Monday, June 13, 2016

Investigation Update 6.13.2016

Let's call this one the Monday after Sunday investigation update! We are running a bit behind this week, but we captured some amazing evidence and has some fantastic investigations. Here's what happened:

Kelley was our lead on Tuesday night with a pair of couples who were really into the investigation and ready to get going. Two of the investigators had their names called through the Ghost Box- Josh and Jaime, but the two names that they heard come through the most were Ed and Mary.

The two ladies who were investigating had a lot of children voices, and female voices, coming through the Spirit Box. These responses and comments they heard were hard to hear, each of them was coming through as a whisper. While the girls were in the Slave Quarters, one of them was holding the Raggedy Ann doll. The Doll started flashing pretty hard just as soon as they heard the word "Toy" spoken through the Ghost Box in a child's voice. Crazy.

By far the best luck the investigators had that night was with just straight up questions and answers with the Ghost Box. While they were at the Stage Area, they spoke to Paul a little bit. They asked "Paul, do you like talking to us?" They heard a clear "NO" as a response. "What do you need", they asked? "Blanket... nurse", came through in a different voice. One of the investigators sparked his lighter and asked "Can you see the fire". A whispered voice replied "Hot".

Kelley took the lead again on Wednesday night with an experience group of Irish investigators. It seemed like the Spirit Box was a bit more quiet than usual, but the voices and responses that did come through were whole soft phrases, and quite a few of them had an Irish accent.

In the Gribble House area there were a few weird moments. The investigators heard the number "Thirty one" come through the Ghost Box after they had asked about the ages of those they were speaking with, although they weren't quite sure. "Did you say thirty one or thirty four", they asked. They heard the same voice respond again, "Thirty one". A few moments later, they heard a man's voice come through and say "The twin" followed by a lady saying "With the red hair". This is very strange because Kelley is a twin, and has very red hair.

Throughout the building it seemed like a lot of the responses that were coming through the Ghost Box were not directed at the investigators, but at the other spirits. The investigators would ask a question, and then they would hear the spirits prompting one another. They heard "Tell 'em", "Answer now", and "Go on" come through.

On Thursday night, Willie lead the way as lead investigator, along with two mother and daughter couples. Even though they were a bit nervous to start out the night, it was a good night for everyone.

The building was a bit quiet, and there wasn't any REM Pod or Motion Sensor activity during the night. But the Spirit Box was pretty chatty- the investigators were able to carry on a few solid, and coherent conversations.

Kait was our lead investigator on Friday night with everyone investigating in one big group. Right away, they made contact with a spirit who called himself Tom. Tom apparently is a bit of a lush- he kept commenting on what kinds of beer he liked, Bud and Miller. While they were speaking with Tom, it felt as though the temperature kept going up and down. Using the Digital Thermometer, they confirmed the five degree drops and falls in the temperature. They asked "Who is making this happen", and they heard "Tom" come through.

At the Stage Area, they made contact with another spirit who was messing with the equipment. "William" claimed that he was making the Raggedy Ann doll flash, but he wasn't in the mood for talking. He told them to "Beat it", and then "Get lost" when they attempted to make contact. They never did find out why he was so upset.

One of the spirits had a sense of humor that evening. One of the investigators, Andy, was having a hard time deciding what to ask, and one of the other ladies made a joke that if one of the spirits followed them home it would make three in the bed and not enough space. Through the Ghost Box was the sound of laughter.

Finally, Kelley was our lead investigator on Saturday night. It was a really great nice with immediate responses to questions, and some fantastic Ghost Meter Pro and Raggedy Ann activity. It seemed like the REM Pod was especially active, too.

The investigators asked who they were conversing with in the building, and they got the responses of a quite a few names. They heard Quincy, Vinnie, Bridget, Rick, and Steve. One of the investigators said, "Hello, my name is Dave" and he got a really great response to come back to him- "What's up, Dave?". Pretty cool. A little while later, another investigator named Miriam had her name called through the Ghost Box.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators noticed that there was a lot of activity happening with the Ghost Meter Pro, and that the EMF detector was going off a lot. When they asked who was making the devices go off, they didn't get a name but instead heard "Light" come through. Throughout their time in the Slave Quarters it seemed as if someone was breathing heavily and angrily through the Spirit Box, but no one could make contact with them.

By far the most successful piece of equipment that night was the Ghost Meter Pro. They were "creepily accurate", Kelley commented that evening. The Ghost Meter Pros didn't flash at all except during specific question and answer sessions. Very cool.

It was a fantastic week, and everyone had a great time. If you see an image of yourself, feel free to tag it or tag us! Use the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse.