Sunday, May 29, 2016

Investigation Update 5.29.2016

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Despite all the rain and crazy weather, we've been having a really great week. Here's some of the evidence we've collected:

Our week started on Sunday night with Kelley as our lead investigator on a great investigation. On that night, the entire building had a very creep vibe to it. Although two of the guests had their names called through the Ghost Box, both Sal and Dean, most of the other names coming through were a little less than kind. It also didn't seem like the investigators were welcome. They heard "Leave", "Get out", and "Run" come through.

A lot of the responses that came through the Spirit Box that night were unsettling and off-putting. One of the investigators asked about the children whose voices they heard coming through and they heard "They're sick... sick.. black". A lady's voice came through and said "Please leave... listen to me".

One of the groups investigating had several nurses in it. At the Stage Area they heard "Sick" come through a few times, and then even "Nurse" was spoken to them.

Kelley took the lead again on Tuesday night with a couple of couples. There was a lot of great Ghost Meter Pro and Ghost Box activity going on, and there were a TON of names called through. They heard Bob, Carol, Enoch, Doug, Anne, Mark, Walter, and Paul. 

There were very soft, and indistinguishable words and phrases coming through the Ghost Box that night under the actual responses the investigators were getting. They couldn't quite tell what was being said, but the investigators could tell words were being spoken they couldn't understand.

Perhaps the creepiest moment of the night came when Kelley was taking investigation notes in her phone. As she was typing, all of a sudden it was like someone else was typing random numbers and letters on her keyboard really fast, and deleting what she had written earlier. All of the investigators saw this as it was happening, and it didn't stop until Kelley asked the ghost to stop touching her phone and focus on the K-II Meter instead. Very strange...

On Wednesday night, Ted was our lead investigator. Ted investigated with two ladies from Pennsylvania, Emily and Devynn, who are really big fans of the ghost hunting shows. This was their first investigation, and it was really great.

While at the Stage Area, the ladies had a really great session of questions and answers. Emily said "We are from Pennsylvania, where are you from"? Through the Ghost Box they heard "Local" as the response. Ted then asked "What do you need", and then they heard two responses- "We are fine", followed by "Sick". 

In the Gribble House area, they tried the same thing with questions and answers. The girls asked "What happened here", and the response was "Death". "How many deaths", Emily asked? "Three". "How did they die", Ted asked? "Axe". Very chilling.

When they moved into the Residual Area, the K-II Meter that Devynn was carrying started to flash. Deyvnn said "If you are sitting next to me, make my light blink", which it immediately did. While they say in the circle, Emily caught a flash of light behind the investigators on the wall. Just as she saw it they heard "Ghost, ghost" come through the Spirit Box.

Kaitlyn was our lead investigator on Friday night, and every one start out at the Stage Area. There was some really crazy stuff happening in that hot spot. As they walked up, the first thing the investigators heard come through the Ghost Box was "Radio". They started asking questions and were getting great responses through the Spirit Box. The investigators were talking to one another about the Ghost Meter Pro and the Digital Thermometer, and as they did, the Digital Thermometer turned on by itself!

The strange activity continued in the Gribble House area. One of the investigators was holding the Ovilus, and leaning against the wall as the other investigators were asking questions. All of a sudden, this investigator jumped and pointed- he swore he saw the figure of a person standing behind the gated area. 

During free time, the pattern of odd activity kept going on. Kaitlyn was walking around checking on each of the groups as they milled about the building, and as she walked past the curtains by the bathroom, she noticed that they were swaying back and forth- but no one had walked through there.

We had two really great investigation on Saturday night, with Kelley and Kaitlyn as our lead investigators. The Spirit Box was really chatty, but it seemed like all the voices coming through were fairly faint and struggling to be heard. Despite that, there was a lot of Ghost Meter Pro, Raggedy Ann, and REM Pod activity throughout the building. The investigators also captured a number of orbs in their photos.

One of the groups of ladies investigating had an interesting experience while they were sitting on the floor. Each of them had their purses sitting on the ground in front of them while they were asking questions. Through the Ghost Box they heard the word "Purse" come through, and one of the ladies felt like her purse was being tugged.

Near the Slave Quarters, the investigators kept hearing the same deep, gruff male voice coming through and answering their questions. Several of the investigators had their names called through the Spirit Box, including Jeff, and Jean.

The second investigation of the night was just as good as the first. Everyone started at the Stage Area again, and there was some odd activity going on- unusual activity. The Ghost Meter Pro was very active, but instead of the device flashing, it went to red and stayed here. At the same time, the ambient temperature reader on the REM Pod was flashing to the blue- like crazy. 

That same strange temperature activity continued as the investigators moved into the Slave Quarters- the steady blue flashing. The Slave Quarters was unusually quiet, and the investigators were really only about to get yes or no answers through the Spirit Box.

Some of the strangest activity happened as Kaitlyn was heading towards the bathrooms. As she walked down the hallway to the door, she heard a distinct cough directly behind her. She spun around, but no one was there. As she walked into the restroom, she was overcome by the smell of smoldering and burning wood- but there was definitely nothing on fire. 

During their free time, they heard "Fire" come through the Ghost Box, which was strange given the scent Kaitlyn had smelled earlier on. At the Stage Area, the REM Pod and the Raggedy Ann doll were going off in conjunction with one another, and a little while after that started, the Ghost Meter Pro joined in.

We had a fantastic week, and everyone who joined us in the Gribble House was able to experience some great activity. If you see an image of yourself, go ahead and tag it! If you have anything you'd like to share with us, send it our way direct, or tag it with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.