Sunday, July 3, 2016

Investigation Update 7.3.2016

Wow, it was really quite a full week for us! We collected a lot of evidence, and can't wait to share it with you. Here it is:

Our week started on Sunday night with Willie as the lead investigator. Although there was no REM Pod or Motion Sensor activity the Spirit Box was going pretty well. The investigators were asking the right questions, because they seemed to be receiving a lot of pertinent and relevant answers. But, the real star of the night was the Ghost Meter Pro, which went off consistently all evening long.

One strange thing that took place was with the EMF Detector. It seemed like they weren't going to go off at all, in fact it seemed like the device wasn't working. That was, until they entered the Slave Quarters. One of the investigators laid the EMF detector on the table in the room, and it immediately went up to three lights. Pretty cool!

Ted was our lead investigator on Monday night with a mother-daughter and husband and wife teams. They came into the building already fairly familiar with how everything works, being big fans of shows like Ghost Adventures.

These investigators had some really fantastic question and answer session with the Ghost Box, particularly in the Slave Quarters and in the Gribble House hot spots. In the Gribble House, one investigator asked "What happened here?". They heard the reply "Hatred", followed by "Two". "Was it two men who did the murders", they then asked. "Yes", came the reply. "Thank you for answering us", they said. "You're welcome". Finally they asked "Was it a random murder", followed by "Yes".

When they moved into the Slave Quarters, they had some really good responses, too They could hear the sounds of little girls coming through the Spirit Box, so they asked "Where is your mommy and daddy?". "Listening", was the reply. At the same time, the Ovilus read Me... Quiet.. Mommy... Hiding. Very strange.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Tuesday evening. The activity going on in the building was more than just Spirit Box and Ghost Meter Pro, but some was more physical. One young lady investigating snapped a photo of the Slave Quarter door, and in the photo is a reflection of the face of a man.


There were quite a few names coming through the Ghost Box. They heard Jay, Lee, Joe, Izzy, Ezra, Bob, Peter, Rashaad, Hewitt, and Jess. They heard Paul, Wade, Helen, Ebony, Dave, Steve, Toby, Jasper, and John. They also heard Eve, Eva, Zoey, Sally, Peter, Wilbur, Keith, and Kevin. Kevin, in particular, was very active. The one girl, whose foot was in a cast, kept feeling something touching her foot. When she asked who was doing it, "Kevin" was the reply. Her foot continued to tingle so she asked "Did you touch my foot"? The same voice came through again and said "Foot".

Another group investigating had great luck with their photos, as well. The group of two snapped a photo of a full figure. The Raggedy Ann doll was very active in the Slave Quarters. She seemed to shine more brightly and be more active whenever someone would acknowledge her, or walk closer to her.

Willie was the lead investigator again on Wednesday night. On this evening, there was no EMF, REM Pod, or Motion Sensor activity. The Spirit Box was very active, however. A mom and daughter team that was investigating were having really great luck with that device, and whenever they would try to leave one of the areas to move on, through the Ghost Box they would heard "Leave".

On Thursday night, Ted took the lead again. There was a lot of activity going on throughout the entire building on this evening. At the Stage Area, they immediately asked "If there is anyone with us here tonight, tell us your names". They heard Sally come through in a lady's voice, followed by Randy, and Emily, with Emily coming through in another lady's voice.

There was a strange moment when an investigator saw a white orb fly past the chair with the K-II Meter sitting in it. Just as he saw it, through the Ghost Box they heard the name "Parker", which just so happened to be his name...

In the Gribble House area, the K-II Meter was very active, flashing all the way up to red on several occasions- that was, until someone asked them to "Touch the device and make it flash". When they asked that, they heard "No" come through. The Ovilus and the Ghost Box synced up on several occasions. At one point, they asked the spirits to say their names and they heard "Pat" come through the Ghost Box, followed by the Ovilus screen lighting up with the name Pat. Very cool.

We had two big investigations on Friday night, with Kelley as the lead investigator. During the first investigation of the evening, everyone had some experiences that were similar. Everyone heard a few "Leave"s, a few "Hi"s, and everyone heard the word "Free" come through. But, everyone also had some very unique experiences.

One group had some particularly good responses through the Ghost Box. One spirit seemed to follow them around all evening long- he called himself "Ed". They first heard from Ed when they were in the Slave Quarters when the EMF Detector was going off. They asked who was sitting in the chair and they heard "Ed" come through. Ed told them that he was "Twelve", and that the others were eight and sixteen. One investigator said "You scared me", to which they heard the reply, "Boo".

 Another group of ladies had some very good luck with the Spirit Box at the Stage Area. They asked "Is there anything you would like to say to us", and they heard the reply of "A list" come through. They then asked how the spirits they were talking to had died. Through the Ghost Box they heard a woman say "Train", followed by a man's voice saying "Train". (Just across the street from the Gribble House sat the Savannah Union Station, until it was tragically demolished in 1963. Also across the street is the Savannah Visitors Center, and SCAD's Eichberg Hall, both used with the Central of Georgia Railroad).

The second investigation was just as good. This pair that investigated with Kelley were very experienced, and they came with their own digital recorders. Throughout the entire building, they heard "Help" come through the Ghost Box, and once or twice on the Ovilus.

There seemed to be a good bit of religious phrases, words, and undertones coming through the equipment. At one point, the word Cleansing came up on the Ovilus, as the name Bishop came over the Spirit Box. In the Gribble House area, the lady started reading the Lord's Prayer and then Psalm 23. On the Ovilus came the word Bible, followed by "Get her book" over the Ghost Box.

Saturday night, we also had two wonderful investigations with Kelley as the lead. The first investigation was good for everyone- everyone had strong Spirit Box, Ghost Meter Pro, Raggedy Ann doll, and K-II Meter activity. A few investigators felt chills in the very steamy building, and one even felt their chest tightening.

One couple who was investigating had their name come through the Spirit Box- Ronnie, followed by "D". The phrase that came through, actually, was "D... short". D is a nickname, and is short for Deanna. How interesting! On the Ovilus, they saw the word Chair come up on the screen as they asked the spirits they were conversing with to come over and sit on the "Chair" to make the EMF Detector flash.

A group of three that were investigating had two names come through several times. They heard Chuck, and Dwayne. When they asked them if they knew Paul, the reply was "Who"? "Do you ever see your family", they asked. "My mom", was the reply. The investigators continually heard the name "Nanette" come through, but it was called, almost yelled by a male voice. Strange.

The second investigation was just a good. It was an exceptionally active second investigation. Everyone heard one name come through- "Jim", and two of the investigations, Laura Ann and Dani, had their names called through the Ghost Box. When they started out their evening, one investigator turned on the Spirit Box and immediately the name "Kelley" came through.

In the Gribble House area, the name "Jim" came through the Ghost Box for the first time. They asked Jim, "Are you a ghost", the reply came "Oh, f-you". "Are there any ladies in this area", they asked. The reply they heard was "No". They heard "Help" come through, so they asked "Do you need help"? The response they got was a full, lengthy phrase- "Kevin might... can you make sure". Very cool.

There were a lot of child and woman's voices coming through the Ghost Box in the Slave Quarters. One voice, in particular, came through several times. The spirit called himself "Manuka", and told him that he was a "Slave", and that he had "Three", "Sons". Manuka like speaking to the investigator named Raven, especially. Her name came through a few times through the Ghost Box in the Slave Quarters, and again in the Residual Area.

What a wonderful week for us, and for everyone who investigated. We hope all of you have a great Fourth of July. If you have any images or audio you'd like to share with us, go ahead and tag it with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse. Or, you can always direct message us with anything you have!