Sunday, July 31, 2016

Investigation Update 7.31.2016

We have had an awesome July, and we are so looking forward to August- the closer we get to the end of summer, the better! We are ready for cooler weather, but for now, the hot hot nights of Savannah are just fine by us! If anything, the warm temperatures drive more activity- and we've had a lot of it this week. Here's what's been going on in the building:

Kelley started off our week on Sunday with two huge investigations. There were so many names being called through the Spirit Box that night when the investigators asked "Who is here with us tonight". They heard Matt, Benny, Bob, Brad, Olga, Ed, Chris, Steve, Vincent, Chloe, and Joe.

The conversations the investigators had with the spirits via the Ghost Boxes were very interesting. Some of the folks were in the Slave Quarters and started to feel uncomfortable. As they were leaving the hot spot, they heard the word "Kids" come through the Spirit Box, which really creeped them out. They asked "Want us to go back in", and they got the response of "Nope".

There was another odd exchange, but this one was in the Stage Area. They heard some bar-related words coming through, like "Cheers", and "Wingman". So, the investigators decided to ask "Are you a friendly ghost?" They heard "I've never met you" come through.

The second investigation that night was just as good. The couple who investigated with us were ready and raring to go!

There wasn't a huge amount of activity going on in the building- almost as if the spirits were tired. Their phrases and words all seemed to be coming through in soft, quiet tones. But, one word kept coming through over and over. "Music", "Music", always in the same voice. It sounded as if the spirits were almost requesting to hear some music, so the one investigator sang for them. Once she was done, over the Spirit Box they heard "Thank you" come through.

Kait was our lead investigator on Monday night, and the Raggedy Ann doll was the star of the show. In the Residual Area, she was flashing a little bit on one of the chairs, but the girls investigating wanted to move her to see if she would light up more in another chair. Once they moved her, they heard "Return" come across the Spirit Box, so they moved her back. As soon as they did, she started blinking a lot harder.

One spirit in particular was really flashing a lot at the Stage Area. When they asked who was making her flash, they heard the name "John" come through. They would hear from John all over the building- in fact, when the investigators asked John if he would like to come to the next area with them, they heard "Sure" come through. A little bit into the next hot spot, Raggedy Ann got turned off somehow. The investigators asked "Who did that", and the response they heard was "Me".

Willie was our lead on Wednesday night with a group that was really excited, although some of the folks were a little more nervous than the others. As soon as she entered the building, the word they heard come through was "Afraid", followed by "Leave". She took her cue from that and went into the Safe Room for the rest of the night.

The investigators that night all used their phones to take video and to use the Voice Recorder app to listen to later on. This is always something we recommend. You'll never hear everything that comes through the Spirit Box, and a lot of times, there are phrases and words that aren't able to be heard until listening later. Those are known as Straight EVPs, and they are really great to capture.

On Thursday night, Ted was our lead investigator. Everyone was very excited to investigation, and went in with open minds.

There seemed to be some very negative energy in the Slave Quarters, something the investigators could feel as soon as they entered. The investigators asked "How many are here", and they got two different responses. They heard "Two", with "Help" in between, followed by "Four".

In the Residual Area they heard "I'm dead" came through the Spirit Box. The investigators asked "Who's dead"? "Jason" was the reply they got. "How did you die"? They then asked. Through the Ghost Box they heard the response "The heat".

They didn't hear from many women in the building that night, but when they were at the Stage Area, they did get a chilling response from one. One of the investigators asked "How did you die". A woman responded and said "Husband".

Kait took over again on Friday night as lead investigator with Kelley backing her up. It ended up being a pretty interesting night for everyone. At the Stage Area, the word "Push" kept being said over and over. The investigators finally decided to ask "Push who"? The response they heard was "Me". Strange.

In the Gribble House area, they heard from a few children, Sammy and George. As they were talking to them the investigators kept feeling cold drafts around the lower parts of their legs, which made them think that the children were running around them.

The Slave Quarters is where the bulk of their EMF Detector activity was happening. As the Ghost Meter Pro was going off on demand, they asked who was answering their questions. "David" was the answer. It seemed like David enjoyed touching the EMF devices because both the EMF Detector and the Ghost Meter Pros were going off all over the place.

Ted was our lead investigator on Saturday night with two great tours to capture activity. Some of the investigators were big fans of the ghost shows like Ghost Adventures, and had seen the episode featuring the Gribble House.

In the Gribble House hot spot, the Raggedy Ann doll was flashing nearby them in one of the chairs. When an investigator sat down in a folding chair next to them, she suddenly felt like someone was sitting right next to her. Strange.

When they were in the Slave Quarters, the investigators asked "Who is here with us tonight", to which they got two replies. They heard "I am", followed by "Mommy". "Are you a mommy", they asked. "Yes" was the reply.

The next investigation was really good, too. A lot of this group were fans of the Ghost Adventures shows, and one was an experienced Medium. Neat!

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators asked "Where are you from". They got a full response of "Savannah, Georgia". So cool. The Raggedy Ann doll was flashing on command, although the investigators could never find out who they were talking to. Another spirit in that area commented that "Paul hurt Elizabeth".

At the Stage Area, the investigators made contact with a spirit who told them his name was "Steve". Steve was asked "How did you die". They heard "Fell... garbage", as the response. One of the investigators asked "Paul, did you hurt Elizabeth", to which they heard the reply "Yes".

What a wonderful week we had full of activity. If you see any images of yourself that you'd like to share, go ahead and tag it! Feel free to send us direct and images you have, or audio and video. And, as always, you can tag us, too! Use the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Investigation Update 7.24.2016

Hello and Happy Sunday! It's been an awesome week in the Gribble House. Here's some of what's been going on-

The start of our week was Sunday, and Willie was our lead investigator. On this evening, Willie had a mother and son team to investigate with, as well as a couple, and a super enthusiastic bachelorette group.

By far, the most active piece of equipment that night was the EMF Detector- especially in the Gribble House hot spot. Willie set one of EMF Detectors up on the railing just between the Stage and the Gribble and it was going off like mad throughout the entire night. The names of the investigators kept coming through the Ghost Box, as well. Two of the ladies in the bachelorette party had their names called, as did the mom. Pretty cool!

Willie took the lead again on Monday night with a family of four, and a couple who are ghost hunting professionals. The couple came completely prepared to explore the building, bringing their own Ovilus and MEL Meter.

For the first time in a long time for Willie, the REM Pod went off in the building! During the history portion of the pre-investigation, Willie had it set up right in front of the gate near the Gribble House hot spot. It started going off and on for about ten minutes before it was quiet again for the rest of the evening. So strange.

The couple investigating had some incredible luck with their MEL Meter and Ovilus- some of the most words coming up on the screen of the Ovilus they had ever had in an investigation. Their MEL Meter was just as active, flashing all the way up to 7 at some times. The family, who had their two daughter with them, had some fantastic activity around them, too. The mom had her named called through the Ghost Box, and one of the daughters was touched.

Kait was our lead investigator on Monday night this past week. They started their evening in the Slave Quarters, where the Raggedy Ann doll was flashing steadily throughout the entire time the investigators were in there. It seemed like the Raggedy Ann doll and the EMF Detector were flashing in congruence with one another.

One of the groups made contact with Carrie in the Gribble House area, as well as a spirit who called himself David. Carrie communicated with the investigators using the EMF Detector and was answering questions by making the device flash- sometimes all the way up to the red. One of the investigators asked Carrie if she was heartbroken, and the device went up to red. Each time they talked about her having a broken heart, the device would flash.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators made contact with a spirit who told them that he was a "Slave". Through a string of words coming through the Spirit Box, they heard that the slave spirit had "Runaway" but had gotten "Caught".

Kelley took the lead on Wednesday night, kicking off her week with us. On this night, it seemed like the Spirit Box was the most popular piece of equipment. There were some really great back and forths with this device. Female voices kept trying to come through, and it seemed like there were several male spirits following around the ladies in the building.

The Slave Quarters was very active that night. They asked "Do you have any children", and the response was "Six". "Did you own slaves", they asked. "I did" came the reply. "How did you treat your slaves" they asked then. "Nice". Just after this, a long and painful scream was heard coming through the Ghost Box.

The other group investigating had just as much activity in the Slave Quarters. They asked for names and heard Vincent, Ian, Rob, Patrick, Jeff, AJ, Ted, Paul, and Tom. The Spirit Box was super active for these investigators, as well. They asked "Can you move the doll", to which they heard "Can't... no". Then they asked "Do you need help". "Yes... sure". Finally they asked "How did you die". To this they heard a loud and urgent "WHAT?" come through, followed by "Sick".

On Friday night, Kelley was our lead investigator with some great folks and some great action. Certain words came through the Ghost Box several times. They heard "Leave", "What", "Blink", and strangely "Wood Shed".

Lots of names came through the Ghost Box when the investigators asked "Who is here with us". They heard Kelley, Gary, Paul, Peter, Steve, David Tyler, Charles, Steve, and Paul. But, when the investigators had asked who is with us, the Ovilus wasn't showing names, but some pretty disturbing words. They saw Foe, Enemy, and Demon.

One of the groups, four ladies, seemed to have a few spirits that were following them around the building, specifically one very deep male voice. They heard him in almost every hot spot of the building. They also had a very interesting phrase come through the Ghost Box in the Residual Area. One of the girls noticed that the K-II Meter was flashing and she asked "Where is the ghost guy making it go off?". Through the Spirit Box they heard a faint "Facing the chair". So cool!

Finally, Kelley was our lead again on Saturday night through two awesome investigations. There was a lot of energy buzzing around the building, with the investigators AND the devices. Everyone heard the word "Leave" and the name Tom, and everyone heard the investigator Zoe's name come through, which is pretty cool. The same male voice came through for all three groups saying the same word- "Sick".

There was some pretty foul language coming through the Spirit Box all over the building. They heard "Bitch", "Asshole", "Whore" and "Idiot". When the investigators mentioned that there was some nasty language coming through, they heard the curious word "Friend" as a reply. "Friend" they asked. "Sure", came through not once, but twice.

The second investigation was just as awesome. During this investigation, they heard the names Ash, Steve, Grace, Orville, Enoch, John, and Paul come through. The Ovilus was flashing some strange words, too. They saw Catholic Ghost, Idiot, Predict, and Truck in the Gribble House area, and then in the Slave Quarters they read Harvest, Past, Bible, and Lift It.

In the Slave Quarters, the "N" word came through a lot more than usual. The investigators asked "Are there any slaves here", to which they heard the "N" word as a response. The word peppered the rest of the conversation, even when other responses were coming through. Children's voices started coming through, so they asked "Do you like the birds". "Yea", a child's voice replied. "Are you alone", they asked the child. "Yea, I are", they replied, in the same child's voice. So sad.

Lots of activity, and lots of happy investigators- that means a good week for us! If you see any images of yourself- tag it! We don't mind! If you have any images, audio, or video, we'd love to see it. Share it through a direct message, or tag us using the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse. See you next week!