Sunday, May 8, 2016

Investigation Update 5.8.2016

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! What a great week it's been for us. Here's some of the activity our investigators experienced this week:

Ted started our week off this week on Sunday night. The family who investigated with him were not paranormal newbies, and had actually experienced some activity in their own house!

Paul was the first spirit they made contact with that night, at the Stage Area. When they walked towards that hot spot Ted greeted Paul by saying "Is Paul here?". Through the Spirit Box they heard "Hey Ted". "Are you in a better mood tonight", Ted asked. This was followed by "What's good", "I am better", and then "Bored". A few minutes later into questioning, they heard sirens drive past the front of the building and "Ambulance" came through the Ghost Box.

Although the Residual Area was sort of quiet that night, the Slave Quarters was very active. The Ovilus the investigators were using there was working in congruence with the Ghost Box. One of the investigators asked "Were you a slave" and the Ovilus screen read Possibly while through the Ghost Box they heard "Sure". Another investigator said "Tell us your name" and they heard "Woody" come through and the Ovilus read Carol. Very cool.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Tuesday night. It was a very active and energetic night in the building, for all our investigators. There was a good deal of K-II activity at the Stage Area, but they had decent amounts in the Slave Quarters and Gribble House areas, too. Even the REM Pod was going off in a lot of different areas. Kelley even thought maybe something was wrong with the REM Pod because it was going off so much. At one point, it went red to indicate a temperature increase, so she walked over and hit the reset button. Even after this it went off a lot, indicating movement, energy, and temperature fluctuations.

There was a good bit of rain that night, and there appears to be a small drip that happens at the Stage Area- and everyone seems to know about it. Through the Spirit Box they heard "Water" come across for not one, but both of the groups!

One of the investigators, Tom, had his name called through the Ghost Box in almost every hot spot of the building that night. Tom was also very good at capturing orbs in his photos. Really neat.

We had some first time investigators on Wednesday night with Ted as our lead. They did a really great job and were rewarded with some great activity. They started the night at the Stage Area and as they walked up they heard "Ted... Marco". Marco is the name of one of the investigators uncles, so he asked "Do you know my Uncle?". Through the Ghost Box they heard "Able... Hodge". That was the guests name! So crazy.

In the Gribble House area they heard the word "Children" come through the Ghost Box as soon as they entered- but they didn't hear from any children while in that hot spot. They did hear a few female voices, though. One of the investigators asked "Is Maggie here?", and through the Ghost Box they heard a woman say "Yes".

When everyone moved into the Slave Quarters, the investigators decided to ask "Can you make a knock or make a noise?". Through the Ghost Box they got a loud and angry "NOOO" as a response, followed by a harsh "SHHHHHHH". Ted asked "Do you want us to be quiet?" to which they were replied "YES" from the same voice.

Kaitlyn was our lead investigator on Cinco de Mayo- Thursday night. On this evening, the investigators started out in the Slave Quarters, and the Raggedy Ann doll was immediately active. Every time her hands would light up blue, then they would hear chatter coming through the Spirit Box. While everyone was in that area, they could hear what sounded like banging coming from other parts of the building. When Kaitlyn went to go check it out, through the Spirit Box they heard "Stay".

In the Residual Area, the investigators had some really good activity with the EMF Detectors, while at the same time the Ghost Meter Pros were going off. The investigators were making contact with a child spirit who told them his name was Andrew and that he was ten years old. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Red" and then the EMF Detector would flash all the way up to red. When the investigators asked him to make the red light blink again, it would over and and over again.

There was some angry energy floating around in the Gribble House area. Through the Spirit Box they heard "Leave", "Get out", "Kill them", "Bitch", and "Fat". All of this was combined with some maniacal laughter in the background of the Spirit Box. Very unsettling.

Kelley and Kaitlyn tag teamed the investigation as leads on Friday night. There wasn't much K-II Meter activity this night, but the Spirit Box and the Ghost Meter Pros were very active. While the investigators were watching the history video, Kelley was doing an experiment with a MEL Meter. She walked towards what ever section of the building had higher levels of activity, and it took her towards the stairs. As she walked towards it, through the Ghost Box they heard "Jump" come through several times.

In the Slave Quarters, one male voice kept greeting the investigators, saying "Hi", "Hey" and "Hello". The investigator named Jamie had her name called through the Ghost Box in the Slave Quarters, too. Some of their best activity in that area was through Question and Answer. The investigators asked "Do you like being here?". They heard "I don't" as the response. Pretty neat.

When they moved into the Gribble House area, they heard the same male voice greeting them throughout the time they were in that hot spot. The investigators asked if Maggie or Eliza was there and the response they got was "Heaven".

Finally, we had two really good investigations on Saturday night with Ted and Kaitlyn as the lead investigators. During the first investigation of the night, Kaitlyn had a really strange moment at the Stage Area. Everyone was watching the history movie and as she looked around, she saw the shadow of a woman in a long dress with a tightly pulled bun. This was against the wall of the Stage Area, and when she was the shadow, the EMF detector that was set on the chair there was flickering from green to orange...

There was a lot of chatter going on with the Spirit Box that night, although a lot of it wasn't very understandable. It was like the spirits were talking a lot, but not to the investigators. But, when the investigators asked direct questions, they would get good and direct responses. When in the Gribble House area, one of the investigators asked "Am I speaking with a spirit?". The response they got was "Of course".

In the Slave Quarters, another shadow was seen. This time, it was moving across the room in the dark and when they saw it, the Raggedy Ann Doll's head turned blue. One of the groups had really great luck with their flash light. They would ask the spirit to turn the flashlight on, and it would! Very cool.

Some of the investigators during the first investigation had a few personal experiences. While in the Gribble House area, one of the ladies could smell what she thought was rotting organic material, but no one else could. Investigator Eugenia, who was celebrating Mother's Day with her kids, heard the word "Salute" come through the Ghost Box. Her son Lonnie, who was investigating with her, did three tours of duty in Iraq. When her name "Eugenia" came through the Ghost Box, they asked "What is her name?". This time they heard "Mother" come through.

The second investigation of Saturday night was just as good. This time, the investigators started out in the Stage Area. When they walked over, Ted said "Who is here?" The response they heard was "Hi Ted", followed by "Ted" being called out by several different voices.

In the Slave Quarters, two of the investigators, Heather and Jamie, had a strange experience. Jamie saw that the Raggedy Ann doll was flashing. Using the Digital Thermometer, he documented a temperature drop from 72 degrees down to 65 degrees. Just after this, he started to feel very strange and get hot flashes. But Heather, who was sitting right next to him, started to get chills at the same time!

The name Ed, and Edward, came through in a lot of the hot spots that night. Sometimes when they would ask who they were communicating with they would hear "Ed" come through, followed by some strange and creepy laughter following it. The Digital Thermometer came in handy for other people, as well. There were some very light whispers coming through the Spirit Box in the Slave Quarters for another group. They could hear a woman's voice whisper "Help". Just after this, everyone started to feel cool, so they used the Digital Thermometer. The room was documented at 55 to 57 degrees, when the rest of the building was reading in the high 70s.

Once again, a Happy Mother's Day to everyone! We had a great week, and we hope that you did too. If you have anything you'd like to share with us, from images, video, to audio and experiences in the Gribble House, send it our way! You can direct message it, or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.