... I am very unhappy" come through the Spirit Box.

The "F" word was being dropped all over the building. In the Slave Quarters, one of the men asked to speak to the little girl they were hearing in the background of the conversation. "'F' you" came through. "Are you afraid of us" they asked. "A little" came through in a woman's voice. When Ted came in and then left the Slave Quarters, he was apparently called an "Asshole". Not kind.

Ted was called another nasty name in the Gribble House area. "Dickweed" came through as he was entering the space. There was a woman crying through the Spirit Box, and so the investigators asked if they were hurt. "Go 'f' yourself" was the response. Towards the end of the evening, a set of investigators distinctly saw the shadow figure move across the building and disappear near the bathrooms. Awesome!

Saturday night had Ted and Kelley together as lead investigators through two great investigations. The REM Pod was very active this night as well, not only flashing but also going blue to indicate a temperature drop.

The investigator Andrew had his name called through the Ghost Box quiet a few times through the night. One of the other investigators asked "Who is standing near Andrew" and they heard "Larry" come through the Spirit Box. Although there was a lot of intelligent conversation going on, there also seemed to be a lot of random words being said. They heard "Leave", "Go", "Get out", "Stuck", "Scream", and "Run".

A group of four investigating that night had some really great Ghost Meter Pro anomalies, but had some really good luck when they asked for names. They heard Steve, Ian, Bill, and even got the full name of Will Smith. Cool!

The second investigation was pretty good, too. The REM Pod continued the activity into the second investigation, and the Spirit Box was just as active. Two particular names came through the Spirit Box over and over through the night- Spencer and Bill. But there were a few different names coming through. They heard Ester, Guillermo, Seth, Yusef, Henry, Jones, Sarah, and Paul.

In a lot of the photos taken by both Kelley and the investigators, there were clear and distinct orbs- more than usual. You could also clearly see those orbs on the screen of the CCTV set up near the Stage Area.

There was a bit of physical activity going on in the building that night, too. Not only did one of the investigators feel like she was being touched, it felt like the touching sensation was moving around her body, almost like they were circling around here. Crazy!

A great week for us! And a great week for our investigators. We captured a lot of evidence, and we had a lot of activity. If you see any images of yourself that you'd like to share, please do so! If you have any images, audio, or video you'd like to share, please tag it with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse tag! Or, you can always send it direct to