Sunday, June 5, 2016

Investigation Update 6.3.2016

Tropical Storm Bonnie was putting a damper on the beginning of our week, but we still really had a great time collecting activity in the Gribble House. Here's what happened-

Kelley was our lead investigator on Sunday night with some really great folks. Throughout the course of the night, there were several occasions where full names were being called through the Ghost Box. They heard Justin Simmons, and Pete Wolfe. That's pretty unusual. They heard a lot of other names, though, like William, Harry, Carl, Tom, Vincent, David, Lisa, Jessie, Linda, Alex, Albert, Anne, Daniel, Nick, and Molly.

The spirits seemed to be in a decent mood on Sunday night, with a lot of cheeky and sort of funny responses coming through to their questions. One of the investigators said that they were going to have fun tonight, to which they heard "Good call" as a response. Another investigator heard a spirit call out that they were "Sick" through the Ghost Box. They said "I'm worried about you" to which they heard "About what?" When the investigators moved into the Slave Quarters, one of the investigators decided to sing to try to stir things up a bit. Through the Ghost Box they heard the critique- "Pretty good", followed by "How nice". 

There were a few unsettling moments, though. In the Slave Quarters, the same loud, gruff voice kept coming through yelling the same word- "SOLD".

Kelley was our lead investigator again on Monday night one what seemed to be a fairly quiet evening. The lady who investigated with her, however, did manage to get some really interesting and direct responses to her questions. She asked "Who is here", "Us". "Can you tell me who is touching the red light", "Me". Then the red light stopped flashing so she asked "Where did you go". The response she heard was "See yah, idiot". "Did you call me an idiot", she asked. "Yea", followed by a chuckle came through the Ghost Box.

Throughout the building in the background of those responses were some very light and hard to hear phrases. Child voices could be heard, as well as breaths. The Ghost Meter Pro was flashing what seemed to be non-stop in almost every area of the building. The only place they got any activity on their K-II Meters, though, was at the Stage Area.

Ted was our lead investigator on Tuesday evening with some folks from Cincinnati, and some other folks who are French! It was a really interesting investigation, and they collected some really cool evidence. They started out at the Stage Area, where they heard the name Paul come through right away. Jennifer, one of the French investigators, asked "Can anyone here speak French"? They heard a clear "Oui" come through the Ghost Box.

While everyone was in the Slave Quarters, a car alarm was going off outside with regular horns going off. Ted asked "Can you make the car horn stop", and through the Ghost Box they heard "Yep". As soon as this happened, they honking stopped. Strange!

When they moved into the Gribble House area, the guest Michelle was using some dowsing rods that the investigators brought. Michelle asked "What are you ready for", and through the Ghost Box they heard "Two men". The two dowsing rods rotated towards Ted and Josh, another male investigator.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Thursday night. At the start of the night, Kelley was telling the investigators that she is comfortable with the building, no matter how odd or strange it seems inside. But, that night was especially creepy and before it was over, Kelley was going back on what she had said! The building had a super freaky vibe to it that evening.

There was a couple there that evening that had just been in Gettysburg doing an investigation, and had taken a few photos with orbs in them, but these orbs had streams of smoke floating behind him. Kelley mentioned that she had seen some of those before, but had never captured them in the Gribble House. No more than fifteen minutes later, she captured one herself! Very odd.

Kelley broke out the Green Laser Grid pen and everyone noticed several shadows moving around that weren't attached to any person, as well as other strange anomalies in the grid. When the investigators moved over to the Stage Area, there were a few unsettling screams coming from the Spirit Box- and not faintly, either. There were so many child voices coming through the Spirit Box in almost every hot spot of the building, it was hard for the investigators to keep up with their questioning.

On Friday night, Ted was our lead investigator with Vincent and Gianna, a brother and sister pair who love Ghost Adventures and who were really excited to investigate with us.

When they moved into the Gribble House area, Vincent asked if the spirits could make a sign to tell them they were really there. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Really?". Ted replied "Yes, really". What happened next was very strange- they heard "Really" come through the Ghost Box again, but this time, it was Ted's voice coming through. The spirit had fully mocked him. So odd.

In the Slave Quarters, Vincent had his name called through the Ghost Box. When they thought it was time to move out of that hot spot and move towards the Residual Area, they heard "Vincent... stay" come through. His name then came through once more as they decided not to leave the Slave Quarters quite yet. The Ovilus was pretty active in the Slave Quarters, with coherent strings of words coming up on the screen. They saw Complete, Short, Story come up, and then Run, Business.

During free time, Vincent had another strange moment when he was standing in the middle of the warehouse. He felt his arm go very cold, so he asked "Are you touching my arm"? On the Ovilus, they read Arm.

Finally, Kelley took the lead again on Saturday night. It was an active night for everyone who investigated. Both the Raggedy Ann doll and the Ghost Meter Pro were especially active.

At the Stage Area, the investigators made contact with a spirit who told them his name was "Roman". This is where the most EVPs came from that night. Intermixed with all the coherent responses through the Ghost Box were loud, angry, and painful screams coming through. It sounded as if the voice screaming was in extreme pain. Through the Spirit Box, just after the screaming stopped, they heard a "Hurt" come through.

In the Slave Quarters, the Raggedy Ann doll was acting strangely. It was if not a single spirit was touching her, and then everyone touched her at once. She would sit there without flashing at all, and then light up solid and bright for a few seconds- no flashing. Very strange.

It's been a good week for us, and we hope all of you had great weeks as well. If you have an images or audio you'd like to share, go ahead and direct message! Or, you can always tag with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.