Sunday, April 3, 2016

Investigation Update 4.3.2016

This week has been stupendous for us! We had some amazing activity in the building- and here is the rundown!

Our week started on Sunday night with Ted as the lead investigator. Two names were very popular that night- Paul and Steve. They heard those names come through in almost every hot spot of the building. As soon as they entered the Slave Quarters, they asked "Who is out there?". "Paul" was the response.

One of the investigators, Grace, had a really interesting experience in the Slave Quarters. Her name came through the Ghost Box and then the Raggedy Ann doll that was sitting on one of the folding chairs started to blink very fast. Once it stopped flashing, she asked "Can you touch the Doll again", and she started to blink again. Awesome!

At the Stage Area, the investigators asked how many spirits were in the room with them. They heard "Five" come through the Ghost Box. "What are your names" they asked. Then they heard Jerry, Greg, Isaac, Mike, and Steve come through, all in different voices.

In the Gribble House area, an investigator asked "Who died here". After a few seconds they heard "Women" followed by the name "Mike".

Kait was our lead investigator on Monday night. It was pretty active in the building. They started out in the Slave Quarters, and as soon as they entered they could see that the Raggedy Ann doll was blinking. The investigators asked a lot of questions, and were getting good responses until all of a sudden it went sort of quiet. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Leave". "Why should we go", one of the investigators asked. "Tired" was the response.

When the investigators moved to the Gribble House area, there were a lot of different voices speaking to them, but there was one voice in particular that was a bit troublesome. It was a deep, male voice that kept speaking, but they couldn't understand anything he was saying. His phrases were muffled and indistinct.

Another group investigating on Monday night had some interesting responses come through the Spirit Box. There were quite a few Spanish phrases and responses coming through, and they made contact with a spirit who called himself Juan. They also made contact with a child who called out the number "TEN", but they didn't hear from him again...

On Tuesday night, the groups came in ready and raring to go. Starting in the Slave Quarters, they had a really interesting experience right off the bat. They heard "Hello" as they entered, and then they asked "Can you make this device flicker?". "Can't" was the response. One of the investigators said "If you are not going to talk, then put someone on who can". "GREETINGS" they heard come through the Ghost Box. They put a K-II Meter on one of the folding chairs and asked the spirit to touch it- it immediately lit up. Awesome!

They also got some activity with the Raggedy Ann doll, who had been sitting quietly for a little while. They asked the spirits to make the light turn to green, and she began to flicker. Using the Digital Thermometer, they documented a temperature drop from 73 degrees down to around 70 degrees and then back up once the Doll stopped flashing.

The Ovilus was pretty active this night, as well. They got a string of some relevant words like Girls, Paul, Tense, Loud, Life, Saturn, Mercury, and Laugh.

One of the groups of three heard something rather odd come through the Spirit Box for them. When they entered the Gribble House hot spot they heard "New Jersey" come through. "Do you know who we are" one of the girls in the group asked. The response they heard was "Three killers"...

Wednesday night was just as good, with Kait as the lead investigator. Paul was not his usual chatty, snarky self, but rather only said his name and nothing else for the rest of the evening. Although Paul was quiet, there was still a good bit of activity at the Stage Area, including a great deal of EMF activity.

The Gribble House hot spot was perhaps the most active on the night. They heard from spirits who told them their names were Laura, Adam, and Kevin. Kevin said the words "Injury and sorry", but that's all the more he would say- no explanation for those two words. As they sat in that hot spot, two of the four women in one group could smell the scent of floral perfume, but only two of them. Odd.

In the Residual Area there was a sad moment when one of the investigators asked how the spirit died. "Horribly" was the response.

One of the investigators was talking about Slave Songs while investigating in the Slave Quarters. She mentioned the song about the singing gourd, which was about the Big Dipper. As she was about to say "Big Dipper" the word "Stars" was heard through the Spirit Box. The longer the investigators were in the Slave Quarters, the more activity they got. At one point, they could hear whistling coming through the Spirit Box, and they captured quite a few orbs in their photos.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Thursday night- the last night of March. It was an odd night for the Ghost Box- it almost seemed like the spirits were mocking and mimicking the investigators because a good number of their questions and comments were repeated back to them. This happened with a lot of words like "Play", "Red", "Once", "Phone", and "Listen, miss".

An investigator named Peggy had her named called through the Spirit Box. In fact, she asked if the spirit could say her name and "Hi Peggy" came through right away. Cool!

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators asked if the spirit was making the light turn to red. The response they got was "Every day". They asked if it was he who was making the Doll flicker and "Yea, I am" came through. One of them asked the spirit if this area had been his house, and "Fort" came through. "What did you do for a living", they asked then and they heard "Cop.

Lots of locations were coming through the Spirit Box at the Stage Area. They heard Greece, Great Britain, and Paris all come through.

Friday night was a lovely evening, with Ted as the lead. In the Slave Quarters, they heard from a spirit who wasn't being all that honest with them. It was a distinctly male, adult voice that told them he was "Seven" years old after the investigators asked him his age. They could hear the sounds of sirens outside the building heading down Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, so they asked what kind of sirens they were. "Ambulance" was the response they got- and that was correct.

In the Stage Area, they heard from Paul- or at least his name came through twice. The EMF detector was flashing, so one of the investigators asked "What is the color of the light I am holding". They heard a little child's voice come through the Spirit Box and call out "Green".

While in the Gribble House are, one of the investigators had a K-II Meter in his hand, and it was flashing very strong- but really only while he was by the door. Another investigator took the K-II Meter and it would only flash for here while near the gate. Odd.

And finally, Saturday night! We had a fantastic evening with two great tours. Kelley and Kaitlyn banded together to lead for the evening.

One of the groups that investigated had some really good action through the Spirit Box. Each time they asked a question it seemed like the spirits responding wanted to complete their sentences, or that their responses directly corresponded to their questions. For example, one of the girls asked if the spirits smoked and "Lungs" came through. Another asked if Trump was going to be the next president of the United States and "Lincoln" came through. When they asked the spirit what they thought about Hilary for president, they heard "Clinton" through the Ghost Box.

Another group had one particular spirit whose voice kept coming through for them all night, all over the warehouse. The voice was gruff, and older, and definitely male. When they asked him what day of the week it was, they heard "It's not Saturday" as the response. This group had a lot of names called to them in response to the question "Who is with us tonight?". They heard Jacob, Sarah, Charlie, Steve, Scott, Pat, Ashton, Mikey, and Lane- Lane was the name of one of our investigators!

For the other group investigating, the Residual Area was pretty active. They heard the name Yusef come through, and that name was followed by "Spirit" through the Ghost Box. They asked if there were any soldiers in the hot spot with them, and they heard the name "Seth" followed by "Twelve". When they moved into the Slave Quarters, they asked if any of the spirits had followed them and "Twelve" came through again. Pretty cool!

During the second tour of the night, the investigators got some really good Spirit Box activity. One of the groups investigating was from Macon, and while they were in the Stage Area they heard "Macon" come through. They kept hearing the name "Joe", "Joe", "Joe" come through the Ghost Box, so they asked who was talking to them. "JACOB" is what they heard in what sounded like a teenage boy's voice. When this group moved into the Gribble House area, one couple had an odd experience. Through the Spirit Box they heard their named come through- Ramanda and Joseph- followed by "Mommy" on the Ovilus. Ramanda was holding the Ovilus device and happens to be pregnant!

Then this group moved into the Slave Quarters and the level of activity moved from the Spirit Box and moved to the Raggedy Ann doll. As they walked in they heard "GET OUT" come over the Ghost Box followed by the EMF detector flashing hard. Just after the EMF started flashing, the Raggedy Ann doll began to, as well, and in the same sequence as the detector! Using the Digital Thermometer, they documented a 25 degree temperature drop. Crazy!

The other group investigating had a lot of activity, as well. In the Slave Quarters, they had a scary moment when it sounded like a deep male voiced screamed "STOP" through the Spirit Box. The K-II Meter was flashing and as the group watched it flash, it felt like the room was getting colder, and colder- rapidly. Throughout their entire time in that hot spot, there was the distinct sound of a woman talking in the background of all the Spirit Box conversations, but you couldn't understand what she was saying.

They also had some really good activity at the Stage Area hot spot. Not only did one of the investigators hear the name of one of his daughter's come through, but they also were able to get that same voice to "touch" the EMF detector on cue. While they were in that hot spot, they asked if any of the spirits in that area were soldiers and they heard "Yes" come through. When one of the ladies in that group put her hands on her hips, they heard "At ease" over the Ghost Box.

It was a great week, again, and as always. If you see yourself in any of the images, tag it! Or, you can tag us using the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse. See yah next week!