Sunday, May 1, 2016

Investigation Update 5.1.2016

We had a super fantastic week of investigations with some new friends, and few old faces as well! Here's what's been going on...

On Sunday night, Kelley was our lead investigator. One name in particular was pretty popular that night, and that was Peter. His name came through in the Safe Room as soon as Kelley turned it on, and then Peter came through several times throughout the building.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators had a string of strange and slightly scary phrases come through the Ghost Box. They heard "Hello, love", followed by "Trouble behind you", and then "Kathy's Bible". There were a lot of female voices coming through, and their phrases seemed to be disjointed- like they were rambling. They heard a lady say "Fire, Yes", which was followed by another female voice saying "If he choose right".

They had some really good activity with the K-II Meter near the Stage Area, but not inside, right beside the doorway near the staircase. It flashed several times in that area.

Monday night was really good, too. We had two investigators, Bridgette and Bill, who have investigated with us several times before. They were joined by some other folks who were ready and raring to investigate!

It seemed as though one particular spirit, Jason, was very present in the Slave Quarters. A guest asked "What is your name", and "Jason" was the response. They weren't quite sure that's what they heard so they asked again "Did you say Jason?". "I did", was replied, followed by "Jason". Through asking yes and no questions, the investigators used the K-II Meter as a communication device, getting one flash for yes, and two for no. They asked "Are you still here?". The K-II Meter flashed once and they heard "Jason... Hi". Cool!

One of the investigators had a really personal moment at the Stage Area. They saw the word Zoo come up on the Ovilus, which just so happened to be that investigator's job. He asked "What zoo do I work for?", and the response they got was "Atlanta". That's where he works! How awesome.

There were a few scary moments in the Gribble House area. One of the investigators noticed that his Spirit Box kept draining of battery. Even though Ted changed the battery out, even the second battery drained rapidly. One of the investigators asked the spirits to make the temperature drop. Through the Ghost Box they heard "I can", and the temperature dropped from 76 degrees down to 62 degrees. This was all documented using the Digital Thermometer. The craziest moment happened with one of the ladies, who felt like something was crawling up her legs as through the Ghost Box they heard "Help"... Bridgette and Bill were even able to capture this fast moving orb:

They also captured this interesting moment with the Ovilus and REM Pod:

Kelley was our lead investigator on Tuesday night on an evening with a lot of interesting activity. There was a good amount of Spirit Box communication, and a lot of it wasn't just random chatter but was intelligent responses. In the Residual Area, one of the investigators who used a cane was reaching for it before moving into another hot spot. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Be careful... don't fall". When they moved into the Stage Area, one of the investigators commented that it was 77 degrees in the building. Through the Ghost Box they heard "It's hot". Very cool.

There were quite a few names being called through the Spirit Box. They heard Eden, Patrick, Ian, Ethan, Pete, Jared, Tom, Eric, Dan, and Mike, which was one of the investigators names.

But it wasn't just names and phrases coming through the Ghost Box that night. They also had a lot of strange and creepy whispers in the background of conversation coming through in the Slave Quarters. In the Residual Area, phrases were coming through that weren't entirely English, as well. The investigators heard words and phrases in French, and in German. Finally, before they moved out of the Residual Area, they heard a child yell the word "CLAP", followed by laughter...

Kait was our lead investigator on Wednesday night with a great pair. The two ladies who investigated with her had been on several before, and were really excited to be with us in the Gribble House.

In the Slave Quarters, they made contact with a spirit who called himself Mike. Mike told them that he was making the Raggedy Ann doll flash. "How old are you, Mike?" one of the investigators asked. "Ninety" was the response. He also told the ladies that he had been in the building for "A long time".

One interesting thing that happened throughout the entire evening for the ladies came through the Ghost Box. They seemed to have a lot of chatter going on in French!

When everyone moved over to the Stage Area, they were watching the CCTV and they noticed there were a ton of orbs flying around the building. Throughout the night, they were able to capture some of those orbs in their photos.

Ted took the lead on Thursday evening, which turned out to be a pretty great night. The Stage Area had some pretty cool activity. Paul was in conversation with the group, but he was pretty friendly and polite that night. One of the ladies asked "Paul, are you here". They heard "Maybe come through". "Paul, make this device flicker if you are here". The lady was holding at K-II Meter in her hand, and after she asked, it started to flash. Ted decided to take a picture of this, so the lady asked next "Show up in my picture". "I can't" was my response. One of the investigators was saying that she was a skeptic, and just as she did, the chair she was sitting in rattled!

Everyone moved over into the Gribble House area, and Ted decided to ask "What happened in this area". They heard "Gribble" come through the Ghost Box. One of the investigators then asked "Give us a sign you are here". The K-II Meter one of the ladies was holding spiked hard and they heard a loud and harsh "Give it!" come through.

The Ovilus was pretty active in the Slave Quarters. They got a series of words to come through a few times. The first series said Green, Summer, Quiet, Loud, Quill, Uncle, Soldiers, Flying, High. Then they saw Hide, Run, Foliage, and Harvest. Just before they left that hot spot, once more they saw word come up. This time it read Pluto, Mercury, East.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Friday night. There were two group of people who investigated with us that night, one of which was a bridal party with a lot of energy! Everyone had a good time, and we collected some good activity.

The ladies in the bridal party had some interesting activity at the Stage Area. Certain words kept coming through the Ghost Box- "Head", "Hair", and "Move". The strange thing about this is that several of the women in this group told Kelley that they felt as if someone was touching their head and hair. So odd!

When they moved into the Slave Quarters, they mentioned that everyone in that group were teachers. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Teachers", followed by "Party" and "Bride". The other group had some really cool activity in the Slave Quarters, too. The one lady thought she could hear both French and Spanish being spoken though the Spirit Box. When they started to ask questions in those languages they heard responses!

Kelley had a great investigation on Saturday night! Another paranormal group, West Sound Paranormal, joined us along with a bunch of other folks who were ready to go! The ladies from West Sound brought some of their own equipment, and used the SB-11 to communicate with some really good results. When they told the spirits they wanted to talk to them they heard a long, drawn out reply of "Okay... can't... wait" through the SB-11.

West Sound Paranormal did some good investigating at the Stage Area and had two really cool moments. One of the ladies was sitting in a folding metal chair when she felt like it was being moved under her. A few minutes later, a drop of water fell from the ceiling onto on of the girls and they heard "Liquid" come through the Ghost Box.

Throughout the building, West Sound had fantastic results with on cue responses using their flashlights. Really cool.

The other group who investigated with us had some amazing activity with the REM Pod and the Motion Sensor. At one point, the REM Pod was flashing like CRAZY, each color frantically flashing to indicated movement and temperature drops. It was pretty intense. They were even able to get the device to flash just by asking the spirits to do so.

They also had some really good dialogue using the Ghost Box. One of the investigators asked "How did you get here" and the response they heard was "Ship". There seemed to be a lot of people calling for help through the Spirit Box, as well.

It was such a great week! If you see any images of yourself you'd like to tag- do it! And as always, if you have any images you'd like to share with us, or video and audio, go ahead! Use the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse to let us know, or send direct!