Sunday, June 26, 2016

Investigation Update 6.26.2016

It has been HOT HOT HOT in Savannah and so have our investigations. We've collected a lot of evidence this week, and here it is:

On Sunday night, Willie was the lead investigator with a mother-daughter pair and a couple. Both pairs had different experiences in the building, but left very pleased with their investigation.

The couple had some really great results specifically in the Gribble House and the Slave Quarters. Their EMF Detectors were going off the charts- shooting all the way up to the red. The mother-daughter pair were having some amazing conversations at the same time in almost every area of the building. But, although the investigators were able to collect some great evidence, there was no movement on the REM Pod and Motion Sensor.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Monday night. It was a very active evening for everyone. There seemed to a lot of soft whole phrases coming through the Ghost Box, and very faint replies. One of the groups had some very strange phrases coming through. One lady investigator told the spirits that she had good energy around here, and that she kept angels near her. The spirits didn't seem to like that, and they heard "Scared" come through the Ghost Box. "Why would one be afraid of angels", they asked. "I'm Christian", was the response. Interesting...

There was a strange moment at the Stage Area. The group investigating there heard "THEY... TRIED... SOUL... HELP... PRETTY" come through very loudly through the Ghost Box. The odd thing about it was that it matched the questions that were being asked in the Slave Quarters. This group moved into the Slave Quarters and had some really great Question and Answer sessions. They heard a very eerie and unsettling phrase come through- "Run... leave... we're coming".

Ted was the lead investigator on Tuesday evening with a group that came in ready to explore. Even before the investigation began, Ted had a very strange and unsettling moment. He had just opened up the Slave Quarter doors and was walking towards the cold room when a large and solid looking orb came swooping down from the rafters and flew past him. This was followed by tapping noises coming from the center of the building while he was in the Cold Room, followed by a huge bang that echoed through the space.

Shadows were seen by the investigators in other parts of the building, too. The investigators were watching the Closed Caption screens and saw a shadow moving across the screen on Channel 6.

There was a lot of really angry words and phrases coming through the Spirit Box. In the Gribble House area, one of the investigators asked "What is my name", the reply was "Bitch". At the Stage Area, the guests said "We heard heaven is beautiful", but the response they heard was "Bullshit". Later in the Slave Quarters, they asked "Why don't you go with god", to which they heard "You are an idiot".

Willie took the lead on Wednesday night with a mixed group of believers and skeptics. Just as soon as the night started, the Spirit Box started going off. A mother and son walked into the building and heard "Bitch" come through as soon as they turned on the Spirit Box. Willie changed the speed, and "Bitch" came through again. By the time they heard "Bitch" a third time, the mother and son had enough and were too nervous to continue on.

Paul and Steve were very active in the building that night. They seemed to follow the investigators around the building into almost every hot spot, giving intelligent responses to questions. Even though the Spirit Boxes seemed active, not much was moving around the building. The REM Pod and the Motion Sensors sat quiet for the entire evening.

Willie was the lead again on Thursday night with Kelley leading with him. It was a huge group that night, and the building reacted to the crowd. Everyone was buzzing with energy even before the actual investigation began.

A large amount of the activity took place during the free time. A group of three sitting in the center of the building was asking random questions. One of the girls asked "How old are you", to which they heard the reply of "Five". The strange part about it was the voice that came through was that the "five year old" who replied sounded like a fifty year old man. Very strange. A few minutes later, one of the girls said "I'm sick, you guys". Through the Spirit Box they heard "Sick... sick... needs aid".

Ted was in charge and leading two big investigations on Friday night. During the first investigation, the groups investigating collected a ton of evidence all over the building.

At the Stage Area, while the investigators were asking questions and getting great responses through the Ghost Box, one of the investigators had their phone take a picture by itself! Through the Ghost Box they heard "Help". "How can we help you?", they asked. "...Doc", they heard, followed by "I'm sick".

One of the investigators got quite a scare in the Residual Area. They were asking questions when the K-II Meter went up to red. "Can you make the light go red again", they asked and through the Spirit Box they heard "Yes". While the other investigators were watching the K-II Meter to see if it would go to red again, one of the girls saw the figure of a woman standing very close to them in the Residual Area, which scared her badly.

The second tour was just as good. One name in particular came through the Ghost Box quite a few times. They heard Justin come through twice, which was the name of one of the investigators. The investigators didn't seem to be all that welcome in the building. Through the Spirit Box they heard "Get out", "Leave", and lots and lots of the F-word.

At the Stage Area they heard an unsettling phrase come through the Ghost Box. "He killed me"... "Behind you". Chilling...

Finally, Kelley was our lead investigator on Saturday night. It was an interesting evening in the building- a lot of the time it seemed like the spirits were talking to one another about the investigators. There was a good amount of chatter coming through the Ghost Box, but many of the words were German and French sounding.

One of the families investigating were exceptionally nice, so much so that through the Ghost Box they heard "Polite". This family had some of the best intelligent responses, with a lot of "Yes"s and "No"s coming through. While at the Stage Area, through the Ghost Box they heard a young woman say hello, but that was followed by "Ask about Savannah", like the spirits were prompting the investigators on what to ask.

Certain words kept coming through. All the investigators heard "Light", "Sing", "Loud", and "Trapped". The second family had some strange noises come through their Ghost Box. Sighs, whispers, and whimpers came through. "Who is here with us", they asked. "Drew... Albert" came the response. Just after this, they heard "Leave... leave... leave... leave... leave" come through five times in a row. So odd!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Investigation Update 6.19.2016

Happy Father's Day to everyone from us here at the Gribble House! We had a really great week, and we can't wait to share the evidence with you. Here it is!

Ted was our lead investigator on Monday night with a really cool group of six folks. Everyone was ready for a great investigation, and left after collecting some amazing evidence.

The activity started as soon as they walked towards the Stage Area. As they walked over, through the Ghost Box they heard "Chelsea" come through, followed by "Chloe... Chloe...". This was odd because one of the investigators was named Chelsea, and Chloe is her best friend! How cool.

The investigators had some really good question and response sessions in the Slave Quarters. The investigators heard the word "Attack" come through. "Who do you want to attack", they asked. "Witches" was the response. "Do the birds annoy you", one of the investigators asked in reference to the birds that you can hear in the Slave Quarters. "A little", they heard. "My favorite color is purple. What is yours", they asked. "Yellow", followed by "Murder" were the responses.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Tuesday night with a bunch of folks, including some experienced investigators. All of the groups that night had some activity that was similar. They all heard "Talk", "Help", "Seven", and "Leave" come through for them. But, they also had some really great, individual responses.

One groups got the bad side of Paul while they were at the Stage Area. Not only was he cursing at them throughout their questioning, but he also seemed to want to hit one on of investigators wives. "Do you want to talk to my wife", he asked. "Please", Paul responded in a very eager tone. Another group investigating at the Stage Area had one deep, male voice that dominated the conversation. It even seemed like he was answering the questions directed towards other spirits, including children. The only time that someone else responded to question asked was when they asked the deep, male voice to make the REM Pod flash. A lady responded saying "He will".

The Slave Quarters was by far the most active area of the building that night. One of the investigators, Heather, felt like someone was pulling on her. One family group had their children with them, and they seemed to attract a lot of children's voice. One in particular that kept coming through was a young boy with a Southern drawl- all of his responses of "Yea" came through with two syllables. It was warm in the Slave Quarters, but through the Ghost Box they heard "We're cold", and "Freezing". Strange.

Kait had two great investigations on Friday night, and everyone had an amazing time. The first investigation started out in the Slave Quarters, and as they walked in, they could see that the Raggedy Ann doll was already blinking away. They asked "Who is making the Doll flash", and they heard "Jenny" come through. "How many spirits are here in the room with us". The response they heard was "Twelve", but then when one of the younger investigators named Grace asked "Who is there", the spirits were done talking. "Stop", came through.

Grace seemed to have a lot of activity around here. Not only did it seem like something was touching her legs at one point, but she also saw some orbs floating around in the building. Kait introduced Grace to the spirits at the Stage Area, and her name, "Grace", came through the Spirit Box. When they moved into the Gribble House area, they could smell the scent of floral perfume. The only odd thing about this is that only the women could smell it- none of the men could.

The girls continued to have a lot of activity happening exclusively to them. When they moved towards the Residual Area, one of the ladies felt suddenly very cold. There was some strong EMF activity there, and it seemed like whenever the EMF Detector would go off, the girls would feel like they were being touched...

The second investigation that night went very well, too. It seemed like names were being called all over the building during this tour. They heard Glenn, Jeremy, Ned, Louis, and JC.

Free time was the most active session of this investigation. One couple was in the Gribble House area and they were attempting to get a more physical response from the Spirits, rather than through the Spirit Box. They asked "Can you make a noise?". Just after they asked this, the REM Pod went off loudly.

The family group had headed into the Slave Quarters, and were getting some really great direct answers to their questions. They asked "Do you want the device on the table?". "Floor" came through as a response. "Can you make the light go off?", he then asked. But, instead of the EMF Detector flashing, through the Spirit Box they heard "Blink". The mother of the group said "Are there any moms in here?". The response they heard was "Family". Pretty cool.

Finally, Kelley was our lead investigator during two tours on Saturday night. During the first investigation, it seemed like the Spirit Box was a little bit quiet, but eventually got chattier and chattier.

In the Gribble House, there was some really strange and sarcastic laughter coming through the Spirit Box. It sounded like the laughing was mocking the investigators, and a few times they heard rude names being called at them, like "Moron". Two of the spirits were disagreeing about whether or not to talk with the investigators. A male voice continually told them to "Leave", where a female voice kept saying "Stay".

In both the Slave Quarters and at the Stage Area, the investigators realized that if they said the word "Light", it would be repeated through the Spirit Box- every single time. That's pretty unusual. Certain names kept coming up on the Ovilus, too. They read Tom, Jim, and Adam quite a few times on the screen. In the Slave Quarters, they heard some pretty good strings of conversation coming through the Spirit Box. The investigators asked the spirits if they could make the Raggedy Ann doll move, and they heard "Can't... can not". They also heard "We're here... don't leave... stay".

The second investigation went very well, too. One of the types of activity that the investigators noticed was the large number of children's voices coming through the Spirit Box. They asked "Are there any kids here", and they heard "There is" come through. "Ted, Ted", kept being called through the Spirit Box, as well, like the spirits were looking for Ted, another lead investigator.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators must have angered Paul. He told them that he had been "Sleeping", and that he was "Mad" for being woken up. They heard him say "Talk, we're dead, asshole". Not very nice of him! That was followed up by "Prick", so obviously Paul was not happy to be spoken to.

There was some very interesting on-demand activity going on. At one point, the investigators asked if they could make the blue light on the REM Pod go off, and it happened right away!

What a really great week we had. We hope that everyone has a really great Father's Day! If you see any images of yourself, go ahead and tag them- or if you'd like, you can share your images and audio with us using the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.