Sunday, April 17, 2016

Investigation Update 4.17.2016

What a great week! We captured a lot of evidence with a lot of great investigators. Here's what happened:

Ted took the lead on Sunday night. There was a strange moment for everyone in the Gribble House area, just after Ted introduced himself. "Hello, my name is Ted. What is your name", he asked. Through the Spirit Box they heard "Joseph- play nice". Thinking that they were maybe talking about JC Hunter, Ted asked "Did JC Hunter commit the murder?" "DID IT" came through very loud, and clear.

At the Stage Area, the investigators tried to make contact with Paul. They asked "Can you sit in the chair, Paul" and the response they got was "I can't". "Did you hear them say 'I can't'", Ted asked them. Before the other investigators could reply, they heard "Yeah" come through the Ghost Box. Some then must have say in the chair, because the K-II Meter that was set up on it started the flicker.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Monday night, with a couple who didn't need much convincing about how haunted Savannah is! When they were at the Stage Area, the investigators asked how many spirits were in the hot spot with them. "Three". Then they asked how many child spirits and adult spirits there were. "Two" and "One" came through the Ghost Box.

There seemed to be quite a few female spirits making contact that night. They heard from a Patricia, and a Marge, as well as quite a few female voices that would not say their name. The investigators asked them if they were scared to be in the Gribble House, and they heard a few different voices say "Yes". "Why are you scared?" they asked them. "Boyfriend" came through. Just a few moments later they heard a very faint female voice say "I fell here".

Kelley rocked it again on Tuesday night with some great folks. Although the K-II Meter wasn't as active as usual, the amount of activity on the Ghost Meter Pro more than made up for it! The GM Pro was super active, and was going off on cue with questions.

One couple who investigated with us that night were pretty experienced- in fact, once their investigation at the Gribble was over, they planned on heading to the 17Hundred90 to keep going. While they were in the Slave Quarters, they made contact with a spirit who told them his name was Matt. When they asked him if he was a solider, the response they got through the Spirit Box was "Port". After they moved into the Gribble House area, they had some great luck with the Digital Thermometer. These two would ask the spirits to raise and lower the temperature as much as they could, and tried to document it with the Digital Thermometer- and it worked! Temperatures fluctuated on cue for them.

The other group who investigated that night had some strange phrases and noises come through their Spirit Box. While in the Slave Quarters, they heard a voice that sounded like it was shivering. "It's not cold", the voice said. There were quite a few whispers, and not all of them sounded pleasant. "Do you need anything" one of the investigators asked. "A ship" was the reply.

Kait was in charge of the investigation on Wednesday night. One of the groups heard from Steve in several areas of the building- but they couldn't be sure it was the same Steve. They first heard from him in the Slave Quarters, and were able to communicate for a little bit. When they moved into the Gribble House area, the name Steve came through again. This time, they asked if he had been with the group earlier. The response they got was "No, I wasn't".

Another group was greeted by a spirit who called himself Benjamin in the Residual Area, but when they asked if anyone else besides Benjamin wanted to speak with them in that hot spot they got two responses- "Yes" and "Be careful". This group was able to get temperatures to drop on cue, as well. Using the Digital Thermometer, and asking the spirits to fluctuate the temperature as much as they could, it would lower and rise. Very cool!

One strange moment came when everyone was in their free time. While snapping photos in the open space at the center of the building, one of the men investigating saw what he believed to be a bright red orb soaring through the space. Very strange.

Kaityln was our lead investigator on Thursday evening. Everyone that night started out in the Gribble House area. There wasn't much action on the Ghost Box, but the Ghost Meter Pro was going off pretty strong. The guests were asking yes and no questions and getting responses through the GM Pro- flashing once for yes and two for no. The investigators were also able to document a few temperature changes using the Digital Thermometer.

The Stage Area had some strange occurrences. Everyone was looking forward to talking with Paul, so when they got to that hot spot they immediately asked if he was there. Through the Spirit Box they heard "Yes" and the Ghost Meter Pro lit up. But as they spoke with him, it became clear that Paul wasn't in the mood. "Shit", he called out at one point through the Ghost Box, and told them to "Shut up" once or twice. The curtains, however, seemed to be a point of interest that night. Every time some one would touch the hanging curtains, the Ghost Meter Pro would go off!

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators caught the scent of what smelled sort of like wax, or crayons when they were talking to children. While they were communicating with the child spirits, it felt like the temperature around their feet was slowly dropping, which is quite strange. The oddest experience in that room, though, was through the Spirit Box. It sounded as if there was a woman breathing heavily through the device almost the entire time they were in there.

Kelley took over, once again, on Friday night. One of the pairs had investigated with us before, and the other pair were very excited to capture some Straight EVPs. It was a really good night for everyone.

While in the Slave Quarters, the Raggedy Ann doll was fairly active, but strangely she only lit up really when they moved her behind the curtain. The first time the investigators moved her back there, through the Spirit Box they heard a loud and distinct "Ann". Pretty neat. The Ovilus and the Spirit Box was in pretty good sync while in the Slave Quarters, but they weren't just repeating the same words- they were reading and saying words and phrases that went along with one another. For example, one of the investigators asked if any of the spirits had been in the military. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Colonel", and on the Ovilus they read "Soldiers". Pretty cool!

There seemed to be quite a few orbs flying around the building that night, and the investigators were able to capture a good number of them in their photos.

Finally, we had a great Saturday night. Ted and Kaitlyn were our lead investigators with a super cool group of folks. One of the groups started their night in the Gribble House area, and everything seemed pretty quiet- that was until Kaitlyn brought the Raggedy Ann doll into that hot spot with them. As soon as she did, the EMF detector started going off, and the Spirit Box became very chatty. They heard a voice say the name Paul, followed by a very creepy and strange voice say "Open up". The group asked the spirits if they could touch the Doll and make her light up. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Doll" come through, just as she lit up and one of the investigators felt a cold breeze go past her.

Another group was at the Stage Area and their EMF detector was going up very hard. They asked how many people were with them in that area and the response they got was "Two". When they asked if they could tell them their names, they didn't get a response until they heard "Take a guess". Guessing didn't do them much good, though, because when they guessed Paul they didn't receive a response.

In the Residual Area, another group was having some really strange activity going on. Not only were these investigators able to get EMF activity on demand, but they had some extreme temperature drops. Using the Digital Thermometer, these folks documented temperature drops from 68 degrees all the way down to 48 degrees. Crazy! Their Spirit Box and EMF detector had some strange activity going on. There seemed to be some weird static coming through the Ghost Box, and whenever it did the EMF detector would go wild.

There was a pretty strange moment in the Slave Quarters with a flashlight. It was turned off, and they were holding it in their hand but suddenly it turned on. Once it was on, it flashed and strobed for about fifteen seconds and then it turned itself off. Crazy!

It was such a good week for us, and the weather was awesome. If you have any images that you would like to share, feel free to do so! Use the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse, and tag yourself in any image you see!