Sunday, August 14, 2016

Investigation Update 8.14.2016

What a lovely week for us! There was a lot of activity, and we had some great investigators with us. Here's what's been going on-

Willie was our lead investigator on Sunday night with a pair that was ready to go. There was some really interesting activity. During the portion of the tour when Willie was delivering the history, the REM Pod started to go off, which is always awesome. Just after, when Willie turned on the Ghost Box, the first word that came out was "Leave".

The coolest thing that happened, though, was with the speaker itself. It kept turning off! Willie inspected the wiring, shook the device, even turned it on and off himself. Nothing Willie did could make the speaker short out. But, it seemed like every time they were getting responses through the device, it would cut out and turn off. So strange!

Willie took the lead again on Monday night. The investigators started collecting evidence even before the real investigation began. As Willie was passing out the equipment, the investigators were snapping some photos, and caught some orbs in the pictures. As they turned on the equipment, everything started going. They said "Hello", and "Hey" came through the Spirit Box. Both the EMF Detector and the Ghost Pro started to flash.

The Slave Quarters was the most active hot spot of the night. They made contact with a spirit who called himself Phil, and his wife was with him. But, Phil didn't want the investigators to speak with her. Whenever they would try to talk with her, they would hear "Leave" come through the Spirit Box. Phil made contact with them for quite a long time through the Ghost Box.

Kait was our lead investigator on Tuesday night. The Slave Quarters was very active again this night. Not only was the Raggedy Ann doll flashing on and off, but they also heard from a lot of different spirits. They heard the names David, Pete, and Paul, who told them that there were twenty spirits in there with them. There were several times that the temperature fluctuated so strongly that the investigators were able to document it using the Digital Thermometer.

In the Gribble House area they heard from two female spirits, who said their names were Michelle and Angela. One of the ladies investigating asked the spirits to make the EMF Detector flash, and they heard a loud and strong "F- It" come through. Just after, one of the women felt a breeze go across her neck as the EMF Detector flashed.

On Wednesday night, Kelley was the lead investigator on a very active night- especially with the Spirit Box. Near the Stage Area, they had a few brief messages come through the Spirit Box. They heard "Go" come through a couple of times, as well as "Now", "Out", "Help", "Leave here", "Help" and "Don't touch it". They also heard a child's voice come through at the Stage Area. They asked "Can you touch it or make the doll move", to which they heard a kid reply "Touch it".

In the Slave Quarters, there was a really strange moment when a spirit named Chuck told the investigators that he was "Cleaning" at the "Sink" "Behind them". Very strange...

When the investigators were in the Gribble House area, they were looking across the building floor and could see figures standing near the stairs at the Slave Quarters. At almost the same time, the REM Pod began to flash green at the Gribble House gate. As they sat in the Gribble House area, they asked the spirits to touch or move the tag on the fire extinguisher- and it did! Awesome!

On Thursday night, Ted was our lead investigator. Everyone was super excited to investigate and came in with an open mind. At the Stage Area, they walked up and immediately heard "Hey" come through the Ghost Box. Ted walked up to the area and said "Please introduce yourself". Through the Ghost Box they heard "Hey Ted", and then "Get out". The investigators heard the "C" word come through the Spirit Box not once, but twice.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators were using both the Spirit Box and the Ovilus. When one of the investigators started snapping photos, they read the word "Light" come across the Ovilus as the camera was flashing. One of the investigators started feeling very ill, and had to leave the hot spot.

Kelley was our lead investigator again on Friday night with a really cool pair. One of the investigators, Yuli, had her name spoken through the Ghost Box quite a few times. This wasn't the first time Yuli had investigated the Gribble House, and as she was walking through the space they heard "Yuli", "Hey Yuli". But there was a really creepy moment when they heard "Yuli, Bob hates you" come through in a menacing female voice. Just a few minutes later, they heard the name "Bob" come through when they asked "Who is here with us".

There were some really strange and unsettling whispers coming through the Spirit Box. They were so unsettling that even Kelley, who has seen it all in the Gribble, was having the hair on the back of her neck stand up and felt uncomfortable.

In the Residual Area, there were a few numbers that came through. They heard "700", "30" and then "50" come through, in that order. Yuli asked "Is anyone home", to which they heard "Pete". "Who is Pete" they asked. "It's me". "Can you move the chair", she asked. This was followed by "Brat" that came through in a woman's voice. "How did you die". "Killed, damn it".

We had two awesome investigations on Saturday night. Kelley was our lead investigator and the first investigation went really well. Everyone had some great question and answer sessions.

One of the conversations had very strong undercurrents of the military. "How did you die", one of the investigators asked. "War" was the response. They asked again- "How did you die", which was followed by "Car crash". "Were you a soldier in the army", "Negative" came through. But then when they asked "Did you die in the war", they heard "Send help... take cover". "Why do you stay here", "The war". "Do you know the war is over?" they asked. Then there was a long pause, followed by "I'm going to be outnumbered".

There were some other relevant words and phrases that came through after that long conversation. They heard "Get out", and then "I think I would like to leave". Some one was exceptionally impatient and said "Leave, or ask questions". They then heard "I'm dead", followed by "They can't breathe" and "Two murdered".

The second investigation of the evening was just as good. Underneath all of the conversation through the Ghost Box, there were strange whispers and creepy breaths. There seemed to be more than usual responses from children that investigation, as well.


At the Stage Area, there were quite a few names that came through in response to the question "Who is here with us tonight". They heard Tori, Vincent, Mike, Ted, Paul, Nixon, and Joe. Another name came through, but it was on the Ovilus instead. They saw the name Veronica come up, so they asked "Veronica, are you going to talk to me". They heard a female voice come through then, saying "I'm coming". The investigators also heard a child's voice come through, who told them that he was both "Nine" years old and "Ten" years old.

One of the investigators was pacing around the Slave Quarters, and it must have bothered one of the spirits. They heard "Sit" come through the Ghost Box several times. This was followed by a very cold breeze moving past the investigators.

What a great week! We collected a lot of evidence, and we had a great time doing it. If you have anything you'd like to share with us, audio, video, or images, please feel free to send us direct to You can always tag yourself in what you see here, or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.