Sunday, July 10, 2016

Investigation Update 7.10.2016

We started this week off with a bang- literally! Fourth of July celebrations were everywhere in Savannah, and many celebrated Independence Day with us. Here's some of the evidence we collected-

Willie was our lead investigator on Sunday night with some great folks who were ready and raring to investigate. One of the folks investigating with him that night was on her third trip into the Gribble House!

Throughout the night, one of the ladies investigating was feeling physically ill. This is pretty rare in the building, but she was feeling it so strongly that there were times she was on the verge of vomiting. Very odd.

The Spirit Box wasn't particularly chatty, but the EMF detectors were going off pretty well. When the night was over, everyone was happy with the evidence they had collected.

Ted was our lead investigator on Monday night, the Fourth of July. There was activity going on all over downtown, and inside the Gribble House! It seemed like the Slave Quarters was the most active area of the evening. As soon as they walked into the space they heard "Shit" come through the Ghost Box. "What is your name", they asked. "Richard" came the response. "Is that your name" they asked again. "Richard" came through again. The investigators then asked "What is the temperature here". "Eighty four" came one voice followed by "Seven" in another. The strange thing is the Digital Thermometer was reading 84.7. So odd!

Several of the investigators had their names called through the Ghost Box. Chelsea had her name called through the Ghost Box in the Slave Quarters. In the Gribble House area, Todd had his name spoken, as did the investigator Tyler.

On Tuesday night, Kelley was our lead investigator. Kelley is a seasoned investigator and not much gets to her in the building. But on this night, Kelley noted that the building had an especially creepy vibe to it. During the part of the history portion when everyone is in the building watching the video, Kelley heard a man's voice speak directly behind her shoulder, which startled her badly.

During the first part of the evening, Kelley had set up the REM Pod near the gated area, and it started going off right away. She kept moving the device away from the gate, and each time it went off again and again.

There was an odd exchange in the Slave Quarters through the Ghost Box. One investigator asked "Are you a slave". "Yes". "Did they keep you locked up down by the river before they brought you here", they asked then. "Yes... brought us" came through. They then asked "Who brought you here". "You did", came the reply.

Kait took the lead on Thursday night with a great couple of groups. One group kept hearing the same voice come through over and over again in almost every hot spot they went through. Unfortunately, it seemed like this spirit didn't have enough energy to come through completely because his phrases were soft and hard to understand. He told the investigators that his name was "David", and they heard from him first at the Stage Area, then later in both the Residual Area and the Gribble House.

Another group got to hear from Paul at the Stage Area. Paul was being chatty, but at one point he told them to "Turn off" the radio. For the remainder of their time in that hot spot, they communicated with him using the Ghost Meter. Just before Paul didn't respond to any of their questions again, he told them that he didn't like Kait. Not very nice.

The investigators also heard a full name come through the Ghost Box- Jack Whitter. He told them that his father Michael had killed him, as well has his daughter Anne. Kait and the other investigators were so interested in their exchange with Jack that they will be investigating his real life story.

Kelley took the lead again on Thursday night. There was some amazing Spirit Box, K-II and Ghost Meter Pro activity this night. It seemed as if there were a lot more names than usual coming through, as well. They heard David, Mike, Todd, Ann, Ed, Annette, Matt, Rick, Mitchell, Lisa, Angel, JC, Steve, Aaron, and Joel.

Behind all of the Ghost Box responses were the sounds of creepy whispers. The investigators heard "Hey bro" come through in both the Slave Quarters and the Stage Area. But in the Gribble House, they heard a very angry string of responses come through. They saw the word Life come up on the Ovilus, and so they asked if the spirits would like to "Be alive". "Idiot" came through as the response. "Did you call me an idiot", one of the investigators asked. The reply was "Stupid... f-you".

Once again, Kait took the lead on Friday night. There was activity everywhere. While the investigators were at the Stage Area, they saw a flash of light go across the camera in the Slave Quarters. It seemed like the Slave Quarters and the Gribble House area were by far the most active hot spots in the building. When the investigators were in the Slave Quarters towards the end of the night, they could hear a large, loud bang reverberate through the exterior building, which startled everyone.

The Gribble House area was just as active. One of the investigators was immediately emotional as she walked into the space. She was so distraught that she began to cry. An investigator asked "Who killed the women here". The name "Hunter" came through...

Ted lead two really wonderful investigations on Saturday night. During the first investigation, there was some really great Question and Answer and EMF activity. While they were at the Stage Area, they heard from Paul who cooperated with their requests. "Paul, can you make the device Denise is holding flash", and it did. This was followed by "Can you make the device blink once for yes". The EMF Detector flashed once. But, when they tried to communicate with Paul through the Ghost Box, it wasn't as productive. The only question he really replied to was "Who hurt you, Paul". "A woman" came the reply.

They had good EMF Detector action in the Residual Area, too. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Hurt... body... bones". This was followed immediately by "Geoffrey". The investigators asked "Geoffrey, can you make my light flash three times", which happened immediately- three flashes.

In the Slave Quarters, both groups who investigated saw more than just the Raggedy Ann doll flash- they actually saw her move slightly. Very creepy...

The second investigation that night was just as productive. The language coming through the Ghost Box was a lot more rough, though. The "F-word" seemed to be the word of the night this investigation. It peppered most of the conversations, and was frequently used as a response to their questions.

While they were at the Stage Area, they heard the phrase "It's dead" come through. "Who is dead" they asked. "Me" came the reply. "Me" was another popular phrase that night. In the Gribble House area they asked "Did you live here", and "Me" came through again. This happened once more in the Residual Area. They heard "Wanted" come through, so they asked "Were you wanted", followed by the response of "Me".

In the Slave Quarters, they heard the voice of little children come through. The investigators asked "Are there any kids", to which they heard an adult voice say "Yes". "We just want to be friends" they then told the spirits. "Thank you" came through then, this time in a child's voice. They asked the little voice if they would like to play with the doll, and the same voice replied "Doll". "What toy do you want me to bring in", they asked next. Through the Ghost Box they heard a child say "Balloon". "What kind of balloon", they asked. "Pretty" came the response. Very cool.

It was a really wonderful week of investigations, and everyone who came with us left satisfied with the activity they experienced and evidence they collected. If you see any images of yourself you'd like to share, go ahead and tag them! Or, if you have an images of us and your fellow investigators you'd like to share, you can either direct message them to us, send in an e-mail, or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.